FriendSync – Sync w/ Facebook

August 13, 2008

FriendSync - Sync w/ Facebook$1.99 from Omnigen Solutions FriendSync - Sync w/ Facebook

++++ Google Sync users ++++
: If you use Google to sync your contacts, Google will resize the images after FriendSync syncs them. The result is a very small and poor quality image. The only way around this is to set the Image Size to Icon Only or disable Google contacts syncing.

“It’s simple to use, quick to set up and truly useful – a golden combination for iPhone apps”
Rated 9 out of 10 –

FriendSync syncs your existing iPhone Contacts with Facebook! Syncs your iPhone’s contact pictures, names and birthdays with Facebook.

+ Shows your friends Facebook profile picture when they call

+ Syncs iPhone contact pictures, names and birthdays

+ 3 options for contact image size (Fit to Call Screen, Full Screen, Icon Only)

+ Lets you choose whether to keep your current contact’s pictures or overwrite them

+ Allows you to sync/unsync manually by selecting an iPhone contact then select the matching Facebook friend.

+ FriendSync saves your preferences, so updating your friend’s pictures only takes a single tap on your iPhone.

+ No need to take pictures of all your friends, just run FriendSync and your friend’s pictures will be displayed when they call!

If you experience crashing during the syncing process after upgrading, you’ll have to select “Clear Data” from the Options menu in FriendSync then reboot your iPhone.

It’s recommended that you reboot your iPhone after downloading or upgrading FriendSync. To do this hold the sleep/wake button and the Home button until you see a silver Apple logo.

FriendSync - Sync w/ FacebookFriendSync - Sync w/ FacebookFriendSync - Sync w/ FacebookFriendSync - Sync w/ FacebookFriendSync - Sync w/ Facebook

A Deck of Cards

August 13, 2008

A Deck of Cards$0.00 from Stephen Sullivan A Deck of Cards

A Deck Of Cards highlights the touch and accelerometer capabilities of your iPhone or iPod Touch. When launched, the app deals you 5 cards on top of each other. Your touch moves cards around on the virtual poker table and lets you arrange them however you like. If you want a new deal, face the device down and flip it over just like you are flipping over a new hand.

With the deck you can:

-Amaze your friends
-Test your psychic abilities
-Play higher or lower
-Play red of black
-Compare 5 card poker hands
-Challenge your friends to a game of war


-Double tap to shuffle
-Face down and turn over reveal new cards
-Drag cards around with your finger to rearrange

Icon art is done by Jesse Fuchs and Tom Hart under a creative commons license

A Deck of CardsA Deck of CardsA Deck of CardsA Deck of Cards

Tymwise Mobile

August 13, 2008

Tymwise Mobile$0.00 from Xsede Limited Tymwise Mobile

Tymwise Mobile syncs with you Tymwise Plate id (See, This Mobile Version shows you the Future bookings for up to 50 Appointments, You can also see the future dashboard to see how your staff are doing.

V1.11 Update Includes
Address Details – Links to Google Maps App
Phone Numbers
Marketing Codes

You can Click on the Appointments to get further Information on the Appointment or Change it from all Staff to one Particular Staff Member you wish to view.

If you have multiple branches this will also be able to display for all Branches or just the one that you select.

PLEASE NOTE: This is only available to people that subscribe to TYMWISE…

For more Infomation on Tymwise, please go to, or contact us on +64 9 9503356

Further Developments:

“Watch this Space for Push Message Service”

Tymwise MobileTymwise MobileTymwise MobileTymwise Mobile


August 13, 2008

O-Marks$0.00 from Travis Sparks O-Marks

O-Marks lets you easily view your bookmarks stored at Delicious or FoxMarks on your iPhone. Have your favorite links at the tip of your fingers. You can even have access to your friends’ shared links.

O-Marks gives you 4 separate bookmark feeds for easy categorization. You could have News, Sports, Tech, Friend, or whatever feeds you like.

Just open O-Marks and click the link you want and O-Marks will launch Safari for you.

O-Marks – Providing iPhone-friendly access to your favorite synchronized links.

For more O-Marks information visit:


Daily Zen

August 13, 2008

Daily Zen$0.99 from James Sharp Daily Zen

Daily Zen provides you a new Zen proverb each day to meditate on.

– 50 inspirational Zen proverbs
– A new Zen proverb delivered each day
– The same Zen proverb on every iphone or ipod touch on the same day

Daily Zen


August 13, 2008

DoodleIt$0.00 from Pencil Busters, Inc. DoodleIt

DoodleIt provides you with some great drawing tools. With tons of colors, shape drawing tools, the ability to save your pictures to your photo library, load a picture to draw on, and automatic saving of your current picture for more work later, you’ll be sure to have some fun.

New Features:
-Alpha support!
-Two-finger tap in the drawing view makes it changes to full screen. Two-finger tap again to bring back the toolbar.
-Two brush tips! Square or Round.
-Straight Line tool
-If you have a large area that needs to be the same color (especially if the opacity is set to less than 1.0), we recommend you use the draw tool in conjunction with the fill tool. Then just draw the outline of the area and it will be fill in automatically.

Find more applications by Pencil Busters, Inc. at the PBI Homepage:



August 13, 2008

Flip1Coin$0.00 from JRP App AZ Flip1Coin

When you cannot decide… just make it Heads or Tails. Toss an animated coin and see it flipping while going “up” and “down” in your screen. Choose your favorite coin from 7 different models: a U.S. Golden Dollar, a Spanish Euro, a Japanese Yen, a British 50 Pence piece, or a German, Italian or Portuguese Euro.