DVD Dashboard

July 16, 2008

DVD Dashboard$1.99 from dssDigital DVD Dashboard

DVD Dashboard lets you keep track of all of your movies wherever you are. Have you ever found yourself wondering what movie to watch and not remembering what is in your collection? Or have you wanted to share what movies you have with your friends?

On top of sorting your movie collection by genre and alphabetically by title, DVD Dashboard leverages the Internet Movie Database (IMDd). This means that with one touch, you can read all about a movie in your collection right from the best possible source. This can answer any debates you may have about when a movie was released or who were the key actors.

Additionally, with the latest software update, you can import hundreds (yes, even thousands) of your movies without having to type them all in.

And not to worry, your collection gets backed up every time you sync your device with your computer. Not enough? You can even email your list of titles to yourself or your friends with one touch.

-Store a collection of up to thousands of movies
-IMPORT your list, no need to type them all in.
-Edit your entries
-Sort by Genre or Title
-One touch search on IMDb
-Email your collection to your friends or to yourself for backup

DVD DashboardDVD DashboardDVD DashboardDVD DashboardDVD Dashboard



July 16, 2008

IAmHere$0.99 from Exploding Orange IAmHere

Tell a mate where you are!

Simple, fast and easy! Press the big blue button and IAmHere will build an email containing your current location.

Ever been asked where you are? On the phone? Don’t know how to answer? On holidays in a new city? Now, with the help of IAmHere, you can answer that question – and give directions, all with only a few touches! Email and Maps is all your mate needs to find you.



July 16, 2008

Upcoming$0.00 from Muthu Arumugam Upcoming

It’s really embarassing to miss someone birthday and talk to them for a belated birthday wishes. We always guess their age even though we have their dates recorded with us. Upcoming helps you not to miss birthdays and other important events stored on your Addressbook.

Upcoming+ is a paid version of this application which has got more features and performance improvments. You can download it here http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=287966178&mt=8.



July 16, 2008

iCounter$0.99 from iPhonexe iCounter

iCounter brings a new twist to the classic dial clickers.

– iCounter will remember your most recent count, so you can close the app, then resume counting later
– Left-handed mode makes it easy to switch hands while still counting: simply tap the logo to change modes!
– Undo button lets you decrement the count by 1
– Reset button lets you easily reset the count back to 0



July 16, 2008

Tric-Trac$0.99 from Seahorse Software Tric-Trac

Tric-Trac, also known as Shut-The-Box, is a simple, yet addicting game of chance.

The object is to try flipping up all nine number tiles, labeled 1 through 9, by using the sum of a roll of two dice. Game play continues until either all tiles have been flipped up, or the sum of a dice roll can not be achieved with the remaining tiles.

You are scored on how many tiles are left unflipped; thus the lower, the better!

– Game is easy to learn, but hard to stop playing.
– Shake the iPhone or iPod touch to roll the dice.
– Statistics kept for how many times you each each score.

Challenge your friends to see who can get a score of 0 the most!


Senet Deluxe

July 16, 2008

Senet Deluxe$4.99 from RoGame Software Senet Deluxe

The Ancient Game of Life and Afterlife

Senet is an ancient Egyptian race game and the predecessor of our modern Backgammon. Many pictures of the game and artifacts have been discovered and are displayed in Museums around the world. The commonness of these finds indicates that the game was very popular in its time. Instead of dice knuckle bones and later flattened sticks were used and the game board itself often resembled a small chest on wooden legs with drawers for the game pieces and a small flat surface for throwing the sticks.
Senet Deluxe features an intelligent adversary, animated movement of game pieces, highlighting for acceptable moves, game statistics and extensive online help and is exquisitely animated and rendered in 3D.
For complete instructions, a short video and more screenshots, please click the RoGame Software Web Site link below.

Senet DeluxeSenet DeluxeSenet DeluxeSenet DeluxeSenet Deluxe


July 16, 2008

iResist$0.00 from Flying Monkey Enterprises iResist

iResist: Resistance… with style.

A resistance calculator for the iPhone.


– Impress your friends and foil your enemies with your resistance calculating abilities
– Spin to pick a resistance value. The last time you saw this much spinning it wasn’t healthy! (Meatspin not included)
– Calculates values from 0 ohms to almost 100 MEGAOHMS!
– How good is your resistor? iResist supports a wide range of tolerances.
– Dozens of minutes of FREE fun!*
– Shake your iPhone for a random resistance. Keep shaking until you see your favorite!

* Actual mileage may vary