Here I Am

July 27, 2008

Here I Am$0.00 from Arboretum Software Here I Am

Want to let people know where you are? This very simple app creates an email with a link to your location. The link is formed so other iPhone users will see your location in the Maps application.

Just open it up, wait for the accuracy to show a good fix, and press the button! It’s simple! It’s free!

Here I Am

Missing Calculator

July 27, 2008

Missing Calculator$0.00 from aingoppa Missing Calculator

Programmer’s Hexadecimal, Decimal, Octal and Binary Calculator.

The Calculator of Mac OS X has 3 modes. Basic, Scientific and Programmer. But the Calculator of iPhone/iPod touch does not have Programmer mode. The Missing Calculator provides the Programmer’s calculator. The Missing Calculator operates on and displays 64 bits of data. Do you want to know what it exactly does? Launch the Calculator of Mac OS X in programmer’s calculator mode and there you go.
Device type(s) the application is designed for (iPhone and/or iPod touch)

Hexamedical input mode
Decimal input mode
Octal input mode
Binary input mode

You can turn on/off each input modes (Hex, Dec, Oct and Bin) and encodings (ASCII, UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-16BE and Unicode) at Settings.

Missing CalculatorMissing CalculatorMissing CalculatorMissing Calculator

ChartFight Battleship

July 27, 2008

ChartFight Battleship$1.99 from Mutant Piano Software ChartFight Battleship

The Age of Sail! Ships-of-the-line, corvettes and brigantines battling it out on the high seas. Now imagine their captains carrying iPhones: instant access to the latest nautical charts, bird’s eye view of ship disposition, push-button cannon fire…

This version of the classic battleship game is seriously outdated… in a good way! Play against your iPhone or against friends over the Internet using ChartFight Server – no need to remember IP addresses! Use the gorgeous interface to find your adversary’s ships before they sink yours.

More options to come!

* KNOWN ISSUE: dual-player network play on the 2nd generation iPod touch is currently unstable.

ChartFight BattleshipChartFight BattleshipChartFight BattleshipChartFight BattleshipChartFight Battleship


July 27, 2008

Shopping$1.99 from Simpsonics Shopping

Plan your food shopping by individual items or by your own menus.

You can customise your list of available items and from these you can create menus, a list of ingredients which can be added to your shopping list with one tap. Handy for your favourite meals…

This application adds an entry to your ‘Settings’ application which alters the way the user interface works. Visit for full instructions.



July 27, 2008

Finance$2.99 from Simpsonics Finance

Keep a record of what’s in the bank, complete with schedules for repeating transactions.

You can keep records for multiple accounts and each can have it’s own set of timed transactions which will automatically enter themselves into your account records.

** points raised by reviewers:

USA: QwertyJO: The upgrade erasing your data is a problem with the AppStore upgrade process, not my app. Many apps are having this problem…

USA: lonnie47: Scheduled transactions are move into the transaction list a month ahead of time so you can see what’s coming up. Therefore, the date you see in the scheduled transaction list is the due date for the next entry of the transaction.

USA: AfricaTz: To erase an account, swipe your finger across it’s name and hit the delete button that will appear. FUll instructions are on the developer’s website…


Drink Timer

July 27, 2008

Drink Timer$0.99 from Simpsonics Drink Timer

Keep track of when you’ll have zero alcohol in your system after a night out!

This application is not meant to help you work out how many beers you can have before you drive home! Alcohol takes a surprisingly long time to leave the body and this application is to help you judge what you can drink of an evening in order to be free of alcohol the following morning.

Remember, other than a government approved breathaliser, there’s no way to be 100% accurate about your blood alcohol level, so if you’re in any doubt, get the bus. If you forget to enter a drink and the cops pull you over, they won’t take kindly to you waving your iPhone about saying “But this told me I was sober!”

** Responses to Reviewers:

USA: 5016556000, Cmillen, NoRegrest 187, ^^^concerned^^^

I suggest you read the app description. This app is not to ‘help a teenager calculate his drinking capacity’ and you’d be surprised how long it takes to get alcohol out of your system. In this country (UK) many people are caught over the drink drive limit the morning after a night out. This app is to help avoid that. The calculations are not based on my experience, as I don’t own a breathaliser. They’re based on the widely available statistics that it takes a male one hour to process one unit of alcohol, and it takes a female 1 and a half hours to do the same. The effect of alcohol varies from person to person, but the amount in your blood doesn’t. So, basing your decision of wether or not to drive on ‘how you feel’ is entirely reckless. A regular drinker may feel absolutely fine on 2 pints of strong beer, but will be over the limit.

Drink TimerDrink Timer


July 27, 2008

Dicee$0.99 from Simpsonics Dicee

A simple version of a well known dice game.

Open the ‘Settings’ application in order to make a few adjustments to how the game plays. Also, if it’s all going wrong, just cross out the game and start again – swiping a finger from corner to corner diagonally across the screen will give you the option to restart.

See for full details.