July 1, 2008

Carrom$0.99 from Personae Studios Carrom

Carrom is a traditional game of skill which players taking turns using a large disc called a striker to propel other smaller discs called Carrom Men into any of the four pockets at each conner of the board to score points.


Shuffle Board

July 1, 2008

Shuffle Board$1.99 from Aria Haghighi Shuffle Board

The exciting pub game of shuffleboard now on your iPhone and iPod Touch using the Cocoa Touch interface. Play against your friends or against the computer. Change all sorts of options in the game including friction and even add bumpers. Also, games are saved when interrupted.

Shuffle BoardShuffle Board

SpeakEasy Voice Recorder

July 1, 2008

SpeakEasy Voice Recorder$1.99 from Zarboo Software SpeakEasy Voice Recorder

…well spoken.

Record and playback notes, reminders, or just about anything from your iPhone’s built-in microphone. SpeakEasy gives you a recording studio that fits into your pocket. Intuitive and fun, SpeakEasy is the premier voice recorder for your iPhone.

NEW! SpeakEasy Connect for Windows and an updated version of SpeakEasy Connect for Mac are now available from Find out more below.


– Beautifully animated and intuitive user interface with large, easy to touch buttons
– Easily group and organize your recordings by category
– Add a photo, title, and comments to any recording
– Pause and continue both recording and playback
– Adjustable audio quality (from 8 to 44.1 kHz sample rate)
– Interruption protection allows you to continue recording after a phone call interruption
– New recording indicators both within SpeakEasy and on the home screen icon
– On the go recording options allow for quick start and save
– Speaker mode toggle button on playback screen
– Unlimited recording length
– Transfer your recordings, photos, and comments directly to iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC using SpeakEasy Connect, a FREE application available from
– Turn your recordings into custom ringtones with SpeakEasy Connect
– NEW! Auto-Transfer mode allows you to set-up SpeakEasy Connect to automatically transfer your new recordings when you sync your iPhone with iTunes.
– Works with iPhone and second generation iPod Touch. IMPORTANT: The first generation iPod Touch is not supported by SpeakEasy. Using SpeakEasy with a second generation iPod Touch requires iPhone compatible earbuds with a built-in microphone.

SpeakEasy Voice RecorderSpeakEasy Voice RecorderSpeakEasy Voice RecorderSpeakEasy Voice RecorderSpeakEasy Voice Recorder


July 1, 2008

Tips$0.99 from Kudit Tips

Voted iLounge Top 100 Apps & Games for 2008!
“Super simple clean interface!” – iLounge

The best tip calculator of all according to iLounge ratings!

Now it’s easy to calculate the appropriate amount of gratuity for your waiter with Tips. Simply enter the total of your bill, flick the slider to reflect the percentage to tip and your tip amount and total are shown at the bottom! There’s even a slider to flick if you need to split the bill amongst multiple people.

– Remembers your tip and split settings between sessions.
– Large number keypad for easy data entry.
– Large tip and total values for easy transcribing.
– Customizable minimum and maximum percentages for service rating.
– Customizable maximum split.
– Customizable to always clear on launch.
– Customizable rounding options (up, down, or nearest dollar).
– Additional tax can be applied in case you want to tip pre-tax.
– International language packs for French, German, Spanish, and Italian.
– Uses the currency symbol selected in the region settings.

If there are features you’d like to see us add, click the Kudit Support link in the App Store and let us know!

Check out other exciting applications by Kudit: Buzzer, Versus, Spinner, Finger Scan, Shout It, Mystic Seer, Mimeo, My Shows & Moo!


AirWX Aviation Weather

July 1, 2008

AirWX Aviation Weather$6.99 from Felix Khazin AirWX Aviation Weather

***New Low Price***

Aviation weather for Pilots. Retrieve METARs, TAFs, and Weather Charts for airports in the US. Also includes access to sectional charts and displays a list of nearest airports to your location.

-AFDs, Terminal Charts (Airport Diagrams, Instrument Approach Charts, SIDs, STARs)
-Sectional Charts, IFR Charts
-***PAN and ZOOM on Section and IFR Charts***
-Weather charts (zoom with multi-touch)
-Nearest Airports using GPS
-Dial AWOS/ASOS button
-5 Function E6B calculator (with Weight and Balance)
-Search by City/State, name or Airport Identifier
-GMT Time/Date Bar

Developer Notes:


Recent Server Changes (available now):

INTERNATIONAL Airports have been added! If you can’t find any airport or a AWOS station please send me an e-mail and I will add it.

Q: Why won’t you make this app free?
A: It costs me (the developer) money to run the server for this App. That’s where it gets the data about the Airports in the US. Plus I will be constantly updating this app and all updates are FREE for the life of the app.

Q: Why isn’t my local airport available?
A: Please realize that not all airports have METAR or TAF services. You can use the nearest airport feature to find airports with weather information.

Q: Do the sectional charts move like Google Maps?
A: Version 1.6 (available now) will allow you to pan and zoom sectional charts. Although you still can’t use swiping and pinching…that will be available later (i’m still working on it).

Q: Where is [insert feature here]?
A: It’s coming. I have a long list of feature requests, and I promise to get each one done. In the meantime, send me emails with your requests and I will add them to the list if its doable.

If you have any other questions or problems please e-mail the developer at

AirWX Aviation WeatherAirWX Aviation WeatherAirWX Aviation WeatherAirWX Aviation WeatherAirWX Aviation Weather


July 1, 2008

MyMote$0.00 from Chase Douglas MyMote

MyMote is an intuitive remote for MythTV. It understands the functionality needed at the moment and displays the appropriate remote layouts on the fly for watching TV or videos, setting up recordings, or viewing the weather.

The layouts are highly configurable and allow for total control no matter how you use MythTV.

MyMote also features an interactive program guide, making it easy to browse the schedule, view show details, and switch channels.

Note: MyMote cannot do anything itself without a MythTV system. Also, quite a bit of setup is required on the MythTV system to enable MyMote. See the support page below for information on how to configure MythTV for MyMote.


iLingo – Korean

July 1, 2008

iLingo - Korean$9.99 from Talking Panda iLingo - Korean

iLingo – Talking language phrase book sets a new standard for travel software. It’s stocked with over four hundred essential words and phrases of the languages you want to speak, and with a simple tap of your finger you can hear perfect pronunciation by a native speaker. iLingo is organized into categories such as: Greetings, Shopping, and Emergency, so you can find a bathroom in Beijing or shopping in Seoul. Conventional phrase books can’t teach you proper pronunciation but with iLingo you can replay phrases until you’re speaking like a native. If you’re shy just pop headphones into your waiter’s ear and have your iPhone order for you. To add to the fun we’ve included a Local Lingo section with traditional cuisine, local conventions, and historic landmarks for each country you’ll visit. Yoi ryōko o! (Bon Voyage in Japanese).

iLingo - KoreaniLingo - KoreaniLingo - Korean