Pick&Choose – Groceries

July 6, 2008

Pick&Choose - Groceries$1.99 from Software Designs Dev. Corp. Pick&Choose - Groceries


The only shopping list you’ll ever need!


– Over 2100 grocery items built in
– Organized into categories
– Sort the categories to match your store
– Search as you type feature
– Add your own custom items
– Choose categories for custom items
– Remembers recent and often used items
– Lists are backed up with iTunes backup/restore
– Find nearby grocery stores
– Email your completed list


Rather than typing in your grocery list, choose from the over 2100 items contained in this comprehensive database. Create your shopping list by browsing the grocery categories. Or, type a few letters and a selection of matching items to choose from will appear. Create custom items and add these to existing categories. The software also remembers your most recently purchased items and allows you to choose from this list as well.

A unique feature is the quantity chooser. If you click twice on an item you get a screen where you can spin the quantity and get “3 Jars of Barbeque Sauce” or “2 Bunches of Bananas” without any typing at all!

Easy to use and available whenever you think of something!

Pick&Choose - GroceriesPick&Choose - GroceriesPick&Choose - GroceriesPick&Choose - GroceriesPick&Choose - Groceries

Solitaire Top 3

July 6, 2008

Solitaire Top 3$3.99 from PosiMotion Solitaire Top 3

PosiMotion’s G-Park NOW FEATURED on Apple’s iPhone commercial!

PosiMotion’s apps featured in:
-USA Today
-New York Times
-LA Times
-Orlando Sentinel

Play the Top 3 solitaire games of all time for one very low price!

Includes Klondike, FreeCell, and Spider solitaire games.

Klondike offers everything you would expect from the classic blast from the past.

FreeCell matches the 1,000,000 game numbers available in Microsoft’s version, plus 99,000,000 more game numbers.

Spider is the most challenging of all 3 – guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment.

Smooth animation and high-resolution graphics make this game a must have for any age!

Play in both portrait and landscape orientations (landscape is recommended). Double-tap anywhere on the screen where no cards are present to bring up the game menu. Use the game menu to zoom to your preferred view, restart your game, set your desired game options, etc.

Developed by Chris Miles


Have an original iPhone or an iPod Touch and want to GPS-enable your device?
Get G-Fi, the World’s First Mobile Network / GPS Router at http://www.posimotion.com

**PosiMotion apps featured in the iTunes Top Apps of 2008**

-A Level
-Shake N’ Break
-Apache Lander

Solitaire Top 3Solitaire Top 3Solitaire Top 3Solitaire Top 3

Chalkboard Calculator

July 6, 2008

Chalkboard Calculator$0.99 from Licentia Software Chalkboard Calculator

Chalkboard is an unconventional, yet intuitive, “calculator.” It allows you to describe equations the way you would with traditional paper and pencil. Only now, the number crunching is done for you, at the press of a button.

Chalkboard has many features that are both highly convenient and functional. Instead of having to memorize numbers, all you have to do is assign them to a variable for later use. Or perhaps you have a complex equation that’s always hard to remember? Now, just create a function for it and you’ll never have to worry about it again.

On the technical side, Chalkboard is designed to emulate the functionality of a programming language, while maintaining a syntax with the potential simplicity of a traditional calculator. Along with functions and variables, Chalkboard also supports for-loops, lists/arrays, strings, complex numbers and graphing. Chalkboard is also fully extensible — you can add an unlimited number of functions and variables and keep them for later use.

Chalkboard CalculatorChalkboard CalculatorChalkboard CalculatorChalkboard CalculatorChalkboard Calculator


July 6, 2008

Morocco$0.00 from Bayou Games Morocco

Play the classic strategy game Othello (also known as Reversi) on your iPhone or iPod Touch. The object is to finish the game with more of your pieces on the board than your opponent.


– Play against the iPhone or against another person.
– Three difficulty levels allow for casual play while still providing a challenge to experienced players.
– Option to show (or hide) the current legal moves. Very useful when learning to play.
– Option to turn on or off disc flipping animations.
– Automatically saves the game when you leave so you can pick it back up later.


Love Calculator (Is It love)

July 6, 2008

Love Calculator (Is It love)$0.99 from Shekhar Yadav Love Calculator (Is It love)

Love Calculator is a cool tool that measures love compatibility of you and your friends. Anytime, anywhere take out your love calculator and find the “love scores”. Avoid the yucky dates…

Our brainy calculator based on proven name compatibility logic will find the right score for you, get yours today !!!

Valentines day special..

Love Calculator (Is It love)


July 6, 2008

BubbleWrap$0.00 from Orsome BubbleWrap

Accept no imitations, Here is the original BubbleWrap app for the iPhone/Touch! Strangely additive and fun game where you pop the virtual bubbles as fast as you can.
How many can you pop before the timer runs out?
Beware that bubbles may re-inflate, and some bubbles may not be as they appear.

* Winner in the 2008 iPhone Excellence Awards
* Winner in Apple’s iTunes 2008 Favorite picks

If you like this, you should also check out our other app, BubblePRO. You can WIN CASH by getting the highest score each week, We just gave away another $1000, next week it might be you!


iWant – Stuff around you

July 6, 2008

iWant - Stuff around you$0.00 from Rudrajit Samanta Software iWant - Stuff around you

iWant is your single source for finding services (resaturants, movie theaters, movie showtimes, bars, banks, wikipedia articles, etc.) around you. This is the only “stuff near you” app that combines the power of restaurant reviews, yellow pages listings, movie showtimes, wikipedia articles and more in one place so you don’t need an array of apps cluttering your home screen.

As seen in : The Wall St. Journal (Walt Mossberg and Katherine Boehret), The New York Times (Michelle Higgins) and WIRED magazine (Mathew Honan).

Please watch the instructional videos @ http://vimeo.com/iwant

iWant uses location services so you don’t have to enter your zip-code or address. Results are available in both list and interactive map view.

– Unlike other apps (such as Yellow Pages and Vicinity) this one can plot your results on a map. Unlike Yelp and Urbanspoon, the map view in iWant is fully interactive and supports the same navigation as the google maps app that comes with the phone.

– It’s the fastest way to get at local movie showtimes. It’s also the only app that will plot (on a map) the theaters a particular movie is playing at.

– Allows you to switch your current location (just drag the center of the blue circle in the map view) if the location function (on the first generation iPhone) is off by a bit.

– As you move your current location or type in a new one, the results refresh instantly allowing you to explore the neighborhood a few blocks at a time.

– Filters let you narrow down the restaurant and nightlife choices.

– Settings allow you to pick a radius for the search and sort by rating or distance.

iWant - Stuff around youiWant - Stuff around youiWant - Stuff around youiWant - Stuff around youiWant - Stuff around you