Mobile Cam Viewer Standard (Webcam and IP Camera Viewer)

June 16, 2008

Mobile Cam Viewer Standard (Webcam and IP Camera Viewer)$99.99 from mobiDEOS, Inc. Mobile Cam Viewer Standard (Webcam and IP Camera Viewer)

Watch live security cameras and webcams anytime/anywhere on your iPhone. Remote monitoring with touch of a button.
**High ROI, save time and money.
**Helps to keep environment green.
**Standard version supports 5 cameras

Provides peace of mind and business intelligence at all times. Watch live – Baby, Pet, Home, Store, Business, Construction, Storage, Traffic, Weather and much more!

Visit for a demo. Click on “Product Demo”

• Features:
— Reliable – Carrier-class operations – you can count on
— Passed on major carriers such as AT&T, Sprint/Nextel, Verizon and Orange
— Secure, private and your access information is encrypted
— Multiple users can view the camera concurrently

— All Windows USB Webcams are supported. (Webcams connected to Apple – under development)
• No need to open ports or configure router or getting static IP or DDNS service
• Just install our free desktop software, you will be ready to go
— Automatically reconnects incase of network or power failure

— MobileCamViewer seamlessly connects with popular brand IP Cameras such as Axis, Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, Canon, Pixord, Mobotix and many more.
— Ability to store and watch multiple branded cameras in a single application for easy access – such as store, home, warehouse etc.
— This version allows saving 5 cameras, for more please use Standard or Enterprise version

–Provides High ROI
—-Saves Time and Money: By avoiding trips to your store or business or home.
—-Increase Productivity and Cost Savings: View the situation without needing or having to be in front of the computer, such as baby/pet or in a retail store etc.
–Peace of mind at all times
–Remote monitoring and BI (Business Intelligence) with a touch of a button
–Helps to keep environment green.
–Avoid expensive alarm verification fees

This is a one full year subscription, after that you need to repurchase at App Store.

For a complete list of supported cameras please visit

Check out case studies and more at:

Mobile Cam Viewer Standard (Webcam and IP Camera Viewer)Mobile Cam Viewer Standard (Webcam and IP Camera Viewer)Mobile Cam Viewer Standard (Webcam and IP Camera Viewer)Mobile Cam Viewer Standard (Webcam and IP Camera Viewer)Mobile Cam Viewer Standard (Webcam and IP Camera Viewer)


Holy Sword

June 16, 2008

Holy Sword$0.00 from Agape Fellowship Holy Sword

The Holy Sword is a small software which is designed as a bible reader for the iPhone/iPod touch. This edition which was integrated with the Chinese Union Bible whose copyright is public domain. As for Japanese edition, there is an another release by “Holy Sword Colloquial” as well.

The release of The Holy Sword is indebted, with thanks, to Brian Chung, Cindy Tseng, Daniel Chen, Jerry Chiang, Nicole Yang. They provided us assistance in arranging the Old Testament. As for the New Testament, we give thanks to Mr. Tunghua Tai who provided us his New Testament arrangements. We hope that we can glorify God in all the effort and work.

“Add”: Add to the Bookmark
“Picker”: Open the Picker View
“Edit”: Edit the Bookmark
Close the Picker: Tap the black area of the Picker View
Gesture “Pinch”: Zoom in/out the scripture.

Holy SwordHoly SwordHoly SwordHoly SwordHoly Sword

Poker Timer Dealer Button

June 16, 2008

Poker Timer Dealer Button$3.99 from Neil Harris Poker Timer Dealer Button

This iPhone / iTouch Poker Timer manages your Texas Holdem Poker game(s). Keep track of Small and Big blinds, Round Times, Break Times, required Minimum Bets, Blind Increments, individual check/bet/fold alarm, remaining players in the game, total chips on table, average player chip stack, minimum pot size (includes Antes and Blinds), player antes, player buy backs.

– Customizable Big and Small Blinds
– Round Times
– Break Times
– Required Minimum Bets
– Blind Increments
– Player Check/Bet/Fold Timer
– Remaining Players left in the game
– Total Chips on the Table
– Average Player Chip Stack
– Minimum Pot Size (includes Antes and Blinds)
– Player Antes
– Number of Player Buy Backs
– Sounds when Blinds are raised.
– Sounds when a Break is finished.
– Start and Stop Rounds.

Q – what if my phone rings during the tournement? Will it quit the program, pause, or run in the background?
A – If a call is accepted the app will be closed then relaunched when the call is finished. However the timers previous state is maintained. Simply hit the return button and the timer will resume from where you previously were.

Poker Timer Dealer ButtonPoker Timer Dealer ButtonPoker Timer Dealer ButtonPoker Timer Dealer ButtonPoker Timer Dealer Button