Score Board

August 7, 2008

Score Board$0.99 from E.E. Flobes Score Board

Game on! Use this simple scoreboard application to keep track of the score in all kinds of games so that you don’t have to. Scores are separated into red and blue teams with a large easy to read display. The score can go positive or negative, and can be cleared when it’s time to start a new game.

Score Board



August 7, 2008

iBlessing$0.99 from The Jewish Learning Group iBlessing

Blessings often come in disguise. This one comes in your iPhone!

—-> It’s no longer hard to remember all the different blessings there are to say before eating or drinking different kosher foods!

—-> No more fumbling for the prayer book or messy cards! Press a button and “Say a Blessing!”

—-> FULL AUDIO! Press a food type on the placemat and see the associated blessing’s name pop up – release your finger and hear the blessing pronounced for you word-for-word, slowly and clearly, enabling you to repeat after it and learn the blessing on your own!


Baruch Atah Ado…?
Perhaps you dropped out of Hebrew school a little too soon or are learning Hebrew for the very first time.

With just a touch of the finger, this app will recite with you aloud one of 6 blessings of your choice including the blessings over challah, wine, and washing of the hands.

Also included are the prayers of “Modeh Ani” and the “Shema.”

The blessings are first said in Hebrew and then translated into English, leaving enough time after each word for you to repeat the blessing.

It is a mitzvah (commandment) for Jewish people to recite blessings before and after eating or drinking. These unique and age-old blessings help one connect with G-d to express thankfulness and gratitude. Now you can say the correct blessings in the original Hebrew wherever you are. Never fumble or mumble a blessing again!

This is the iPhone/iTouch version of our original keychain available at

Do a Mitzvah Today!


Comedy Quotes

August 7, 2008

Comedy Quotes$0.99 from E.E. Flobes Comedy Quotes

Say what?! Comedy Quotes gives you and your friends a daily dose of humorous and witty quotes by everyone from contemporary comics to historical figures. Each day you will receive one or more new quotes throughout the day. Check it out daily and give yourself a good laugh!

Comedy Quotes

Toy Bot Diaries

August 7, 2008

Toy Bot Diaries$3.99 from IUGO Mobile Entertainment Inc. Toy Bot Diaries

Tiny Toy Bot has awakened within a strange machine and now he needs your help! Use Toy Bot’s handy grappling hook and magnet boots to navigate him through environments teeming with physics-based challenges as he plunges into an unfamiliar world.

Search for Toy Bot’s lost datapads to recover his memory and guide him on his top secret mission. Stylized, comic book-inspired graphics and rich levels await your fingertips. You’re sure to fall in love with the little robot with a big heart.


“Best of” iPhone Games

Top 10 iPhone Games of 2008

Top 20 iPhone Games of 2008

– fixed a sound effects issue that was caused by the iPhone/iPod Touch 2.1 firmware update

– Bug fixes
– Optimized performance
– Enhanced controls
– Improved tutorial level

* Be sure to grab IUGO’s complete iPhone game selection which includes Toy Bot Diaries Entry 2, Toy Bot Diaries Entry 3 Shaky Summit and Zombie Attack!

Toy Bot DiariesToy Bot DiariesToy Bot DiariesToy Bot DiariesToy Bot Diaries

America’s Best Mobile Pix 3.1 FREE

August 7, 2008

America’s Best Mobile Pix 3.1 FREE$0.00 from FunMobility America’s Best Mobile Pix 3.1 FREE

aPix, the world’s largest mobile photo sharing community, is now available on iPhone for FREE! Show off your awesome photos see fun Pix, Sexy Hot Girls, Cutest Baby, Hottest Guy and much more for a chance at prizes and popularity. Browse, vote, rate and comment on an endless collection of photos, and meet new people in your area to txt and trade pix with. Join the craziest mobile party now!

UPDATE 3.1: Our BETA period is over. In addition to general bug fixes this release includes touch and swipe photo transitions, faster and more responsive user interface, and overall improvements in stability.

America’s Best Mobile Pix 3.1 FREEAmerica’s Best Mobile Pix 3.1 FREEAmerica’s Best Mobile Pix 3.1 FREEAmerica’s Best Mobile Pix 3.1 FREEAmerica’s Best Mobile Pix 3.1 FREE

WhitePages Mobile

August 7, 2008

WhitePages Mobile$0.00 from WhitePages Mobile

180 million U.S. adults at your fingertips. WhitePages Mobile is the simple solution for finding contact info anytime, anywhere. Our app makes it fast and easy to connect with people, find businesses, identify callers and more!

Search all of WhitePages instantly and update your iPhone Contacts with your friends’ most current info. Use GPS to auto-detect your current location, then get maps and directions for your searches. Use Reverse Phone as caller ID for callers you don’t recognize. All of your most recent searches are saved for easy access when you’re off the network.


– People Search
– Business Search
– Reverse Phone Lookup
– Auto-Detect Current Location
– Search Nearby
– Click to Call From Listings
– Save to iPhone Contacts
– Maps and Directions
– Auto-Complete City/State
– Saved Results

Keywords: people search, white pages, 411, lookup.

By clicking ‘Get App’ or ‘Install’ you agree to’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

WhitePages MobileWhitePages Mobile

iLoveControl Lite

August 7, 2008

iLoveControl Lite$2.99 from Exceptional Home Automation iLoveControl Lite

iLoveControl Lite is the remote control you have been waiting for, if you own an ip-enabled home automation system.

iLoveControl Lite is expandable and can be easily configured via our website to control a full 16 rooms of lights, drapes, hvac, audio, video and scenes.

** For a limited time, we are reducing the cost of custom configurations to $99. Please visit our website for more information.

This version has all the advanced functionality of iLoveControl like asynchronous communications and real-time two way feedback.

iLoveControl requires an ip-enabled processor from Crestron or AMX in order to control your Audio, Lights, Scenes and Sources. Be sure to check our website first to learn all about home automation.

iLoveControl LiteiLoveControl LiteiLoveControl LiteiLoveControl Lite