July 7, 2008

No.2$4.99 from miniMusic No.2

Use a virtual pencil so you can see a line as you draw it. Great for sketches, short notes or elaborate artwork. Touch the pencil to move it; while touching the pencil, tap a 2nd finger to start or stop drawing.

Takes a little practice for some users, but you get total accuracy and control. Scroll and zoom effortlessly, erase, undo, crop and export drawings into email, contacts, or sync to your desktop. Use No.2 for art, maps, diagrams, charts, math, personal notes, cards, doodles, signatures and more!

Visit our website for a video demo:

Upgrades are always free.



July 7, 2008

iDo$5.99 from [CodeOperator] iDo

Have you always wanted to manage your Outlook tasks on the iPhone touch or iPod? The application iDo allows you to manage your tasks in the Outlook style and synchronize them with Outlook (WiFi).

iDo is able:
– to manage tasks (create, edit)
– to synchronize tasks with Outlook

To synchronize iDO with Outlook you need a free utility that you can download on the [CodeOperator] homepage.



July 7, 2008

Assignments$2.99 from Pinwheel Development, Inc. Assignments

Are you having trouble keeping your schoolwork organized? Would you simply like a better way to keep track of it all? Welcome to Assignments by Pinwheel Development, Inc: A way to organize work in an entirely new and sensible fashion. Assignments, unlike other task management programs, is built from the ground up to manage schoolwork. View all of your work, or view it organized by class. Search your assignments and view those that are soon due. Quickly add your classes and each assignment you enter will be organized with a flip of the onscreen wheel. Touch to add a recording to any assignment.

Assignments can be used for more than school work – it also helps you keep better track of personal notes and to-dos. Do all of this and more with Assignments.

Have a suggestion or feature request? Please email – We look forward to hearing from you.

We are looking for beta testers for the new version of Assignments. Email for more information.

GET A COPY OF THIS APP FOR FREE! All you need to do is register on our forums (and email or PM us to let us know you’ve registered). We’re giving away 10 copies of this application to the first 10 users who register. Act fast!



July 7, 2008

iTarot$0.00 from iTarot

Get the ancient wisdom of Tarot delivered daily on your iPhone or iPod with iTarot! Daily Tarot provides affirmation, empowerment and reveals your hidden strengths. The Daily Love Tarot cards offer practical, down-to-earth advice in matters of the heart, and guide you to a healthy and balanced love life. Tarot is an ancient form of divination that originated in Europe around the 14th century. There are 78 cards in each tarot deck, and each tarot card has a variety of symbolic meanings that have evolved over the years. Today, it is used primarily for gaining insight into one’s life or situation, and for personal growth and transformation.



July 7, 2008

iChing$0.00 from iChing

Have a question? Consult the power and wisdom of one of the oldest forms of divinations — ‘iChing’ or ‘The Book of Changes’ –- on your iPhone or iPod! The iChing has been used for over 5000 years as an aid for decision making. Use this oracle for answering troubling questions, for inspiration — or just for fun! Tap the spinners at the bottom of the screen and simulate the ancient tossing of coins to form a traditional hexagram, which can be one of the 64 possible combinations of six broken or unbroken lines (trigrams) based on yin and yang principles. Then, read a detailed interpretation of the original hexagram — and its changed form — for true insight into your issue or concern.



July 7, 2008

Remelody$1.99 from PlayScreen Remelody

Can you reach the Magic Melody? Test your memory and speed as you repeat challenging sound and visual sequences.
Remelody features over 30 levels of addictive gameplay, eye-popping graphics and exciting musical sound. Play and exercise your memory with Remelody!


Mortgage Loan Payment Calculator Professional

July 7, 2008

Mortgage Loan Payment Calculator Professional$0.99 from Mortgage Loan Payment Calculator Professional

Mortgage Loan Payment Calculator Professional, by [], is an easy to use loan and Mortgage tool for your iPod touch and iPhone.

Calculate payments with Loan Amount, Down Payment, Interest Rate, and Loan Length. Payment amount includes taxes and insurance. Total payments and Total Interest tell you what the Mortgage really costs you!

Mortgage Payment Calculator Professional is the only iPhone Application that allows you to EMAIL RESULTS!!!

Click “Get Rates” Button and receive Quote or Current Mortgage Rates.

Mortgage Loan Payment Calculator Professional