Crazy Mouth (Lite)

July 28, 2008

Crazy Mouth (Lite)$0.00 from Crazy Mouth (Lite)

As seen on TV on CNBC and in the New York Times!

“I just love goofy little apps… Crazy Eye and Crazy Mouth kept my youngest son occupied just about forever.”

– David Pogue, The New York Times

Transform yourself into a living cartoon character! Select one of the fully animated mouths, hold your iPhone up to your face and get ready for some laughs. With two crazy animated ways to change your mouth you’ll be sure to have everyone in stitches. Why waste money on an expensive facelift when you can get your Crazy Mouth on!

Do you want more? Then look for the paid editions of Crazy Mouth and Crazy Eye for iPhone, each with 10 fully animated ways for you to get crazy!

Note to iPod Touch Users: you will need headphones plugged in to hear the sound.

Crazy Mouth (Lite)Crazy Mouth (Lite)Crazy Mouth (Lite)


Wooo! Button

July 28, 2008

Wooo! Button$0.00 from TightApps Wooo! Button

Featured in “Fortune” magazine ( as one of the top 10 must have iPhone apps and downloaded almost 500,000 times; Wooo! Button is becoming a classic! Get the Wooo! Button now!!


“It makes me giggle every single time I use it…and I use it a lot!!”

“iPhones should come preloaded with this app!”

“This app is awesome and I use it everyday to annoy anybody around me.”

“It should be called ‘Sense-of-Humormeter’ cuz if you don’t just love it, you don’t have a sense of humor!”

Simple yet guaranteed addicting, Wooo! Button is simply that…a button that belts out an emphatic “Wooo!”.

Not your typical play-once-and-forget sound effect. This one won’t get old. I promise.

** Read the reviews! They’re funny and will give you an idea if you’ll like it or not. Or, just download it and see for yourself. It’s free! **

Wooo! Button

TouchTerm SSH

July 28, 2008

TouchTerm SSH$0.99 from Aji, LLC TouchTerm SSH

TouchTerm is the de facto standard SSH client for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

TouchTerm is a complete, polished SSH terminal application, with a slick iPhone interface that includes:

– Proven, rock-solid performance: TouchTerm is driven by the industry-standard OpenSSH open-source library, and has clocked months of daily usage by a massive user base

– Top-notch App Support: full in-App debugging logs are available, and our support team will quickly address any issues you might encounter

– RSA/DSA public key authentication

– Complete server, connection, password, and SSH Key management

– Application Lock: optionally set a master password to protect access to your account information

– Both Wi-Fi and EDGE/3G support: access and administer your servers from anywhere

– The Translucent Interface option allows using the entire screen for displaying terminal output

– Full special-key support including Ctrl, Esc, Tab, arrow, and Fn keys

– Landscape mode support, configurable font size and color

– Support for almost all commonly used international character encodings (including UTF-8, ISO-Latin 1-10, Big5, GB, and more)

POWER USERS: if you require frequent SSH access, or are daunted by the thought of performing command-line tasks on an iPhone keyboard, we encourage you to check out our TouchTerm Pro app, also available on the App Store. TT Pro takes full advantage of the iPhone’s unique capabilities to provide a powerful, easy-to-use remote administration tool over SSH: including support for saved commands/macros, gesture-based commands, auto-completion, and copy-and-paste. Search for “TouchTerm Pro” in the App Store, or see our website for more details and a full video tour!

TouchTerm SSHTouchTerm SSHTouchTerm SSHTouchTerm SSHTouchTerm SSH


July 28, 2008

TipTotaler$0.99 from Neutrinos, LLC TipTotaler

Do you dine out often? Ever want to split the check with a group? Want the drinkers to tip on their own drinks? TipTotaler is here to help you quickly and discretely calculate a gratuity. TipTotaler offers a standard bill calculation, plus the ability to calculate tips for drinkers and teetotalers. It has never been so easy to tip just right.


– Calculate the exact amount to tip a restaurant bill. (0% – 30%)
– Specify how many people are in your group to split the bill.
– Measure the amount of extra tip drinkers in the group need to pay.


ya Mapped!

July 28, 2008

ya Mapped!$0.99 from MENTALBARCODE Software, LLC ya Mapped!

Share your current and favorite locations with anyone via email.

Ever have to explain to someone how to get to a meeting, party, or another location? This application allows you to send a link via email that will pinpoint your geographic location on Google Maps. Fellow iPhone/iPod Touch users can route to your location easily with the built-in “Maps” application. Anyone using a PC can use the Google Maps online for directions. It’s that easy!

And thanks to a built-in database, you can even save your locations for later!

For the most accurate results, use the iPhone 3G and iPhone.

Available languages:
– English
– French
– German
– Italian
– Spanish

ya Mapped!ya Mapped!ya Mapped!ya Mapped!


July 28, 2008

FontViewer$0.00 from FontViewer

FontViewer lets you browse and test all available fonts on the device.

FontViewer is a tool for developers.


BeeTagg Reader

July 28, 2008

BeeTagg Reader$0.00 from connvision AG BeeTagg Reader

Detect a 2D BeeTagg, QR-Code or Datamatrix by taking a photo and detecting it. The BeeTagg Reader will take you to the contained information by launching Safari browser with the corresponding URL.

To create your own 2D codes go to

BeeTagg ReaderBeeTagg Reader