July 2, 2008

goCow$0.99 from Digital Thought Software goCow

It bounces, it moo’s, it does flips, it’s Bouncing Cow! Not only will it amaze your friends and co-workers, it will provide hours of entertainment too.

Remember, National Bouncing Cow Day is just around the corner, don’t be caught without your Bouncing Cow.

Also, check out CowToss, where you get to toss a cow into digital space…


Bridges Puzzle

July 2, 2008

Bridges Puzzle$0.99 from Peerium, Inc. Bridges Puzzle

Try to place bridges between all of the islands in this engaging puzzle game. The islanders need to get between the islands, but each island can only support a specific number of bridges: can you figure out how to connect all the islands? Just draw bridges between the islands to complete any of the 20,000 available puzzles.

You may know Bridges puzzles by one of their other names, such as Hashi, Ai-Ki-Ai, or Hashiwokakero — as it was named by Nikoli, the publisher who popularized Sudoku.

Bridges Puzzle


July 2, 2008

Bounce$0.99 from Jirbo, Inc. Bounce

Get ready for an intergalactic bouncing adventure with the famous Jirbo characters! Poke these cuddly creatures as they bounce around the cosmos and clear the field before your time is up! Compete against the entire Jirbo Community and go down in the Hall of Fame of iPhone Gaming with your Jirbo Avatar!


Use both thumbs for a better score and a better workout!

Great for the Kids! : Avoid meltdowns!

Great for entertaining your kids at restaurants and on airplanes

Keep the kids quiet in the car!

Fine motor skills development for pre-schoolers!

Great for Ages 1 to 6!

Fun and educational for the whole family!


International Tip Calculator

July 2, 2008

International Tip Calculator$1.99 from Vault13 Studios LLC International Tip Calculator

The International Tip Calculator automatically calculates tips and provides useful tipping information for over 100 countries spanning the globe. Never be unsure of how much to tip waiters, taxi drivers, porters and maids again. Great anywhere for quickly calculating tips and splitting bills. Simply choose a destination, enter an amount and your tip is calculated. Use its rounding feature to round your total to the nearest whole currency; a custom in many countries and a convenient method to simplify bill paying. Fill in the local tax rate for a more accurate tip. The International Tip Calculator takes the guess work out of tipping at home and around the world.

* Tipping information for over 100 destinations
— Waiters
— Taxi Drivers
— Porters
— Maids
* Taxes
* Rounding
* Splitting

International Tip CalculatorInternational Tip CalculatorInternational Tip Calculator

Alarm Free

July 2, 2008

Alarm Free$0.00 from Masayuki Akamatsu Alarm Free

Alarm is a self-defence/emergency alarm with a freefall detector.

Alarm FreeAlarm FreeAlarm FreeAlarm Free

Zen Garden

July 2, 2008

Zen Garden$0.99 from Peerium, Inc. Zen Garden

Take a few moments and relax with your pocket Zen garden. Draw designs in the sand with a single finger. Or, use multiple fingers for a nice rake design. Shake your garden to smooth out the sand and start anew.

Zen GardenZen Garden

Lights Off Puzzle

July 2, 2008

Lights Off Puzzle$0.99 from Peerium, Inc. Lights Off Puzzle

This addictive puzzle game only takes seconds to learn, but is very difficult to master. Tap the squares and try to turn off all the lights! Lights Off has an endless supply of puzzles with four levels of difficulty: great for a quick brain teaser or a difficult puzzle challenge.

Lights Off Puzzle