August 9, 2008

iWalk$1.99 from Apple Juice Innovations, Inc. iWalk

iWalk, the fully customizable pedometer system for the iPhone or iPod Touch. You can set it for whatever situation you prefer, walking, running, wearing it on your hip, or even holding it in your hand. If you want, craft what is best for you, or go with our walking based defaults.

Some of the information the iWalk can provide you with is:
-Steps taken
-Time of session
-Distance walked
-Calories burned
-Bonus information on the configuration screen
-Caloric expenditure ranges
-Can change from US standard to Metric standard
-Can change stride from walking to running to sprinting

On top of necessary information (height, weight, age, gender) check out some of the other configurations the iWalk opens up to you.

-The Stride is the distance in feet from the heel of one foot to the heel of the other when a step is taken. This is calculated for you from your height with the assumption of a walking stride. You may need to double this number if running or sprinting.

-Sensitivity can range from 1.01 to 2.90 with a lower sensitivity allowing iWalk to count more steps with less movement. Lower this number if you keep your device in your pocket, or raise it if you strap it to your arm or hold it as you jog.

-Dynamic sensitivity is our algorithm that adjusts sensitivity to what you are doing. At the cost of losing the first few steps as the algorithm learns, it can figure out the situation. Move from running to walking without having to change or reset your configuration. The dynamic algorithm suits your needs.

No accelerometer based pedometer will give you a 100% accuracy, but we get you as close as possible.

To listen to your music while using iWalk, just start your music before running the applications.

iWalk does not run in the background, the application will have to be continuously running for it to work. There is a lock button so that you don’t accidently stop or reset the application while you have it in some place like your pocket.



August 9, 2008

PhrasePower$0.99 from Tulsi Mayala PhrasePower

PhrasePower is a simple, yet fun to play game. Almost everyone has at least heard of it before, but now instead of writing on paper, coming up with phrases manually, and wasting paper, just click ‘new game’! This classic game has been played for many years and now it can be played on your iPhone.

PhrasePower app picks random phrases from its database of more than 1500 phrases and displays you some pieces of it, you need to fill in the remaining pieces.

It has unlimited number of levels. It is a perfect game to challenge your knowledge. Have fun!



August 9, 2008

PaklSound1$1.99 from Pakl PaklSound1

PaklSound1 is a simple, multilayer step sequencer. Make up a tune by touching dots in musical patterns — they are played back as a bar sweeps across the screen.

iPod Touch VOLUME control: to adjust volume, double-tap the home button.

Note: Visit the website for a PDF manual.

Basic Features:
– quickly lay down tunes and rhythms
– change the tunes and rhythms in real time
– use multiple layers (e.g., melody, drums, and bass)
– increase/decrease playback speed
– current song is automatically saved so you can continue later

Enable “Advanced Mode” in Settings to get these features:

– Email your song to save it (XML)
– No longer just “happy” music: sharps (#) and flats (b) by swiping up/down on notes.
– “realtime mode” allows sounds to play as you tap them
– pause, resume and restart playback
– chain parts A and B together (alternate mode)
– re-import your songs from the web using paklsound1:// URLs.



August 9, 2008

Scriptures$9.99 from TwoDesk Software Company Scriptures

Complete LDS standard works: King James Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price.



August 9, 2008

Crossy$0.00 from Vayen Crossy

Crossy is a small snow globe application, with a beautiful Swiss mountain background… You can use it to release stress, as a nice gift or barely just to see a swiss flag icon on your background….


Credit Card Roulette

August 9, 2008

Credit Card Roulette$0.99 from Buster McLeod Credit Card Roulette

Credit Card Roulette is a game that evolved out of the lunchtime ritual of paying the bill at a restaurant. There’s always that unpleasant dance: will you split it equally, will there be change for people who have cash, etc. It’s silly. So some of us came up with this game where in medium or large groups of people everyone puts their cards in a pile and someone holds them under the table for another to pick one out. While it’s hidden, the remaining players are slowly revealed, to add suspense, until the final person learns that they have “won” and will be paying the full of the bill this go around.

This first-of-its-kind app not only lets you play the game without that awkward reach under the table, but also keeps a tally of who’s really coming out ahead, and by how much. Frequent players are saved for easy re-playing in the future, and you can keep track of where you tend to lose the most.

It’s a great game because it simplifies the divvying up of the bill while also making it easier on your server. If you play an infinite number of times, you’ll also be sure to come out square with everyone else. In the meantime, though, luck plays a role and superstitions arise regarding the luck-factor of certain people, places, and meals.

I’m exploring ideas for future versions to allow you to cheat randomness to be “fairer” or to allow weighting of the odds when one person seems to always order a bottle of wine with their lunch. I’d love to hear how others play this game and how it can be improved. In the meantime, enjoy a new tradition!

Credit Card RouletteCredit Card RouletteCredit Card RouletteCredit Card RouletteCredit Card Roulette


August 9, 2008

iGoL$0.99 from Divine Productions iGoL

iGoL stand for iGame of Life: it’s a very
customizable version of John Conway’s Game of Life.
The “game” is actually a zero-player game, meaning that its evolution is determined by its initial state, needing no input from human players, except for the additions in that version.

– An amazing library of 350 patterns!
– Pre-rendered pattern previews: no battery waste.
– New powerful algorithm designed for iPhone and iPod Touch.
– Drawing mode for pattern editing.
– Customize every aspect of the game grid, from size to colors.
– Choose from a vast variety of life rules: Conway, Highlife, Day&Night and many others.
– Randomize the grid to receive a different behaviour every time you play!
– Tap or swipe on the grid to spawn moving groups of cells.

For bug report, feature request or questions feel free to email us at igameoflife@gmail.com

Version 1.0 Warning: Please note that the “Max” grid size is experimental and can be a bit unstable. Many improvements coming in the next version, coming soon!