MoMPF CurrencyConverter

MoMPF CurrencyConverter$0.99 from Sascha Lange Software MoMPF CurrencyConverter

So why do you need a currency converter on your phone although the internet offers hundreds of them for free? Simply because international data roaming still isn’t the cheapest thing to do.
The MoMPF Currency Converter does just that; it converts one currency to another. If you manually enter the totals as stated on your exchange receipt, MoMPF CC uses the effective exchange rate including the commission.
If connected to the internet, exchange rates of about 30 supported currencies can be downloaded from a webserver. Downloaded rates are stored in your phone for later use, when the internet becomes unavailable. Another useful feature for the frequent traveller is the converter’s ability to list up to seven previously used exchange rates.

– Converts as you type
– Optional daily updates of exchange rates of more than 30 currencies
– Offline mode: Stores downloaded exchange rates in your device for later use
– Lists 7 previously used exchange rates for later reuse

We do not give any warranty concerning the correctness, recency and availability of the exchange rates used by MoMPF Currency Converter.

MoMPF CurrencyConverterMoMPF CurrencyConverter

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