Crazy Disco

August 11, 2008

Crazy Disco$0.99 from Crazy Disco


If you’re still racking your brain trying to think of pre-meeting small talk – about the weather, say, or “The Game” – help has arrived. Want to break the ice while demonstrating your coolness? Take it from the trendsetters of Silicon Valley: Show off the latest iPhone app, the stupider the better.

“The pecking order gets established before you even sit down,” says Bruce Carlisle, CEO of Digital Axle, a marketing company. “Someone showed me ‘Crazy Disco’ the other day, and it blew me away. Never saw it before. I felt like I’d lost for the day.”

– Paul Keegan, Fortune Magazine

See, people really do have ‘gadget battles’!!

With Crazy Disco you’ll always have a disco ball when you need it! Just touch to launch from your iPhone menu and get ready to get your groove on. Swipe to spin the ball and increase the music speed. Spin it the other way to change the track. Shake to hear your posse whoop! Can you spin it fast enough to explode?!

Uses for Crazy Disco:

– an instant party in your pocket!
– cement your place as ‘Mr Cool’ when you enter the room groovin’ to the beat
– win your next gadget battle: “Can your phone do this?”
– spin continuously to relieve stress
– great conversation starter

Features of Crazy Disco:

– two groovy music tracks included
– swipe left or right to change direction and speed
– music pitch changes with ball speed
– shake to whoooop!
– spin it fast enough to explode! (then shake to restart)

Note to iPod Touch owners: Crazy Disco will work on your iPod, but you’ll need external speakers or headphones to have the most fun.

Crazy DiscoCrazy DiscoCrazy Disco



August 11, 2008

Lexitron$1.99 from digicide Lexitron

Lexitron is a fast-paced word game based around anagrams, similar to the game Text Twist. The object of the game is to find as many words as possible from six given letters each round. However, at least one word must be found that uses all six letters, or else the game is over.

Lexitron is an immersive graphical and auditory experience that makes full use of iPhone and iPod Touch hardware capabilities. Players participate with intuitive controls, such as double tapping to submit words, and shaking the device to scramble the order of the letters. Users may choose between various time limits, or play in unlimited time mode, in which the player decides when the round should end.

Lexitron provides full dictionaries for English, French, Italian, and Spanish languages. Lexitron is a great way to boost your vocabulary and sharpen your language skills.

-Over 8,000 unique English puzzles
-Over 30,000 unique puzzles in other languages
-Lexitron automatically saves your progress and high score, so you always pick up where you left off


Option Pricer

August 11, 2008

Option Pricer$4.99 from Agarwal Associates, Inc. Option Pricer

Option pricer calculates the theoretical value of a call and put option.

You simply supply the current price and annual historical volatility of the underlying instrument, prevailing risk free interest rate, strike price and the option’s time to maturity.

The application also calculates the delta, gamma, theta, vega and rho of the option. You can provide an optional dividend yield to the calculator. The calculator is based on the popular Black-Scholes options pricing model.

Option PricerOption PricerOption Pricer


August 11, 2008

Chordbook$2.99 from Ross Cooper Chordbook

* V1.4 COMING SOON: New mandolin view, and super cool iPhone desktop like Home page, instead of a boring old menu list 😉

* Lots more details at

The perfect reference for all you guitar chord & scale needs!

– 10 tunings (slide from the top left or top right of the fretboard)
– 14 scales (slide to the left of the fretboard)
– 34 chords (slide to the right of the fretboard)
– 3 note display modes (accessible from the “IV” key)
– Random chord (shake your phone!)

– Guitar Chords (shows you how to play lots of chords)
– What’s This Chord? (you have something that sounds good, but what chord is it? Find out here!)
– Scales (pick any scale and see what chords it contains)
– Guitar (chords/scales/tunings)
– Keyboard (chords/scales/tunings)
– Bass (chords/scales/tunings)
– Options (easy setting of view/chord/scale/tuning)
– Help (lots of it!)



August 11, 2008

Haberci$0.00 from Vayen Haberci

Haberci, meaning “Reporter” is a news aggregator that keeps you up to date on the road with all the latest headlines from Turkiye.


Golf Solitaire

August 11, 2008

Golf Solitaire$1.99 from Cliff Maier Golf Solitaire

Hit the links with this classic solitaire variation, where the lower your score the better. Play runs of cards one higher or lower than the last, but watch out for those kings! Practice and improve and lower your handicap until you become a Golf Solitaire master!

Golf SolitaireGolf SolitaireGolf Solitaire


August 11, 2008

ConcertBuddy$0.99 from Michael Boldt ConcertBuddy

ConcertBuddy is a wonderfully fun little application that turns your iPhone into an incredibly realistic, big, bright, bending and blowing virtual lighter flame ideal for concert audiences.

But that’s not all – simply tilt into landscape mode and it automatically switches the entire screen to a customizable, super bright and readable scrolling ticker with adjustable speed.

The realistic flame will amaze you and the ticker’s readability at far distances has to be seen to be believed.

– Sway to bend and blow a breeze past the flame
– Drag flame to adjust its size
– Rotate to landscape mode for ticker
– Double tap for preferences
– Single tab on ticker to toggle texts