July 23, 2008

Calculator$9.99 from Byte Works, Inc. Calculator

Here’s a full-featured scientific calculator for your iPhone or iPod touch. Features are important, but it’s the little things that count, right? Little things like a design that looks like it belongs on your iPhone; big, easy to press buttons; a delete key in case you hit the wrong one; and picking up right where you left off if you are interrupted by a phone call–even in the middle of entering a number.


1. Algebraic entry
2. Scientific calculations
3. Conversions for
– Length
– Area
– Volume
– Temperature
– Mass
– Speed
4. Logic calculator supporting base 2, 8, 10 and 16
5. 10 memory registers
6. Numbers range from about 1e-313 to 1e308
7. Displays 14 significant digits



PasturePool Golf

July 23, 2008

PasturePool Golf$14.99 from PasturePool PasturePool Golf

Play it, Score it, Sync it! Track your scores with or without cell or wireless coverage with PasturePool Golf Software. Our software provides offline and online score tracking features making it easy to log your rounds wherever and whenever you play. It’s that easy!

Features Include:
-PasturePool Membership
-Online Handicap and Analysis
-Quick Score Entry – total score entry for 18 hole rounds
-Detailed Score Entry – hole by hole scores for 9/18 hole rounds
-Putts, fairways, greens, up/down, weather, ball played
-Online Charts, Analysis, Article instruction
-Score Sync – Upload your offline scores to your online account
-Course Sync – Download updated courses on demand
-New Courses – Add favorite courses to our database from your computer
-Scorecard Express – Send a digital image and we’ll do the work for you
– Partner Club Program
– News and more…

PasturePool GolfPasturePool GolfPasturePool GolfPasturePool GolfPasturePool Golf


July 23, 2008

ClockArt$0.00 from David Bannach ClockArt

This is a screen full of animated clock hands that roughly show you the time by composing the digits of the current hour. Every full hour some of the hands will line up to form the number. Inspired by an installation of Christiaan Postma.

– On startup the clock hands will animate from 12.00 to the current time.
– When sliding a finger on the screen the clock hands will temporarily move forward.

Don’t expect it to be a useful clock. Just play around with the clock hands and have fun!


Pregnancy Kick Counter

July 23, 2008

Pregnancy Kick Counter$0.00 from Ethan Productions Pregnancy Kick Counter

SPECIAL NOTE: This application is provided free of charge by A Small Victory ( They are a non-profit organization that gives out loss kits to families who have lost a child due to miscarriage or stillbirth.

Please donate to them at

This application is designed for woman who are 25 weeks or later in pregnancy.

— The Importance of Kick Counts —

Kicking is how your baby tells you it’s “OK”. Uncomfortable at times for you but reassuring, it means your baby is active and growing.

In a survey conducted among stillbirth mothers we discovered 67% weren’t ever told by their OB about the importance of monitoring kick counts. If you’ve not been told, or if it’s not been properly explained, raise the question at your next checkup. It’s your body and your baby so don’t ever hesitate to voice your concerns. Counting kicks is a simple test to determine your baby’s health that costs you nothing.

You can track your baby’s activity by using this application. If you detect a change, either a decrease in movement, or an unusual increase in your baby’s level of activity, it may mean your baby is in distress. Should either occur, call your doctor at once. If you can’t reach your doctor, head to the hospital to have your baby checked. A “false alarm”, if it is one, is better than having a stillborn baby.

Before starting your activity log be aware there’s no single “standard” for the number of kicks to expect, but on average you should detect at least 5 definite movements per hour. Babies sleep, and there may be times in the day when you feel little or no movement. That’s why it’s important to be aware of any changes in your baby’s daily pattern. In time you’ll get used to your baby’s particular patterns.

— How To Do Kick Counts —

Most Drs recommend that kick counts be started after 25 weeks, usually around 28 weeks.

Every day at the same time, preferably just after you’ve eaten, take time to be aware of your baby’s movements. Pull up this application and track your baby’s movements. If you haven’t felt at least 4 or 5 movements by the end of an hour, you’ll want to redo the count, this time lying down on your side and focusing on just counting movements. We call them “kicks” but punches, rolls and swooshes count, if it is a definite movement. You will hear that babies slow down as they get closer to full term. Whether that’s true is debatable, but if your baby slows down, the change should not be sudden.

If, after redoing the kick count, you don’t detect 10 movements within 2 hours its time to call your doctor. From a practical standpoint it’s always easier to be seen and have your baby checked during office hours, but don’t let the time of day stop you. If you detect a decline in movement, call, no matter what the time. We’ve all been taught to be considerate of others but this is a different situation. Doctors, like firemen, have chosen a 24-hour occupation. You’ve chosen to become a mother. As a mother your job is to protect your baby. Pick up the phone and call at once.

— How To Use This Application —

Every time you feel your baby move, touch the screen and it will be tracked. At the end of an hour it will tell you how many times your baby moved. Hiccups do not count as movement. Present the results to a doctor as needed.

— Disclaimers —


Pregnancy Kick CounterPregnancy Kick CounterPregnancy Kick Counter

Bill4Time Mobile

July 23, 2008

Bill4Time Mobile$0.00 from Broadway Billing Systems Bill4Time Mobile

Bill4Time Mobile is an add-on to – web-based time tracking, and billing system for lawyers, consultants, and professionals. To sign up for a free Bill4Time account go to and click “Free Trial”

See a full demo at

Bill4Time is an easy to use, full-featured time billing and project management system in use by thousands of solos and small firms including lawyers, accountants, IT professionals, and many more.

Bill4Time’s extensive feature list includes:
• Multi-user access
• Case/Project Management
• Multiple price levels & invoicing options
• 100% SSL encrypted
• Quickbooks integration
• Practice management
• Schedule & Contact Management
• Windows & Mac compatible

Bill4Time Mobile allows you to:
• Bill time & expenses on-the-go
• Review your projects/cases
• Manage your receivables
• View and edit your schedule

Not a Bill4Time subscriber yet? Get started with a free account today at! There is no cost for a free account, and no risk with a Lite or Pro account.

Bill4Time MobileBill4Time MobileBill4Time MobileBill4Time MobileBill4Time Mobile

Palringo Instant Messenger

July 23, 2008

Palringo Instant Messenger$0.00 from Palringo Limited Palringo Instant Messenger

Instant messaging (IM) is hugely popular – and Palringo is an award-winning Instant Messenger that’s purpose-built for mobile phones.

With Palringo mobile messaging now you can chat with all your buddies, no matter what IM they use:

– Windows Live Messenger ® (MSN)
– AOL ® Instant Messenger (AIM)
– Yahoo! ® Messenger
– Google Talk ™
– ICQ ®
– Jabber ®
– iChat ® / MobileMe ®
– Gadu-Gadu ®

Send voice messages to your friends, so they can hear your voice. Voice messaging is simple and quick, just push to talk and your iPhone becomes a walkie-talkie.

Use picture messaging to share photos with any of your buddies. Simply select a photo and send, just like MMS.

Share your location and see where your friends are right now. (Optional)

Create groups so you can send messages to everyone at the same time.

Broadcast what you’re doing and where you are with your status.

Palringo Instant Messaging – Bring your chats to life.

Palringo Instant MessengerPalringo Instant MessengerPalringo Instant MessengerPalringo Instant MessengerPalringo Instant Messenger

iJisho – Japanese English Dictionary

July 23, 2008

<img class=”alignleft” style=”margin-left:10px;margin-right:10px;” title=”iJisho – Japanese English Dictionary” src=”” alt=”iJisho – Japanese English Dictionary” width=”57″ height=”57″ />$3.99 from iJisho <img class=”alignright” src=”” alt=”iJisho – Japanese English Dictionary” width=”61″ height=”15″ />

Japanese -> English and English -> Japanese dictionary and Japanese learning tool for the iPhone and iPod touch including sample sentences and daily news and articles.

-EJ JE dictionary containing more than 200,000 definitions.
-Searchable English/Japanese example sentence database containing more than 150,000 sentence pairs.
-Bookmarks: Save upto 50 dictionary definitions and example sentences for later viewing and revision.
-Handwriting recognition: Input Kanji using the touch pad.
-Daily updated news and articles in both Japanese and English can now be downloaded to your device and viewed offline within iJisho.
Plus, an iPhone first, “Copy and Paste”.
Simply touch any underlined word in the daily articles, and have it automatically looked up in the dictionary!
Perfect for learning the meaning and reading of Kanji and bookmarking words of interest.

NOTE: the entries in the English->Japanese dictionary are in normal Japanese (not in Romaji or plain Hiragana). Because of this, the English->Japanese dictionary may be of limited use to those who cannot read Kanji etc.

NOTE: this application requires a network connection (cellular or WiFi) to function.

<img class=”alignnone” style=”margin:2px;” title=”iJisho – Japanese English Dictionary” src=”” alt=”iJisho – Japanese English Dictionary” width=”80″ height=”115″ /><img class=”alignnone” style=”margin:2px;” title=”iJisho – Japanese English Dictionary” src=”” alt=”iJisho – Japanese English Dictionary” width=”80″ height=”115″ /><img class=”alignnone” style=”margin:2px;” title=”iJisho – Japanese English Dictionary” src=”” alt=”iJisho – Japanese English Dictionary” width=”80″ height=”115″ /><img class=”alignnone” style=”margin:2px;” title=”iJisho – Japanese English Dictionary” src=”” alt=”iJisho – Japanese English Dictionary” width=”80″ height=”115″ /><img class=”alignnone” style=”margin:2px;” title=”iJisho – Japanese English Dictionary” src=”” alt=”iJisho – Japanese English Dictionary” width=”80″ height=”115″ />