August 23, 2008

Kakeibo$0.00 from Hiroyuki Hasebe Kakeibo




Feng Shui Decision

August 23, 2008

Feng Shui Decision$0.99 from MXW Innoductions Feng Shui Decision

Feng Shui (風水) is a 5000-year old technology that utilizes the environment to improve various aspects of one’s life. It is said that one’s health, wealth, and relationships are directly affected by one’s immediate surroundings. By gaining knowledge of the environment and analyzing its Feng Shui details, one can make decisions to improve his/her life.

We have applied this technology to making simple decisions and brought you Feng Shui Decision, an application that analyzes the Feng Shui of your current surroundings and suggests the appropriate decision for your yes/no questions. Simply tap GO, select the category, ask your question, and optionally take pictures of the environment. Feng Shui Decision will analyze your question, locate your current position, analyze the ambient noise and the pictures you have taken, communicate with the server to obtain additional Feng Shui information about your surroundings, calculate locally on your iPhone, and spin out the answer that will forever change your life.

Feng Shui Decision does not randomly generate yes/no answers. It calculates the best decision with data captured at the time and location of your decision making. Thus, it is important that you use Feng Shui Decision as close to the time and place of your decision makings as possible. Version 1.1 introduces improved accuracy with personalized Feng Shui calculations by providing your name, gender, and birthday.

Let Feng Shui help you make the best decisions, and may you lead a life of health, prosperity and happiness.

Feng Shui DecisionFeng Shui DecisionFeng Shui DecisionFeng Shui Decision

Card Fortune

August 23, 2008

Card Fortune$0.99 from Dan Yancey Card Fortune

Have that question that you really want to answer, but don’t know where to turn? Look no further than the Card of Fortune!

Ask the Great Oracle Noki your question and see if you get an answer.

Simply open the application, think of or ask your question, and flip your iPhone to landscape mode. The card will flip over to reveal your answer.

Obvious Disclaimer: This is for entertainment purposes only. Do not base life-changing decisions upon the outcome of the Card of Fortune.

Card FortuneCard Fortune


August 23, 2008

CountryCodes$0.00 from iMakeApps CountryCodes

A simple and useful utility for keeping track of ISO 3166 country codes. These are the two letter identifier codes for countries throughout the world.

This utility was written by iMakeApps to keep track of App sales worldwide.

We hope it will benefit everyone, especially other iPhone App developers.

You may search by the two letter code or the country.



Sydney Traffic Cameras

August 23, 2008

Sydney Traffic Cameras$0.00 from Trisome Sydney Traffic Cameras

Access Sydney Traffic Cameras

Sydney Traffic Cameras

Good Calculator

August 23, 2008

Good Calculator$2.99 from Good.iWare Ltd. Good Calculator

Good Calculator is simple yet very convenient calculator with percent and backspace buttons.

– 12 digits
– Add/Subtract/Multiply/Divide operations
– Percent operations with ‘%’ button
– Backspace button
– For one hour remembers exactly what you were entering before quitting application. Just restart it within one hour and continue right where you’ve left
– Shows first operand and operation sign in binary operations
– UNIQUE: shows memory contents
– Separate ‘MR’ and ‘MC’ buttons
– Separate ‘AC’ and ‘C’ buttons
– Big easy-to-read display
– Big easy-to-press buttons
– Clicking sound effects for better user-interaction

– Thousands separator and decimal dot symbols are now customizable
– Added help page with buttons and percent operations explanation
– Redesigned icon and loading screen

Good CalculatorGood CalculatorGood Calculator

Easy I.C.E.

August 23, 2008

Easy I.C.E.$0.99 from Chris Hanson Easy I.C.E.

Emergency organizations recommend that cell phone users place a special “contact” in their address books labeled “ICE” which stands for “In Case of Emergency”. Should an emergency occur, such a contact makes it easy for anyone to know who to call, even if the owner of the phone is unconscious. Now iPhone owners have a better option.

Make sure that if you are unexpectedly in an emergency situation that those who come to your aid can contact your family or friends and that they know about your allergies, medical conditions and other potentially life saving information about you.

To add your own information, click “Edit” and click on each field to customize its information. To add a new contact, click the green button at the end of the contacts list and select name and phone number from your address book.

You can store free form information in the “Other Information” field. You may want to include insurance information, your prefered hospital, your doctor’s names, or even information about medical devices on which you rely in this field.

After you’ve recorded your important information here, make sure you keep this app on your main screen so it may be easily found!

Note: Obviously, the dialing capability of I.C.E. only applies to the iPhone.

Easy I.C.E.Easy I.C.E.Easy I.C.E.Easy I.C.E.Easy I.C.E.