July 29, 2008

PowerCalc$0.99 from West Side Systems PowerCalc

PowerCalc performs basic electrical power calculations with watts, volts, amps, and motor power factor. It works in three modes:

DC mode – simple watts, volts, amps calculations. Set the voltage, then enter a wattage to determine the electrical current drawn in amps. Or enter the rated ampacity of a device and see maximum wattage load.

AC Resistive mode – (incandescent lighting, heaters) – same as above, plus the ability to choose 1, 2, or 3 phase power service and calculate load distribution across phases.

AC Inductive mode – (motors and fluorescent lighting) – adds power factor, and calculates inductive loading. Choose single phase or three phase power.

Works for any voltage, in any country.

(Note that some reviews refer to version 1.0, which did not support the inductive power calculations included in this version.)




July 29, 2008

TwitterFon$0.00 from Kazuho Okui TwitterFon

TwitterFon is a simple, clean, easy to use, and fast Twitter client for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

TwitterFon is focused on easy to use and 80% of your tasks of Twitter such as view friends/replies/messages timeline and send/reply a tweet. Also, you can search tweets, upload your photos.

If you have any problem, please follow @TwitterFon on Twitter then send a reply or a direct message, or go to support page listed below.


New Zealand Snow Reports

July 29, 2008

New Zealand Snow Reports$0.00 from SnowReports.co.nz New Zealand Snow Reports

Get your New Zealand snow reports on the go, for free, with SnowReports.co.nz and your iPod Touch or iPhone.

Whether you are on the road or still lying in bed you can instantly check the weather, road and lift conditions at your favourite NZ ski areas. Or, if you are trying to decide which ski area to go to, simply browse conditions at ALL of them!

The free SnowReports summaries include:
* Mountain name
* Weather status
* Road conditions
* Number of lifts open
* Snow base depth
* New snow depth
* Temperature
* Wind
* Time last updated

And if you need more information, link directly to the detailed online snow report for full conditions, including webcams and five day weather forecasts.

Get your snow on the go with snowreports.co.nz!

New Zealand Snow ReportsNew Zealand Snow Reports


July 29, 2008

MobileStudio$1.99 from Pixio MobileStudio

MobileStudio is a full-featured file manager that lets you create, view, and edit files on the go! Then you can share those files wirelessly with your full-size computer.

You can transfer files from your computer, carry them around with you, and access them from any computer with a web browser!

MobileStudio is just that: a portable, hand-held studio. It can be used to create, modify, and organize files just like you would on a laptop or desktop using Apple’s Finder™ or Microsoft’s Explorer™.

MobileStudio features:

* Intuitive filesystem browser and editor
* File transfers to and from a Mac or PC
* Compatible with Mac OS X™ 10.4 & 10.5
* Compatible with Windows XP™ & Vista™
* Compatible with all flavors of Linux™
* Standard file operations
* Text file creation and editing
* Image file creation and editing (New!)
* Sound file creation and editing (New!)
* Movie file playback
* PDF & Web viewer
* Zip archive compression
* Office™ and iWork™ document viewer
* Emailing of text (.txt) files

Editable File Formats:

* Text Documents (Email them too!)
– UTF8 Text (.txt)
– Any other plain-text file (eg. .html)
* Images (Save in .jpeg or .png formats)
– Joint Photographic Group (.jpg)
– Portable Network Graphic (.png)
– Tagged Image File Format (.tiff)
– Bitmap (.bmp)
– Icon (.ico)
* Sound
– Wave (.wav),
– Audio Interchange Format (.aif)
* Archives
– Zip Files (.zip)

Viewable File Formats:

* Text Documents
– Word 97 (.doc)
– Word 2003 (.xml)
– Word 2007 (.docx)
– Pages (.pages.zip)
– UTF8 Text (.txt)
* Spreadsheets
– Excel 97 (.xls)
– Excel 2007 (.docx)
– Numbers (.numbers.zip)
* Presentations
– PowerPoint 97 (.ppt)
– Keynote (.key.zip)
* Internet
– Portable Document Files (.pdf)
– HTML Files (.html)
– Safari Web Archives (.webarchive)
* Images
– Joint Photographic Group (.jpg)
– Portable Network Graphic (.png)
– Tagged Image File Format (.tiff)
– Bitmap (.bmp)
– Icon (.ico)
* Sound
– Mpeg-1 Audio Layer 3 (.mp3)
– Mpeg-4 Part 14 (.m4a)
– Wave (.wav)
– Audio Interchange Format (.aif)
* Video
– Mpeg-4 Part 14
– (.mov, .mp4, .mpv, .m4v)
* Archives
– Zip Files (.zip)

File Operations:
* Create
– Folder
– Text File (.txt)
– Image File (.jpg, .png)
– * From Camera
– * From Photo Library
– * From Saved Photos
– * Blank
– Sound File (.wav)
– * CD Quality
– * FM Radio Quality
– * Telephone Quality
* Move
* Copy
* Delete (includes Trash feature)
* Zip (creates .zip archive)

Security Features:

* Application Launch Password
Protects the application from being used on the device without a password

* File-Level Read/Write Protection
Protects individual files from being read or overwritten via WiFi FTP. Also prevents accidental modification of important files.

Viewing Flexibility:

* Offers full-screen viewing of all file types in landscape and portrait mode.

Pixio Quality and Functionality:

* MobileStudio is the most versatile file manager available for iPhone OS. Get more done on the go.



July 29, 2008

iGo1984$24.99 from logiware gmbh iGo1984

Only for existing go1984 customers with an actual license of go1984 Pro / Enterprise :

Live images

The go1984 web server has had a new interface added specifically for the iPhone. From go1984 Version onwards, you now have the opportunity to access go1984 via the iGo1984 iPhone client. You can establish the connection with the go1984 Server both via WLAN and GPRS/Edge/UMTS. This provides you with access to live images from all the cameras on the go1984 web server for which you have the relevant access rights. To change camera, you quite simply select one from the list of cameras, like the one opposite.


Each camera gives you access to the entire recordings archive. You can use this simply to browse through the images available for a particular day or select another day. To help you find the relevant scene quickly, a preview is displayed for each recording. When you select the scene you want it starts playing.

Controlling PTZ cameras

Why not simply use your iPhone to control moving cameras. You can insert transparent buttons next to the relevant PTZ cameras so that you can pan, tilt and zoom the cameras via the touch-sensitive display. The go1984 user administration facility also allows certain users to be denied access to the control functions.



July 29, 2008

MetroInfo$0.99 from Orsome MetroInfo

Handy app for anyone in Christchurch New Zealand, that wants to use Metro Bus service. ( Future versions in the works for areas of the UK, AUS and USA )

Shows you closest stop and hooks into the real time tracking system to tell you how far the next bus is. Also lets you browse all stops for any route, save favourites etc.



July 29, 2008

Shovel$0.00 from Sprikit Shovel

Shovel is an app that provides the top stories from the social news website Digg.comTM in a native application. Browse the front page stories, or delve deeper into an array of topics and subtopics of interest.

Because it’s all about the 2.0


Now we’ve gotten the message loud and clear (very clear) that the one things that would turn this 3.5-star app into a 5-star one is the interactivity of the original DiggTM site. You guys (and gals) want to be able to DiggtM, comment, and buryTM, and who can blame you?

Right now however, there is no way to do this using the legitimate DiggTM APIs, and quite frankly, it makes us sad.

I’ve been trying to court the help of DiggTM in making this app all that it can be, and if you want to help that along, you should drop them a line yourselves requesting the same!

Shovel uses the published DiggTM API.

DIGGTM, DIGG ITTM, DUGGTM, DIGG THISTM, DiggTM graphicsTM, logos, designsTM, page headers, button icons, scripts, and other service names are the trademarks of DiggTM Inc.