Heap Dashboard

July 30, 2008

Heap Dashboard$0.00 from WBP SYSTEMS Heap Dashboard


– OnSite
– The Hosted Service*

About Heap CRM:

Customer relationship management should make your life simpler. Heap has simple functions like messaging, calendars and contacts; but it ties them all together so you can see the relationships between these items.

About Heap Dashboard:

The goal of this app is not to replace the web app version (in fact it links to it), but to provide mobile users quick (and offline) access to their most relevant data.

Key Features Include:
– Offline access to the most relevant data
– Add messages regardless if you have Internet access
– Links to web app
– Links to device features

*Sign-up at http://www.heaphq.com

Heap DashboardHeap Dashboard


India News

July 30, 2008

India News$0.99 from Muthu Arumugam India News

India News fetches latest news from Reuters India, The Hindu, Indian Express, and Hindustan Times on a daily basis. Two levels of details help you grasp the news quickly on the go. Uses browser to load the story right from the application.

Upcoming features:

* Offline Usage
* Email/SMS stories
* Search News from Stored/Current
* Fixed font sizes

India NewsIndia NewsIndia NewsIndia NewsIndia News


July 30, 2008

iDecode$0.00 from Haploid iDecode

iDecode is an application which enables you to decode the most common types of 2D codes (QR code and Data Matrix). Just point and shoot at a code and iDecode shows you what is inside.

If it is an URL, it can automatically open it for you.



July 30, 2008

Encore!$0.99 from Mobile Logic, Inc. Encore!

It’s the end of the concert, and you need to hear just one more song… Nothing motivates a performer at the end of a long set to belt out another song more than seeing an audience of devoted fans illuminated by the glow of thousands of flickering flames. But what if you don’t smoke? How do you encourage your performer to keep playing? Encore is the solution.

Encore provides a flickering virtual lighter that you can raise above your head while you scream out a request for your favorite song.

Benefits of Encore:

– Looks and flickers like a real flame
– Excellent alternative to just displaying a boring home screen or other native iPhone screen.
– Great for cities and municipalities where indoor smoking is banned in small clubs and venues.
– You can personalize your lighter by choosing from six lighter colors and styles – including camouflage and leopard skin!

Note: For best results disable your device’s Auto-Brightness setting under Settings -> Brightness.

Coming in version 1.1:
– Adjustable Flame Height
– 6 New Lighter Styles (including Zippo)



July 30, 2008

バーゲン教師$0.00 from バーゲン教師




July 30, 2008

Inauguration$0.99 from Paze Inauguration

Has the heightened political season got you anxious for a new American President? Well, the Inauguration app will help keep track of how much time is left until there is a new president of the United States of America in the White House.

Whether you’re counting down the days until President Bush leaves office, or you’re counting the hours until you can say President McCain or President Obama, this app is for you.

Clean and attractive with no bias toward any political affiliation, it simply counts down the months, days, hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds until a new president takes office in America. 



July 30, 2008

G-Force$0.99 from Gadgitech Ltd G-Force

With the ever increasing Average Speed Camera hot spots, did you ever wonder what your average speed is?

Well, that is what GForce will attempt to deliver to you. By utilizing the built-in GPS functionality of the iPhone, GForce will attempt to provide your average speed information.

It must be noted that if you intend to use the average speed functionality, for best results get your hands on a Second generation iPhone with built-in GPS.

GForce is also an Accelerometer utility designed for those car/bike enthusiasts that would like to know a little bit more information about their G – Forces ( Acceleration, Deceleration and Lateral). GForce will deliver this data to you in realtime.

Target Audience:
iPhone 2.0 owners with GPS support. – for best results