July 15, 2008

JEsho$1.99 from Lunaticity JEsho

JEsho is a Japanese/English dictionary helpful for people learning Japanese as it provides a easy way to quickly look up common words.

* JEsho includes the dictionary database
– Internet connection is not required.
* Search in Japanese using kana and romaji
* Search in English to find Japanese words
* JEsho returns you simple English definitions of the words it finds, as well as kana and kanji.
* Dynamic table view allows for more information to be displayed per page in a easy to read format.
* Utilizes the popular JMdict dictionary source, providing over 120,000 entries.

Let me know at if you have any questions, suggestions, comments, and feature requests! Or post at

In version 1.1, English -> Japanese was added as a new feature.

This publication has included material from the JMdict dictionary files in accordance with the licence provisions of the Electronic Dictionaries Research Group. See



Little Pine Tree

July 15, 2008

Little Pine Tree$0.99 from Benxing Entertainment Little Pine Tree

Reading to children inspires them to want to read. Help inspire your child’s desire to read with a “Stories in Hand” mobile storybook. This storybook delightfully reads each story page as you flip through with a swipe of your finger. Children love to have stories read to them. Make your child smile today with the gift of literacy.

Little Pine TreeLittle Pine Tree


July 15, 2008

MarbleJmpr$1.99 from Jeremy Buchman MarbleJmpr

You may have discovered this game at Cracker Barrel or Friendly’s Restaurants now you can play it on your iPhone! MarbleJmpr is a recreation of a classic wooden puzzle game that is quite possibly as old as the hills themselves and captures everyones imagination first time they play it. There are other pegjump style games on the AppStore but MarbleJumpr provides the slickest interface and the best gameplay with the most choices in board layouts, materials, marbles and options. If you’re listening to classical music you could change the board material to a nice red marble with some classical stone marbles. Or, if you’re feeling a bit spacey try the Blue Marble marble set without the board and jump planets over each other.

• The only jumping puzzle of its kind to get more layouts with each new version
• Predictive stats display to see how the game is progressing
• Undo function
• Remembers your position so you can answer a phone call and come back later
• Doesn’t interrupt your Podcasts or music listening with annoying sounds or music
• Choose from five different board layouts
• Choose from nine different marble sets
• Choose from sixteen different board materials
• Drag and Drop marbles
• Animated interface
• Turn the board display on or off
• Turn the predictive stats on or off
• Turn the available move count display on or off
• Turn the available move markings on or off
• Choose the starting position by selecting the space to leave empty



July 15, 2008

DotBox$0.99 from Virulent Software DotBox

The classic paper & pencil game Dots & Lines comes to life on the iPhone & iPod Touch with DotBox!

Starting with an empty grid of dots, players take turns, adding a single horizontal or vertical line between two unconnected adjacent dots. A player who completes the fourth side of a box earns one point and takes another turn. The game ends when no more lines can be placed. The winner of the game is the player with the most points.

Play against the computer with 3 levels of difficulty or compete against a friend!


Food IQ

July 15, 2008

Food IQ$1.99 from Obsessive Code Food IQ

Food IQ is a searchable application with over 7200 foods featuring a built in daily meal & weight tracker. It includes almost any typical grocery item, as well as meals from major fast food chains. Just type in any keyword or description and in seconds, the results appear. Click on the result and the nutrition data is instantly displayed. Best of all, it requires no internet connection since all the data in stored in the application. The interface has been streamlined so you can record what you have eaten in seconds and get back to what you were doing, rather than navigate clumsy views and menus.

Current Features Include:
• Add your own custom foods
• Edit a day’s entries
• View past days’ entires
• Added protein to daily tracking/summary
• Added the ability to make saved recipes/meals so multiple ingredients can be added at one time
• Added on/off for baby food

Version 2.2 Update:
If you have already upgraded to 2.2 and are experiencing any crashing issues since the update, it is due to the data being upgraded. Simply delete the application and re-buy it (you will not be charged). This will remove your past data, but will be fine from now on. Please email if you are still having issues.

New 2.2 Features:
• Edit custom foods
• Recipe details now shows ingredient details
• New Weight screen allows you to view past entries
• Modify past weight entries
• Set the icon to show no value, calories, points, carbs and net carbs
• Clear data for specific categories, not just all data
• View daily summary for each day
• View past day details by clicking any daily summary
• Recipe creation and editing with simpler user interface
• Record meals to any past or future date.
• Ignore soup as a preference
• NEW Charts page, graphing your daily totals for weight, calories, fat, protein, carbs, net carbs, and points over 7 day intervals and up to 6 weeks.
• Email your data to any address specified. Simply choose a start and end date and all the recorded meals between those dates will be sent in an email.
• Plus more…

All these improvement are from the countless emails and suggestions we have received. Thank you to all our customers for you ideas and feedback.

Food IQFood IQFood IQFood IQFood IQ

a2z Pro (Unit Converter)

July 15, 2008

a2z Pro (Unit Converter)$0.00 from Western ITS Limited a2z Pro (Unit Converter)

Technical Note: If this App (or any other App) crashes when loading, reboot your iPhone/iPod Touch to fix it.

We are very proud to announce the release of a2z Pro. The sequel to a2z Convert. a2z Pro is a community driven units converter.

The new a2z Pro allows you to add your own categories for units that are not already included in the application. What’s more, is that once you have created that category, you add the units (and their relevant conversion formulas) and then you can upload it to our server. That way, fellow a2z Pro users can browse the online catalog of categories and download a conversion category that is of use to them.

The process of creating your own category is straight forward, but you will need knowledge about that category in order to make it accurate and worthy of sharing. We will of course check all units uploaded to our server and approve them before making them available for others to download. To make things more interesting, we’ve included an icon set of 240 Apple friendly icons to choose from for your own category. Your name will be added to the category and you will be able to see how many people have downloaded it and benefited from your contribution.

a2z Pro (Unit Converter)a2z Pro (Unit Converter)a2z Pro (Unit Converter)a2z Pro (Unit Converter)a2z Pro (Unit Converter)

Touch Tarot

July 15, 2008

Touch Tarot$1.99 from Scott Schaffner Touch Tarot

Tarot Card Readings Application

Simple and easy to use

Three Types Of Readings:
* One Card Reading (General atmosphere or guidance)

* Three Card Reading (Past – present – future)

* Celtic Cross Reading (Detailed reading around an important situation)

Includes Card Browser

Will restore last reading if application exited in the middle of a reading

Touch TarotTouch TarotTouch TarotTouch TarotTouch Tarot