August 22, 2008

iSalat$1.99 from Tanvir Hassan iSalat

The perfect companion to your Halal digital lifestyle, now updated to version 1.1! iSalat uses the location information provided by your iPhone to calculate Muslim salat / prayer times according to your preferred methodology. Because it calculates prayer times in real-time, there are NO annoying city databases required. You always get the exact right prayer time for your current location. It also calculates the direction of Qibla for your current location, including the ability to accurately show you the direction of Qibla simply by pointing your iPhone toward the sun, no compass and magnetic declination charts required to correctly find Qibla for your location!

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C152 POH

August 22, 2008

C152 POH$9.99 from PunkStar Studios C152 POH

Now have the POH performance data for your Cessna 152 airplane ready at your fingertips for your next flight.

Data from the POH for a Cessna 152 have been entered into this program for quick calculations and look up for flight planning.

This program should be used for reference only. When in doubt, refer to the official documentation that came with your aircraft.

* The new version with checklists and an improved W&B screen has been uploaded. Buy now and save $.

“I personally use several of the PunkStar Studio iPhone/iPod applications. Some, like the Cold Air Calculator, are incredibly useful for even the most advanced pilot, while others, like the Hold Pattern Calculator, are perfect for demonstrations with my students (who are thrilled when they see it for the first time). I’m a loyal customer/user of several of the PunkStar Studio apps (even non-aviation related) and look forward to their future releases. I highly recommend their products to all aviators, from the professional airline pilot and flight instructor to the casual pilot.”
– Ed Pasquale ATPL
Transport Canada Pilot Examiner and Seneca College Flight Instructor

It doesn’t matter how common, or obscure your plane is, if you want it’s performance data turned into an iPhone/iPod app like this one we’re happy to do it for you.
All we need is the pages scanned/emailed/snail-mailed to us that contains the performance charts and the weight and balance calculations. That’s it.

C152 POHC152 POHC152 POHC152 POHC152 POH

Close Call

August 22, 2008

Close Call$0.00 from Polka Close Call

Close Call is a simple way to make your phone more secure and useful.

The application that allows you to put in your phone number, a short message, and an image to create custom health alert.

Along with a photo and a message, it allows you to customize the message of your iPhone wallpaper.

Things people have reported using it for:
– Let good samaritan return phone easily when lost
– Put in medical conditions, allergies, and prescriptions
– Secondary phone number to call if phone lost

To select your new wallpaper after created:
After you “Save Wallpaper”, you then can go to the Photos application and find your new wallpaper in Camera Roll. Click on the bottom-left icon and you’ll be prompted to save your wallpaper. That’s it!

Close CallClose CallClose Call

Auto Fuel Economics

August 22, 2008

Auto Fuel Economics$0.99 from Plamann Apps Auto Fuel Economics

Auto Fuel Economics is a simple program that compares buying price and gas milage between two different cars to help with your car purchase decision. You simply enter the price and MPG of each car in which you are interested. Then add the current price of gas and the average number of miles you drive per year. For a cost analysis, decide approximately how many years you would keep a car. This program will allow you to compare two cars to determine an annual fuel cost as well as a total spent per car (minus maintenance) for the years you determine. Of course, you can repeat the data entry process as often as you need with as many different pairs of cars you wish to compare. With the cost of fuel ever rising, gas mileage and money spent over a certain period of time is important for all consumers. Hopefully this simple program will assist you in your decision making process.

Auto Fuel EconomicsAuto Fuel Economics


August 22, 2008

XBLFriends$0.00 from Nicholas Pike XBLFriends

Xbox Live is great – there’s no questioning that, but sometimes you just really want to check your Buddy List without having to turn on the Xbox, or fire up in a browser.

XBLFriends is your Xbox Buddy List(*) on your iPhone or iPod Touch!

* See your select buddy list
* See what they are currently playing
* See their gamer pic
* See their gamer score, gamer reputation, and location
* See their list of recent games, including scores and last played dates
* More features to come!

Note: You must manually add buddies to your local buddy list, due to a Microsoft imposed limitation.
Note: Active internet connection required.


Dev Tools

August 22, 2008

Dev Tools$0.99 from tibSys SARL Dev Tools

DevTools will help all developers in their tedious tasks of string manipulations and internationalization.

DevTools offers to transform a string into different formats like ASCII 8 and 16 bits, escape unicode strings, URL encoding…

DevTools was designed as an evolutive framework that will be improved in the future versions with new helpful features.

Dev ToolsDev Tools

Fun Farm Facts

August 22, 2008

Fun Farm Facts$0.99 from E.E. Flobes Fun Farm Facts

This educational app is a great way for kids and parents to learn and have fun together. Listen and learn interesting facts about many common farm animals kids love. Choose an animal to se a picture, and learn common facts about terminology for the male, female, and young of an animal as well as little known facts such as the chicken being the closest living relative to the T-rex!

While learning these facts, kids can have fun listening to several different sounds of each animal by touching the animal’s picture! Both parents and kids will have a blast while learning too!

Fun Farm Facts