Tilt Me

July 13, 2008

Tilt Me$0.99 from oeFun, Inc. Tilt Me

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Tilt Me! Remember when games were simple and fun? If you only have a few minutes to spare and want a quick gaming fix look no further. Simply tilt the device to roll the balls around the maze while making music as the balls collide with the walls and floor. Every level provides a uniquely crafted challenge. Can you escape the maze? Using a new 3D software technology in conjunction with the accelerometer this game let’s you look “into” your device’s screen and view the maze as if it were a real physical object. The effect must be seen to be believed as the screen shots don’t do it justice. Enjoy the 3D retro look and fun gameplay. Tilt Me is very easy to pick up and play but takes time to master.

Get the three balls on to the three green targets and hold them there for a couple of seconds.

Keywords: Maze game, labyrinth, rolling balls.

Tilt MeTilt MeTilt MeTilt MeTilt Me

Auto Car Loan Calculator

July 13, 2008

Auto Car Loan Calculator$1.99 from Jam-Mobile.com Auto Car Loan Calculator

Auto Car Loan Calculator, by Jam-Mobile.com [http://www.jam-mobile.com], is an easy to use loan tool for your iPod touch and iPhone. Calculate monthly payments with Car Price, Down Payment, Trade-In, Interest Rate, and Loan Length. Payment amount includes tax %.

Interest Payed and Total Cost of Loan tells you what the Loan really costs you!

Email Payment Results and Get Loan Quote.

Auto Car Loan Calculator


July 13, 2008

TubeStatus$0.00 from Malcolm Barclay TubeStatus

TubeStatus offers up to the minute service details on all London Underground tube lines, DLR and Overground. Individual tube lines can be reordered so you can easily see updates on your preferred routes. To refresh the statuses shake your phone or iPod touch. On the main screen, a clear activity indicator is displayed whilst updates are being retrieved. The date and time of the last successful status update is also displayed on the main screen, so you can see at a glance how current your particular set of statuses are.

While underground you can view the last status update and service information you received for quick reference in transit (they are saved).

If you need a map, get TubeDeluxe! It includes Status, official zoomable underground map as published by Transport for London and other useful features.

This app requires OS 2.2.1, if you have not upgraded your iPhone or iPod Touch then this app will not work on your device.



July 13, 2008

Checklist$0.99 from BP Software Checklist

Checklist is a list, nothing more and nothing less. It’s designed to act as a reliable resource that will enable you to quickly and easily note down key tasks for the day whilst providing you with a clean and intuitive interface, whilst being as affordable as possible.