Deuces Wild

August 20, 2008

Deuces Wild$1.99 from Glenn Seemann Deuces Wild

Enjoy a friendly game of Deuces Wild poker in a relaxing tropical setting.

Start by placing a $1 to $5 bet and then touch the Deal button. Five new cards will be dealt. You can keep or discard as many as you would like by touching the cards. The word “HOLD” will appear below each card that you choose to keep. Touch the Draw button to replace your discards. Winning hands are then paid according to the pay schedule.

Sound effects can be turned on or off. The game is automatically saved and restored when leaving and opening the game.

Deuces WildDeuces Wild



August 20, 2008

likeTHIS$0.00 from likeTHIS

Snap a photo. Find Similar Products

With likeTHIS and a photo snapped from your iPhone you can shop visually for the things you want. Using’s award-winning technology, likeTHIS looks “inside” your photo and searches thousands of merchants to find similar products based on color, style, shape, and pattern.

Search for:

* Shoes
* Handbags
* Dresses
* More categories coming soon!

And the best part is likeTHIS is absolutely free.



August 20, 2008

WootWatch$0.00 from David Rahardja WootWatch

WootWatch is an elegant way to see the woot! of the day from

WootWatch features an uncluttered interface that is surprisingly responsive to your touch.

– View the deal of the day with a minimum of fuss.
– See the deals from, sellout.woot, shirt.woot, and wine.woot, with auto refresh.
– Support for woot-offs, complete with tacky flashing lights (temporarily disabled until next release)
– Alerts you when new items become available.

Touch it:
– Swipe up to view the item’s full description.
– Swipe the image left or right to reveal additional images.
– Tap the image to enlarge it to full screen.
– Touch and pinch to pan and zoom.
– Tap “I Want One” to go to the order page.
– Gently shake to refresh.

Don’t forget to write a review!



August 20, 2008

Ping$0.99 from Xtaria Ping

Ping is a network utility that determines the availability of a host via a Domain Name or IP Address.

– Specify number of packets to be sent
– Review previous pings
– Domain and IP Address history is saved
– Screen rotation supported


miTables Lite

August 20, 2008

miTables Lite$0.00 from Coleman Segal miTables Lite

miTables is a fun and easy way to learn the multiplication tables. The game screen is designed for young children, while the teacher can select from a wide range of options on the back panel.

miTables Lite upgrades the free trial version based on the many thoughtful reviews and letters received to date. The Lite version provides all the flash card features of the full version and will continue to be offered without charge.

The full version of miTables adds a “secret hint” panel which shows how to visualize and solve each problem.

miTables LitemiTables Lite


August 20, 2008

Stackit$0.99 from Chris Miles Stackit

Stackit is a game similar to the Stacker Giant game you may have played in the arcades.

The objective is to stack moving blocks on top of each other and reach the top. The twist with Stackit is once you reach the top you move onto the next level where the blocks move quicker.

Play again and again and beat your high score.

This is a highly addictive game and fun for the whole family.


Baby Log

August 20, 2008

Baby Log$4.99 from Platinum Coded LLC Baby Log

In the middle of the night, it is hard to remember the last time you changed, fed, napped, and bathed your baby. This application allows you to quickly enter an activity with one touch. Optionally, you may log notes and details about the activity, such as the amount of the feeding and the length of sleep.

Some reviewers have missed the timer feature for things like sleep and feeding, so I want to be clear that this feature exists:
– You tap once to “start” an action like sleep.
– When the baby wakes, tap once to open the most recent sleep entry
– Tap once more to “stop” the timer and save this amount as the duration of sleep.
– Note that you may set a preference to see how long since the baby woke up or last went to sleep.

Don’t hesitate to write me for help or to suggest a new feature.

Features include:
-Tracks diapers, feedings (in minutes L/R, ounces, or milliliters), sleep, and baths
“Other” category to track pumping, medicine, or other activities
-One-touch log entry
-Export to email in CSV format for import into spreadsheet
-Computes statistics for the last week (diapers/day, feeding/day, sleep/day)
-Timer and Log views
-Twins capable – shake device to switch between babies
-Optionally write notes for each entry

Baby LogBaby Log