Vehicles Sound Machine

August 2, 2008

Vehicles Sound Machine$0.99 from Vehicles Sound Machine

For those of you who want to hear transportation sound effects coming from your iPhone or iPod Touch – Vehicles Sound Machine is for you. This fun application is great for kids and kids of all ages.

Buttons can be played one at a time or simultaneously so that you could make it sound like a really big emergency with ambulances, police cars and fire trucks all being dispatched together.

I have gotten emails from around the globe for parents regarding how their toddlers loved the Animals Sound Machine. Vehicles Sound Machine continues this series of sound effects apps.

– Twenty fun high quality stereo vehicle sound effects
– Includes ambulance, aooga horn (old car), truck backing up, boat horn, bus horn, car horn, car starting up, fighter jet flyby, two fire truck sounds, helicopter, jet passing by, motorcycle, peeling out, stunt plane roll, police car, two racing car sounds and two train sounds.

Thanks to Lightbrazer for sharing with us how he uses the sound machine series of apps. Put your call on speakerphone then hit the home button to load one of the sound machine apps. The sounds play through the speaker and get picked up by the microphone. You can easily add sound effects to your phone calls!!!

See our website for a demo video

Vehicles Sound Machine


August 2, 2008

iNoteTrainer$3.99 from Pokmis iNoteTrainer

Improve your piano note reading skills with this educational music game. This simple game challenges you to correctly identify notes in the treble and bass clefs as quickly as you can. A great game for anyone learning to read music.

User Comments:
“The app I’ve been waiting for…”
“Super Freakin’ Awesome!!!”
“Very Helpful”
“Very Effective”

If you have feedback/questions please email me at

– Play as multiple choice or enter answers with a piano keyboard
– When playing as multiple choice, incorrect guesses are removed so the correct answers can be observed
– Select from a variety of difficulty levels or create your own
– Track your highscores
– When playing as multiple choice select between regular “C D E F G A B” notation and “Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si” notation
– Focus on Bass, Treble or Both clefs


National Threat Advisory

August 2, 2008

National Threat Advisory$0.00 from ThroughPut Inc National Threat Advisory

Use this application to receive a real-time update of the US National Threat Level from the Department of Homeland Security.

The Color-coded Threat Level System is used to communicate with public safety officials and the public at-large through a threat-based, color-coded system so that protective measures can be implemented to reduce the likelihood or impact of an attack.

National Threat AdvisoryNational Threat Advisory

Sudoku Daily

August 2, 2008

Sudoku Daily$0.00 from Phase2 Media Sudoku Daily

Morning newspaper sudoku players, your time has come!

We’re proud to introduce Sudoku Daily, the free version of our awesome app, Sudoku Unlimited.

Sudoku Daily gives you a new puzzle to solve every day in the difficulty of your choice, and all of the following great features:

– A puzzle generator that makes a new puzzle from scratch every day
– 4 gorgeous skins
– 5 Difficulty settings, to accommodate players of every skill level
– **Offline play** No network connection needed, ever
– One-touch note filling
– An intelligent hint system that shows you the next logical step
-Automatically saves your progress when exiting the game or getting a phone call
– Options to turn off sounds, animations, error display, in game timer and auto locking of the device
– Option to switch the popup back and forth to a user-set level of transparency
– Draggable popup
– Scores sorted by best time instead of date
– Interface localization
– Ability to enlarge the popup, for easier number selection

Sudoku Daily

iFlip the Coin

August 2, 2008

iFlip the Coin$0.99 from AAApplications iFlip the Coin

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to make a decision, and you decided that the decision should be made by flipping a coin? Well, with the iFlip the Coin app, you never have to use another quarter again. The simple UI leads to an easy and fast understanding how the app works. Also included in this app is a free counter. You can use complementary counter for what ever you want, just be creative! So, whether you are “Two-Faced” from Batman, or just an Average Joe, the iFlip the Coin app is perfect for you!

iFlip the Coin


August 2, 2008

DiceDaemon$0.99 from BitCodex DiceDaemon

DiceDaemon is a simple application for rolling the standard dice utilized in a number of fantasy role playing games. Dice included in this application are:

– Four Sided
– Six Sided
– Eight Sided
– Ten Sided
– Twelve Sided
– Twenty Sided

A simple touch on each die will roll it for you and display the result right next to it.

For support or comments, send email to:



DVR Shows

August 2, 2008

DVR Shows$0.99 from Rick Maddy DVR Shows

Now you can see what’s been recorded on your TiVo from anywhere in the house, without the need to turn on your TV.

DVR Shows allows you to see what programs are currently stored on your DVR (Digital Video Recorder). You can drill down into folders and view details about specific shows.

* Supports TiVo® DVRs
* Track any number of DVRs
* Display by date or alphabetical
* List shows with or without folder groups
* View program details

Note: For users looking to watch their programs please keep this in mind – it can’t be done with an iPhone or iPod Touch. A 30 minute standard definition recording is about 500MB in size. It would take 30 minutes to download to the iPhone, then another long wait while the file is converted into a format suitable for the iPhone. There are tools for your computer that will do this conversion. You can then sync those videos with your iPhone or iPod Touch. Sorry, but this application doesn’t (and can’t) allow you to watch your recordings.

To access your TiVo® you will need the network address and Media Access Key. You can obtain these from your TiVo® menu. This assumes your TiVo is using a network connection and not a phone line.

Network Address:
From “TiVo Central” select the “Messages & Settings” menu. Then “Settings”. Then “Phone & Network”. The network address is labeled “IP addr.:” and can be seen in the upper right corder of the screen.

Media Access Key:
From “TiVo Central” select the “Messages & Settings” menu. Then “Account & System Information”. Then select “Media Access Key”. The key is a 10 digit number shown at the bottom of the screen.

This application makes a secure network connection to the address you provide for your DVR. The Media Access Key is sent as a password to your DVR. None of this information is sent to anyone except your own DVR.

DVR ShowsDVR ShowsDVR ShowsDVR ShowsDVR Shows