Light Calc Lite

August 14, 2008

Light Calc Lite$0.00 from D!HV Lighting Light Calc Lite

Light Calc Lite is a simple beam calculator application for Lighting Professionals. Simply enter a beam angle or a field angle and a throw distance to calculate the expected diameter.

The full version of Light Calc features a fixture library, intensity calculations, and data for various lamps. Look for it in the App Store!

Light Calc Lite



August 14, 2008

40•30•30$0.00 from Frank Schmitt 40•30•30

The 40•30•30 iPhone App lets you quickly calculate the percentage of calories in a food from the three macronutrient groups: carbohydrates, protein, and fat.

Several popular diets recommend a 40%-30%-30% ratio of these macronutrients, but this can be a chore to figure out when reading a Nutrition Facts label. Using this app you can quickly enter the grams of carbohydrates, protein, and fat and instantly see the fraction of calories from each of these sources.

Of this app will work as well with any other balance of macronutrients, so you’re by no means limited to a 40-30-30 program.

As always, consult your doctor before beginning any new diet.


Hold’em Eval

August 14, 2008

Hold'em Eval$0.99 from Three Buck Apps Hold'em Eval

Hold’em Eval calculates the chance of winning your Texas Hold’em poker hand.


You simply dial in your cards and your opponents cards then select the Evaluate button. You can optionally include the flop, turn or river to see where you stand on each betting round.

Use this information to improve your game or at least to justify your bad beat story.

No network connection is necessary, like when you are in the card room. All calculations are done on the iPhone, most of the time in less than a second.

All of this for about half the cost of a skinny latte and less than the house drop on one hand of poker at the casino.

Hold'em Eval


August 14, 2008

計算尺$0.99 from Masayuki Akamatsu 計算尺

This application is a slide rule simulator. The slide rule (a.k.a. slipstick) is an mechanical analog computer which was formerly used for various scientific calculations, engineering design and surveying. It consists of three linear strips and a sliding cursor and is used for multiplication, division, square, cube, square root, cubic root, trigonometry, logarithm and so on. Please note that trigonometry and logarithm are not supported and the width of the scale is 900 pixels in this version.



August 14, 2008

TanGramon$2.99 from JRP App AZ TanGramon

The Famous Tan Gram Game. Including some silhouettes that you will have to match moving and rotating the seven available pieces. Each piece has a word of wisdom and fortune.

To select the figure: slide the figures until the one you want to select is between the arrows.

The figure will show fullscreen. Double tap on it to access the seven pieces.

Move the pieces by touching and dragging. Rotate them by double tapping on them and dragging your finger left or right.

For a more accurate rotation: triple touch on top of a figure, and drag it left or right.

Double tap on an empty space to consult the figure again.

Silhouettes are not to scale, to make it more challenging.


OB Patient Tracker

August 14, 2008

OB Patient Tracker$14.99 from Gregory P. Moore, MD OB Patient Tracker

This program is designed to help the busy Obstetrician (or other Women’s Healthcare Provider) keep track of his or her OB Patient List. This app was written by a practicing OB/Gyn!

The program will allow you to keep a list of all your OB patients sorted by name or Estimated Gestational Age (EGA). Each patient is color-coded by trimester of pregnancy with easy-to-see indicators for patients who are Due, Impending or Post Dates.

Every patient file will store each of 4 dating criteria including: Last Menstrual Period (LMP), Conception Date (CD), Ultrasound/Gestational Age (US) and Estimated Date of Confinement (EDC). The selected final dating criteria is displayed. Gravidy and Parity as well as notes on each patient are also stored. The due date calculator included will even allow “what if” calculations based on future or past dates.

An Estimated Fetal Weight Table (EFW) is also included to display a growth percentiles by gestational age.

A quick Due Date Calculator for on-the-fly calculations is included for
calculations when cross covering patients (see my program DueDateCalc, also for sale in the AppStore!).

Overall Statistics on your patient list is a finger click away: displaying how many patients are due or are impending or post dates. The number of patients by trimester is presented as well as number of patients due by month.

A bonus weight converter is included as well to help you calculate pounds/ounces from grams or vice-versa.

This version includes a utility for backing up your data file to your PC or Mac.

In order to comply with HIPPA, I strongly encourage you to set a PIN on your phone to be required immediately upon turning on your phone!

On your iPhone go to Settings -> General -> Passcode Lock –> Require Passcode –> Immediately. No one without your code can access anything on your iPhone including your patient list or any other sensitive data you might have stored.


OB Patient TrackerOB Patient TrackerOB Patient TrackerOB Patient TrackerOB Patient Tracker

iChinese Speech Ouput Mandarin

August 14, 2008

iChinese Speech Ouput Mandarin$9.99 from Hubermat Software iChinese Speech Ouput Mandarin

Speech output in Mandarin for iChinese, the Chinese training application for iPhone/iPod Touch.
With this speech pack you will extend iChinese by a speech output functionality to be used in the dictionary and the lessons.

– listen to the correct pronounciation of words in the dictionary and during memorizing of new vocabulary
– enables listening exercises for training vocabulary (with multiple choice)
– further features that make use of speech output are under developent

*** ATTENTION: this application needs iChinese 2.0.3 to be installed on your device! iChinese is available in the AppStore. If you already installed iChinese, please make sure that it is updated to the latest version!

iChinese Speech Ouput MandariniChinese Speech Ouput MandariniChinese Speech Ouput Mandarin