Inspired’s Fit 2 Vote

August 4, 2008

Inspired's Fit 2 Vote$0.99 from Inspired Arts and Media, LLC Inspired's Fit 2 Vote

Obama – McCain – It’s heating up… New content now available. This is the first update, look for more updates after the conventions.

We are a bunch of undecided, independent voters who wanted to figure who these guys really are. See if you can determine who said what. It’s a game, a serious game.

Challenge yourself.

Obama – lean your phone left
McCain – lean your phone right

You need to get 50 correct answers to declare yourself – “Fit 2 Vote”. If you want keep playing and rack up your personal points great but if you want to reset the score and pass it over to your best friend who thinks they know Obama or McCain, let ’em prove it… A game for real life political savvy.

Get inspired ––– – casual games for intelligent gamers.

Also see the game on YouTube used at Newport Beach on channel “inspiredKK”

Also look for Fit 2 Vote VP coming soon. Just waiting for those announcements.

Now isn’t abut time to see if you know what your candidate is saying?

Inspired's Fit 2 VoteInspired's Fit 2 VoteInspired's Fit 2 VoteInspired's Fit 2 VoteInspired's Fit 2 Vote



August 4, 2008

Hangman2$0.99 from Hangman2

Polished hangman application with a large library of words. You can ask for hints and keep track of your stats.

This update adds timed gameplay, beautiful graphics and a much better keyboard layout. You will feel sorry for the poor hangman as you watch his concern grow with every mistake you make!

If you like the app please give it a review!



August 4, 2008

Rimshot$0.99 from Sprikit Rimshot

Are you constantly plagued by bad luck? Do you have that one friend who constantly makes bad jokes? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, then you’re in the right place!

“Rimshot” allows you to add sound effects to ordinarily boring and dull circumstances and make them extraordinary! Simply start the app and select which sould effect you need from the list! It’s that easy!

Never again will your jokes fall flat! Your “Debbie Downer” friend will finally get the hint. You’ll be the life of the party!

Order in the next 16 and a half minutes and we’ll throw in a laugh track, absolutely free! Now, you truly can feel what it’s like to be the star of your own sitcom.


GuitarToolkit Lite

August 4, 2008

GuitarToolkit Lite$5.99 from Agile Partners GuitarToolkit Lite

Essential guitar utilities for your iPod Touch, including 1600+ chords, a powerful metronome, and calibrated tones for tuning by ear.

– Chord library with over 260 chord maps and 1600 variations for quick and easy reference
– Adjustable metronome with visible flash option and multiple sound effects
– Calibrated tones for tuning by ear

GuitarToolkit LiteGuitarToolkit LiteGuitarToolkit LiteGuitarToolkit LiteGuitarToolkit Lite


August 4, 2008

Scriptures$4.99 from Touch of Zion Scriptures

Touch of Zion Scriptures™ Reader is the perfect companion for your iPhone or iPod touch. Instantly access any of the standard works with the tap of a finger. Jump back and forth between different books without losing your place.

-Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, Pearl of Great Price
-Old Testament (KJV), New Testament (KJV)
-Lightning FAST loading time
-Quick jumping between all the standard works
-Scriptures remember where you were last
-Easy advancing to the previous or next chapter


Pyramid Solitaire

August 4, 2008

Pyramid Solitaire$2.99 from Seahorse Software Pyramid Solitaire

Want to try this program out before you buy? Check out Pyramid Solitaire Lite, a free version where you can play the single pyramid levels.

Pyramid Solitaire is a classic solitaire game of matching cards which add up to 13.

There are 16 different levels of play! For both the Single and Double pyramids, there are four levels for Easy and four levels for Hard.

But this is far from a simple game. With many options Play on your iPhone or iPod touch to choose from, you have many challenging levels to test your luck and abilities.

– A classic solitaire game
– Single and Double pyramid mode
– 16 different levels of play
– Option to enable/disable overlap matching
– Draw deck can be on left right
– Best scores kept for each level

How many pyramids can you win in a row? Only the Pharaohs know for sure!

Pyramid SolitairePyramid SolitairePyramid SolitairePyramid SolitairePyramid Solitaire


August 4, 2008

Metronome$1.99 from A Small Orange Metronome

Metronome combines an accurate and flexible metronome with a full-range tuner. Everything a practice musician needs to build up rock-solid rhythm and tone.

The metronome ranges from 10 to 250 BPM and 1 to 9 beats per measure. It includes Quarter, Eighth, Eighth with Rest, Triple, Triple with Rest, Sixteenth and Sixteenth with Rest rhythm modes. The tuner ranges from A to G#.

Coming soon: Presets and custom rhythms.