Space Wormy

June 28, 2008

Space Wormy$1.99 from ThroughPut Inc Space Wormy

React quickly as you guide Space Wormy through the asteroid caves. Be careful as the walls get closer and the difficulty increases. Eat apples to grow longer, but avoid the hazards of space!

Space Wormy



June 28, 2008

GarageBuy$0.00 from iwascoding GmbH GarageBuy

GarageBuy allows you to search, track, and bid on items on 16 different eBay sites including eBay US, Canada, Germany and Great Britain.

This is the iPhone version of the Mac OS X desktop application GarageBuy, which recently won the title ‘Runner Up’ in the ‘Early Adaptor’ category of the eBay Star Developer Award.



June 28, 2008

Starmap$11.99 from Fredd Starmap

The ideal stargazing companion. Easily find constellations, planets or shooting stars zones. A complete hand planetarium for beginners and advanced astronomers.

Starmap is a powerful sky navigation tool, written by a professional astronomer. It’s design avoids gadget ornaments on purpose but is aimed at helping real observation.

A full video of Starmap’s features is available on the support website. Do not hesitate to contact the author before purchasing Starmap.

IMPORTANT: take a look at STARMAP PRO, with NGC/IC catalogues, eyepiece view and more functions dedicated to astronomers.

– 120 000 visible stars (SAO up to magnitude 10).
– 200 Main stars with names, kind, spectrum.
– 150 Galaxies and nebulae (Messier catalog, main NGC/IC).
– Automatic viewpoint using the built-in accelerometer.
– Pinch and zoom as if you were looking in a telescope.
– More and more details when zooming.
– Finder arrow for localizing objects.
– Smooth and antialiased graphics.
– Adjust sky and stars brightness matching your observation conditions.
– Full coordinates, ecliptic, celestial equator.
– Complete ephemeris, including moon phase and planets satellites views.
– Touching map items brings up info panel.
– Night Vision mode
– Shooting star zones
– GPS support
– Custom user locations

Keyword: astronomy.

(The Swedish version has menus in English. Full localization is still pending.)



June 28, 2008

Abacus$0.99 from Pixio Abacus

Count and calculate using this fully customizable abacus. Features:

* 5 to 8 Counting Rows
* 4 Bead Types
* 4 Frame Types
* 2 Modes (Standard and Chinese)
* Multi-touch interface



June 28, 2008

Bubbles$0.99 from Hog Bay Software Bubbles

For toddlers who need a fun distraction. Bubbles brings the simple pleasure of popping bubbles to your iPhone. Unlike other iPhone games, Bubbles is fun entertainment that’s great for little ones on up.

– Hear the bubbles popping.
– See the bubbles fly off your fingers.
– Feel gravity pull your bubbles downward.