August 19, 2008$0.00 from JDub Studios LLC

The Generally Speaking Production Network is the collection of productions from Cliff and Stephanie Ravenscraft. Podcasting since December of 2005, Cliff and Stephanie host a variety of productions, including popular tv show fan podcasts, family related shows, faith based shows, and some of the best technology how-to-programming on the internet.

In January of 2008, Cliff left his career in insurance after eleven years to pursue his passion with a career in podcasting and new media. Today cliff produces more than twenty different podcasts, does podcast and new media consulting work, and is the go to person when it comes to buying just the right equipment for all your podcasting needs. Be sure to check out Cliff’s industry leading podcast at



August 19, 2008

iMeasure$0.99 from The Practical iPhone iMeasure

Add measurement to the list of things your iPhone does well. With iMeasure, it becomes a 2-dimensional ruler and SAE/Metric converter.

The tools:

Measure: The Measure tool allows you to lay an item on the screen, and move an indicator to measure it’s dimensions. Plus, the instantaneous readout is in decimal inches, fractional inches, and metric millimeters.

Ruler: The ruler tool is different from the Measure tool in that the phone itself is the ruler, with zero inches being the bottom of the iPhone. Use a protective case for you iPhone? No problem, because the ruler can be calibrated to account for the case.


* Measure objects – see the measurement in decimal Inches, fractional Inches and millimeters at once.
* Use the iPhone as a ruler
* iMeasure can be calibrated so you can be sure your measurements are absolutely accurate.
* Snap to Grid – makes it easy to set the indicator to a known distance
* Metric or SAE – toggle the ruler and grid between inches and millimeters.


Beat Loop

August 19, 2008

Beat Loop$2.99 from Benjamin McDowell Beat Loop

Tap out a beat – Record it – Play it back – Loop it – Save it for later.
Beat Loop has everything you need for creating realistic drum beats on the go.

No more worrying about setting the correct tempo. No more tiny drum pads. Simply tap out a drum beat at your own pace on Beat Loop’s 9 generously-proportioned drum pads.

Hit the Record button, and Beat Loop will faithfully record your masterpiece. Hit Play to hear it in all its glory. Loop it continuously to really show off your talent.

Beat Loop’s innovative “Velocity Simulation” lets you easily produce soft, medium and hard drum hits. Simply tap near the top of the drum for softer sounds, or tap near the bottom of the drum for harder sounds.

Your drummer didn’t show up for band practice? No problem! With Beat Loop in your pocket, tap out a quick beat, loop it, and get on with the fun.

Beat Loop features:

– Mix and match drum samples from 2 complete drum kits.

– Each drum kit features 9 high-quality drum samples, each recorded at 3 different velocity settings, for a total of 27 individual samples per drum kit.

– Recording mode so you never forget that great idea you have for a drum beat.

– One-touch creation of drum loops. Simply play your recorded beat through until the end, and tap the loop button when the beat should begin again. Once you’ve set up the loop, Beat Loop will play your beat indefinitely.

– Save your recorded drum beats and loops for later.

– Play along with your iTunes music, or mute the music for total concentration.

– A volume control for iPod Touch users.

– Works in both portrait and landscape.

Beat LoopBeat LoopBeat Loop

Poll Tracker ’08 by SLATE

August 19, 2008

Poll Tracker '08 by SLATE$0.99 from Chimp Software Poll Tracker '08 by SLATE

October 12 Update: We have improved the display of the electoral vote count. We made a mistake in shrinking the size of the electoral vote numbers: This update makes the electoral vote numbers easy to read and to comprehend.

We also want to explain to the application’s original users why we changed the polling data when we updated the app. In updating the application, we’re partnering with, the most respected polling analysis company in America. In the original application, polls were collected unsystematically and interpreted by someone without experience analyzing polls. The data for the updated application are much more comprehensive: collects every single available poll and subjects them to expert analysis. That’s why we’re confident that the data in Poll Tracker ’08 by SLATE is more accurate and more useful than the data in the first version of the application.

Poll Tracker ’08 by SLATE delivers comprehensive, up-to-the-minute information about the presidential election. The application, relying on data and analysis from, analyzes all available polls and produces graphs and charts about every state, including the latest McCain and Obama polling numbers, historical polling trends, and voting patterns in previous elections. It also estimates the electoral vote counts of the candidates.

Poll Tracker ’08 users can sort states by how contested they are, how fresh their poll data is, or how heavily they lean to McCain or Obama.

Poll Tracker '08 by SLATEPoll Tracker '08 by SLATEPoll Tracker '08 by SLATEPoll Tracker '08 by SLATEPoll Tracker '08 by SLATE


August 19, 2008

Knockout$0.99 from Joe Wingbermuehle Knockout

A game where the object is to clear all solid color blocks. Tilt to move the ball. Blocks with a dot in the middle change the color of the blocks to clear and blocks with a skull take away a ball. Dark gray blocks must be cleared first and light gray blocks cleared last.



August 19, 2008

Tipper$0.00 from SIDDHARTH RAM Tipper

A quick and easy tip calculator


iSoundlike Cartoons

August 19, 2008

iSoundlike Cartoons$0.99 from FunMobility iSoundlike Cartoons

iSoundlike Cartoons is a premium collection of classic Cartoon sound effects. With a tap of the screen you trigger one of 16 wacky cartoon sound effects. Entertain your family and friends with these fun and timeless sounds.

Unique Shake-A-Sound technology takes advantage of iPhoneĆ­s hardware allowing users to shake and jolt their iPhone to trigger a random Cartoon sound effect.

iSoundlike Cartoons