July 26, 2008

gpsCompass$1.99 from Amalgamated Coders Inc. gpsCompass

Know where you are and where you are going with this gpsCompass application for the iPhone 3G.
Using Apple iPhone’s Location Services, this application displays a GPS compass and common GPS data fields to help you find your location and track your movement. 

• GPS compasses
+ standard ‘Handheld GPS’ compass
+ ‘Scout’ compass
+ ‘Science Fair’ compass
+ ‘Nautical Heading’ compass
• GPS information
• Customizable data fields
• Metric or Standard measurements
• Terrestrial or Nautical measurements
• Decimal or DD°MM’SS” readings
• Trip Reset
• Send your location to a friend
• 21 data fields
Nearest Location, Accuracy, Altitude, Max Alt, Min Alt,
Avg Alt, Heading, Latitude, Longitude,
Odometer, Speed, Max Speed, Min Speed,
Avg Speed, Moving Average, Timer,
Vertical Speed,
4 State Plane Coordinate fields (US Only)

Clearing Confusion:
• gpsCompass displays where you are heading in motion, not which direction you are facing – nothing can.
• there are outstanding Apple iPhone OS bugs with altitude – this affects all GPS apps
• gpsCompass does NOT require 3G or any network connectivity to do most of its features. Only reverse-geolocating (human readable name from Lat/Lon) requires it. It works great at sea!



Diggnation On The Go

July 26, 2008

Diggnation On The Go$0.00 from JDub Studios LLC Diggnation On The Go

Diggnation On The Go is the easiest way to watch the hit podcast, Diggnation, on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Watch all the most recent episodes in the highest quality right in this easy to navigate application. Enjoy the show.

Show description and airdate.
You guys asked, so I will deliver.

Diggnation On The GoDiggnation On The GoDiggnation On The Go


July 26, 2008

IR-909$4.99 from roventskij IR-909

IR-909 is a drum machine for the iPhone inspired by the Roland TR-909. IR-909 features a 16-step sequencer, 4 patterns and 8 different drum sounds. IR-909 includes individual pitch, attack and length controls for each sample. By default IR-909 comes with 6 different sample packs, these include the original TR-909 pack, TR-808, TR-707 and TR-606 packs, plus two additional ones called “Tech House” and “Kärv”. To change the amount of, e.g. the tempo, press and hold on the tempo button while you tilt your iPhone/iPod.



July 26, 2008

RadixConvert$0.99 from RadixConvert

For Engineers and Scientists Only!

Use this utility for converting between numbers in different bases. You can quickly and easily convert between Decimal, Binary, Hexadecimal and Octal numbers.

A really useful program for software developers and engineers that often need to interpret numbers in various bases.