August 5, 2008

Matrix$0.99 from tabqwerty Matrix

Play the arcade-style maze game! Pilot through challenging mazes using the built-in accelerometer in your iPhone/iPod Touch.

• New challenging maze in every game
• Modern graphics & full screen gameplay
• Control with accelerometer and touchscreen
• Never drop a game – autosave on quiting
• Friendly & Affordable – $0.99 and good for all
• Charities – 10% of the revenue will be donated

Matrix is an evolving project. Please feel free to submit comments and help us define the next version!



August 5, 2008

Fore!$24.99 from Uber Entertainment, Inc. Fore!

Fore! is the premier digital golf scoring solution for your iPhone. When you’re ready to tee off Fore! figures out which golf course you’re playing and automatically downloads the course information. Track strokes, putts, and fairway hits for up to 4 golfers per round. When you’re finished, simply click a button to upload your scores and statistics to your online account for full handicap tracking and performance analysis. Be the envy of your foursome by keeping your golf score in style with Fore!

– Download data for over 18,000 courses
– Keep score for up to 4 golfers
– Upload scores automatically to track handicap
– Use course notes to lower your score
– Integrates with iPhone contacts


Newpea Audio Recorder

August 5, 2008

Newpea Audio Recorder$9.99 from Newpea Software Newpea Audio Recorder

Newpea Audio Recorder is a powerful sound recorder specially made for iPhone 3G. It can record sound as mp3 or mp4 formats on the fly. The recording is space saving, all-day-long high-quality recording will be a file as small as 0.5G. Newpea Audio Recorder supports intelligent recording volume dynamic adjustment algorithm which guarantees better recording performance . With Newpea Audio Recorder, recording is easy and enjoyable.

Support file formats: mp3, mp4
High-quality audio recording
Intelligent dynamic volume adjustment algorithm
The channel, bitrates can be changed
Playback, pause recording, rename

Newpea Audio RecorderNewpea Audio RecorderNewpea Audio RecorderNewpea Audio Recorder


August 5, 2008

MyMoney$0.99 from James Narrin MyMoney

MyMoney lets you keep track of all of your banking and credit accounts. Enter transactions in one of five general categories. View your transactions sorted by dated, name and type of transaction. MyMoney also allows you to balance your accounts by entering the statement details and then simply tapping on the transactions shown on your statement. No frills, just a simple straight forward app to keep track of your finances.



August 5, 2008

Mote-M$0.99 from gxjones Mote-M

Mote Massacre is a variation of Tower Defense for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Players place offensive towers onto a field to prevent incoming units (called motes) from reaching the other side of the field. Three different classes of towers may be strategically placed and upgraded. Only a limited number of motes may cross the field.

Visit for more details.


Drapery Calculator

August 5, 2008

Drapery Calculator$4.99 from Furnishing Industry Software House Drapery Calculator

Drapery Calculator is a handy tool for all soft furnishing & drapery manufacturers and retailers to take the tedium out of calculating fabric amounts for curtains and drapery.

Use Drapery Calculator to quickly determine fabric quantities and number of drops needed, as well as calculating a simple quote to make the drape. Our visual Cuts tool will show you where to cut the fabric for each drop including making allowances for hems and pattern repeats.

Drapery Calculator operates in both Metric and Imperial measurements.

Please feel free to address all bug reports and/or feature requests to for prompt attention.

Drapery CalculatorDrapery CalculatorDrapery CalculatorDrapery Calculator


August 5, 2008

Probability$0.00 from Probability

The Probability application allows for easy probability computations directly in your iPhone or iPod Touch.

If you enter the number of trials and the probability of success for a given trial the application will compute the likelihood of observing a certain number of successful outcomes.

Example application: Assume that the probability of converting a sales call to a successful sale is 50 %. If ten sales calls are made, what is the probability of obtaining only four or less conversions from these ten calls? The Probability application gives you the answer (37.7 %).