August 8, 2008

SSH$3.99 from ThroughPut Inc SSH

An SSH client for your iPhone or iPod Touch! This client can be used for interactive communications with another host using the SSH protocol.

It implements a simple terminal emulator which supports the sending of ctrl keys, and can be used to connect to any standard telnet server including Linux, BSD, AIX, Solaris, OS X, Cisco, or even Windows as long as the SSH service is enabled.

You can choose which host and even which port to connect to, which makes this useful for port forwarding and other non-standard SSH configurations as well as more conventional ones.

Works over Wi-Fi, Edge, and 3G networks.




August 8, 2008

I-Chinger™$1.99 from Psitronx I-Chinger™

5,000 years of Chinese wisdom at your fingertips. Ask your questions … find out possible comes of taking action versus “Keeping Still” from the 64 hexagrams.

The I-Chinger™ is the I Ching in COLOR. The first page is a red color to bring you good luck! Each hexagram is color-coded for action/success. Select your question and receive your answer in color. Green is +70-90% chance of success, Blue +50%, Yellow +2%, and Red is -50%. “Time” is the proximity of success not when the event might occur.
The traditional hexagram number, name, and meaning is displayed.

Choose your input type. “Instant” is random, “Coins” uses the traditional (Western) I Ching coins (you provide), “Ring Pendulum” allows personal touch access, 6 touches (quick) or 18 touches (like tossing the coins). See if the answer echos your in your mind.

Hexagrams are made-up of 6 lines, built from bottom to top. Input values are:

Heads = 1 = EVEN = Yang (Light-Heaven) Line —
Tails = 0 = ODD = Yin (Dark-Earth) Line – –

When using the coins (3 coins with 6 tosses) or the Ring Pendulum (18 touches),

2 Tails + 1 Head  —  (7)
1Tail + 2 Heads – – (8)
3 Heads (changing line) — to – – (9)
3 Tails (changing line) – – to — (6)

When changing lines appear, two hexagram answers are generated. The I-Chinger™ combines the color values of the two hexagrams and the change line positive/negative value to produce a Summary Color and chance of success.

Suggested valid questions types are listed as well as invalid questions types to avoid.

The I-Chinger™ provides easy, fast access to the traditional text or can be used by itself to obtain magical answers.

Support URL:

Disclaimer: Not responsible for any loss or gain. This is a toy. You’re on your own 😉 Enjoy!


Animal Zoo

August 8, 2008

Animal Zoo$0.99 from AvenueMac Animal Zoo

Animal-Zoo plays the most unusual and most fun animal sounds through your iPhone or iTouch speaker. Entertain everyone for hours; you, your co-workers, and even your kids will love it.

Stuck in a boring meeting? tap Cow Moo! Did someone tell an unfunny joke, tap Crickets!

The MOST Sounds and Easiest-to-Use Sound application on the App Store. Over 23 quality sounds, with FREE SOUNDS ADDED EVERY WEEK!

Whether you are on a bus, a train, or subway car; in a meeting, on a call, or just hanging around – launch Animal Zoo and watch everyone crack up.

More sounds coming in the FREE update. Coming soon, the ability to edit and record your own sounds. Big fun for the whole family, and only 0.99 cents.

NO SOUND? iPhone – turn vibrate off. iTouch – check General Settings for both sound options.

Animal Zoo


August 8, 2008

iGong$0.99 from AAApplications iGong

Remember the days when you would dream of owning that shining Gong in the window. Well now you can have it for 99 cents on your iphone or ipod touch. With this application you can gong along to the beat of your favorite song just by tapping your finger. Happy gonging :->.


G550 Tanker

August 8, 2008

G550 Tanker$19.99 from MacFlite Software G550 Tanker

Created for the Gulfstream G550 Pilot

The G550 Fuel Tanker Evaluator makes quick work of deciding wether to tanker fuel or not. Made for the Gulfstream G550 aircraft, Gulfstream pilots know that Jet-A is now at a premium costing over $8.00 in some places. Input your departure fuel price, destination fuel price, your planned mach and planned duration of flight and G550 Tanker Evaluator will give you the dollar amount of how much money you’ll save per gallon by tankering the extra fuel.

Get the most out of your Gulfstream G550
– based on performance data created by Gulfstream Engineers and Gulfstream Flight ops
– based on cruise at optimum altitudes and all ambient temperatures
– based on any tankered fuel or payload amounts

With the G550 Fuel Tanker Evaluator you will be able to make those tough decisions when trying save money. Knowing how much your saving is key to staying within budget and actually being able to track savings easily!

Get the G550 Tanker Evaluator and start seeing how much you can save today!

G550 Tanker


August 8, 2008

iMaracas$0.99 from ObjectGraph LLC iMaracas

You can play maracas sound by shaking your iPhone. This is nice gadget when you go to Karaoke bar or to entertain small children 🙂

We improved the sound effects and by default increased sensitivity to be high (You can still control it from the info panel). Again this is a free application and comments are welcome.



August 8, 2008

iVoodoo$2.99 from oeFun, Inc. iVoodoo

iVoodoo is the answer to your magical and spiritual needs. In today’s society it can be difficult to whip up a voodoo doll and stick it full of pins. Which is a pity because in our modern lives there are a lot of reasons to do just that. That’s where iVoodoo comes in. Just launch the application and you’ll be manifesting destinies in no time at all.

iVoodoo supports up to five dolls at one time. Choose either male or female, name your doll and give it a face by either choosing a photo from your photo library or taking a fresh snap with the camera.

Features include:
– Seven different pins – Positive, Negative, Wealth, Power, Success, Love and Spirituality.
– A meditative aid for those wishing to imbue their pin with power
– Plus a pin color hint system to familiarize you with what each pin does.

– Looks and feels like a standard application.
– Hit the + button on the top right to add a doll and set the details.
– Application is divided into two parts: voodoo doll adding / viewing and pin management.
– In the view mode, you can touch the face to pull up your photo library or use your finger to scroll through your voodoo dolls.
– In pin mode, you can stick pins in the doll or remove them.
– Color hint mode provides information about the magical properties of each pin type.
– Touch the screen to move the pin around and then hit the button to stick the pin in the doll.