July 21, 2008

SameGame$0.99 from Steven Troughton-Smith SameGame

The goal of the game is to get the highest score by removing as large areas of the same-colored blocks as possible; bigger areas mean higher scores!

Features home-grown graphics and quirky sounds.

Coming soon, more features and more fun! Stay tuned!

• On Sale for the month of December!



July 21, 2008

Tomizone$0.00 from Tomizone Limited Tomizone

The Tomizone connector Application provides seamless authentication at any Tomizone Wi-Fi Hotspot or partner Wi-Fi Hotspot network with the iPhone and iPod Touch. No need to always enter your user name and password, and furthermore your login credentials are secure.

If you are within Tomizone or partner network coverage you will be able to access high-speed wireless internet quickly. NOTE: For a limited time, access at every Tomizone Hotspot is free for iPhone and iPod touch users.

Version 1.01 Update includes:

* iiNet login portal details – any iiNet customer can use this connector for FREE 100 MB data allocation monthly at any Tomizone Wi-Fi Hotspot
* New “accounts” interface that enables other network providers in future to be added (contact Tomizone if you want to be added)
* Better stability and user interface feedback for Wi-Fi Hotspot connectivity.

This is a free download and we are working on future upgrades to add other Wi-Fi services.


mTip – The Smart bill splitter

July 21, 2008

mTip - The Smart bill splitter$0.99 from Pascal Mermoz mTip - The Smart bill splitter

mTip is a nice and easy but fully-featured tip calculator and smart bill splitter.

Splitting evenly the bill between several persons is sometimes just not enough. When someone takes an expensive drink and another skips a delicious but expensive dessert, you need more than just an even split. mTip provides a simple and attractive answer to make everybody happy without the need to ask for separate checks.

For countries like France where tip is included in the price, mTip becomes a powerful bill splitter (mode “Tip before Tax” off).

★ Exclusivity: Smart splitting between guests.
★ Gets the job done with a minimum of interaction.
★ Three predefined and configurable levels of tips.
★ Change the grand total, and the tip is recalculated.
★ Change the guests’ total, and the tip is recalculated.
★ One touch to round up or down any value, including guests’ total.
★ One touch to quickly increment or decrement on any value.
★ Smart keyboard changing on the fly the keys visibility to show only keys you need.
★ If the tax is defined (for countries where prices are displayed without tax, like US):
➠ The tip is calculated before tax,
➠ Adjustments should not include tax.
★ If the tax is not defined (for countries where prices are displayed with tax, like France):
➠ Tip is calculated after tax (balance due),
➠ Adjustments should include tax.
★ International currency support.

mTip - The Smart bill splittermTip - The Smart bill splittermTip - The Smart bill splittermTip - The Smart bill splittermTip - The Smart bill splitter

Dice Roller Touch

July 21, 2008

Dice Roller Touch$0.99 from Silverstreak Software Dice Roller Touch

From your Mac to your iPhone comes Dice Roller. With the same easy to use interface you’ve come to enjoy in Dice Roller, the iPhone version puts the power of dice in your hand, where it belongs.

Roll 2d10 with 2 clicks, 3d8 with 3 clicks
Goes from d2 to d20, and a d100 too

Dice Roller Touch

HDL Touch

July 21, 2008

HDL Touch$2.99 from Silverstreak Software HDL Touch

If you are familiar with the Tremorworks HDL system, you know that to perform skill checks, a Half Die Level is used to determine how well the skill was performed. The HDL
determines what is rolled, based on the stat being half the maximum roll (“half the die level”). So, a stat of 5 is HDL 6, which is 1d12, HDL 7 is 1d6+1d8, and so on. (6+8 = 14) But once you have a stat higher then 6, you start having to remember multiple dice to roll. However, tell HDL Touch the HDL and what skill number to add, and it will automatically calculate this value for you. If you aren’t familiar with this gaming system, check out the site and give it a look. It’s a very unique system, totally different then the D&D systems you might be used to.

HDL Touch


July 21, 2008

EmailContact$0.99 from Leptonic Systems, Inc. EmailContact

Finally, a way to send contact information from your iPhone or iPod Touch!

Simply touch EmailContact and a contact name, and an Email message immediately pops up with the contact information in it, ready to mail anywhere.

Settings allow you to select the fields and categories to include: All, Work only, Home only, All but work, or All but home.

EmailContact doesn’t send vCards, but that’s because we do not send your private contact information through our servers to do so. Safe, secure EmailContact keeps your contacts inside your device, moving the information directly to the Mail application, which sends it to whomever you wish.

If you’ve been wanting to send contact information to people you meet, or anyone while on the go, EmailContact is the application for you.



July 21, 2008

iSayz$2.99 from Kyle Roucis iSayz

iSayz is a fast paced game utilizing the unique inputs specific to iPhone; straining the player’s reflexes, intuition, and hand-eye coordination. Score points by flicking, pinching, shaking, and more. With dynamic score tracking and a fast paced style that’s easy to learn and difficult to master, iSayz is the perfect slayer of boredom and destroyer of spare time! How fast can you do what iSayz?

Fast paced gameplay
High scores page
Multi-touch enabled
Accelerometer enabled
Redundant feature list
No pie

Creators not responsible for broken iPhones, limbs, or friendships while using this application.

Question, Comments, Bugs, Rants, Raves, Pie, contact us at and keep playing!