Phit$0.99 from Armor Games Inc Phit

Welcome to your new addiction.

Phit is the ultimate puzzling obsession on the iPhone/iPod Touch. Addictive gameplay. Oh-so-slick interface. Infinite levels. And now at a low introductory price.

Phit is the perfect game for lunch breaks, between classes, or any time you need a getaway. It’s quick to pick up and hard to put down, but it always saves your game automatically. An indispensable addition to your iPhone or iPod Touch.


– Addictive puzzle gameplay
– Slick interface
– 100 core levels
– Infinite expert levels
– Auto-save feature makes it quick to pick up and put down
– Play while listening to iPod
– Undo and redo any move
– High score table shows your best performance on each level

(Not yet ready to buy? Try Phit Phree! for a free, 20 level Phit experience. Then come back and buy Phit for the whole enchilada.)


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