TymeLynz$2.99 from White Wolf Software, Inc. TymeLynz

Missed your anniversary? Can’t remember how old your children are? Counting the minutes to your long awaited vacation? Wondering how much time you have to get your weekly status report to your boss?

TymeLynz helps you with all of these, and much more!

Simply add a new event, set its date, the date components that you would like to see (years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and/or seconds), and whether it is an expiring or repeating event.

Then you can see at a glance events that are coming up and how much time you have before they happen, or events that have already happened and how long ago. Easily count down to any event that you want to watch.

Organizing your events are a breeze. It’s easy to define as many groups as you wish, and to associate your events with any of these groups. This lets you see at a glance only what you want to see, and find events quickly.

TymeLynz is a great countdown timer to your events.

Note: Please contact us (email and phone number under the support link) with new feature suggestions, about any issues you are having, possible workarounds, etc. There are updates queued up and in progress! Upcoming release information is maintained on our website.

If you click on the link(s) below, we have example screens, and also contact information. We’d be very happy to answer any questions, help if you’re having problems, etc.

Quick response to SharonGofNC feedback: She is confusing two different types of events… a “reoccurring event” (a repeating event that rolls over to the next year after it has passed), and a past event (an event that ‘retains’ the original date, and doesn’t change). Both events are possible with TymeLynz, but are separate types of events. She is setting a reoccurring event (repeats each year), to a date set 40 years ago, and it is essentially “catching up” (calculating the next year’s date on each update. (second), until the date is in the future). Regarding the crashes she references… it is running, because she is describing it functioning. We don’t know if it crashed on first launch, or more then once, as she would rather complain and leave negative feedback, then email us and let us help her resolve any questions or issues with TymeLynz. SharonGofNC, if you do read this feedback, email us at tymelynz@whitewolf.com , and we’ll gladly help you thru any issues you have with TymeLynz.


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