August 25, 2008

iFlags$0.99 from RAD iFlags

iFlags is an iPhone application that is educational and fun. Test your skills and memory in identifying flags of more than 200 different countries.

An easy-to-use interface presents a flag and three possible choices. Touch a country selection. A green check mark indicates the correct choice. A red x-mark indicates wrong choices.

When you are ready to view the next flag, touch the Next button.



Amuck Password Generator

August 25, 2008

Amuck Password Generator$0.99 from James McElveen Amuck Password Generator

Always trying to come up with unique passwords? Amuck Passwords Generator is a password generator for anyone.

Amuck Passwors Generator allows you to create completely random passwords that are highly secure and extremely difficult to crack or guess due to an optional combination of lower and upper case letters, numbers and punctuation symbols. Generated password includes phonetics of the password and email just in case you need help remembering it.

Features include:
– Generates passwords hackers cannot guess
– Easy to use
– Password length is not limited
– Show Phonetics
– Include upper or lower case letters
– Use numbers
– Insert punctuation symbols
– Email with ease

Check out our other iPhone and iPod Touch application: iFlame, Spook Busters and Clemson Tigers.

Interested in getting started developing iPhone applications check out http://www.appsamuck.com for 31 Days of iPhone apps.

Amuck Password Generator


August 25, 2008

Kiwi$0.99 from Red Rome Logic Kiwi

[The 99 cent sale has been so successful, we’ve decided to keep Kiwi at this price for a little longer.]

Kiwi delivers Wikipedia for the iPhone and iPod touch as never before. Quickly and easily search the vast store of Wikipedia knowledge all in a clean, well designed user interface that takes full advantage of your mobile device.

• Keep track of recently visited Wikipedia pages
• Mark your favorite pages
• Save pages locally so you can read later offline
• Email links to your friends

UPCOMING: 1.0.2 with international language preferences


Loan Calculator

August 25, 2008

Loan Calculator$0.99 from Robert Mooney Loan Calculator

Use this calculator to calculate any aspect of any loan. Leave one field blank and it will solve for it.

Future versions will include loan amortization tables.

Loan Calculator

English-German Language Translator Phrasebook

August 25, 2008

English-German Language Translator Phrasebook$1.99 from Jam-Mobile.com English-German Language Translator Phrasebook

Do you wonder why learning another language is important?

Ever found yourself in a foreign country LOST FOR WORDS when trying to speak with a local? Looking at the blank stare, do you wish you could just speak a few words or phrases? Well help is here…..

English-German Language Translator Phrasebook, by Jam-Mobile.com [http://www.Jam-Mobile.com], is an easy-to-use language translator for your iPod Touch and iPhone.

Scroll the list of phrases and words OR..

Use the handy SEARCH BAR to locate your desired phrase. Search for English or German phrases. As quickly as you can type you can learn and speak the phrase.

English-German Language Translator Phrasebook provides all the essential phrases and words for:

– Basic German Phrases for Travelers (Tourists)
– Translate English Sentences to German
– Directions
– Transportation
– Time & Dates
– Shopping & Services
– List Spelling of German Numbers
– Calling for help in an Emergency…..

English-German Language Translator Phrasebook is your foreign conversation partner.

English-German Language Translator PhrasebookEnglish-German Language Translator PhrasebookEnglish-German Language Translator PhrasebookEnglish-German Language Translator PhrasebookEnglish-German Language Translator Phrasebook

Money Counter Helper

August 25, 2008

Money Counter Helper$0.99 from Webvantage Design Money Counter Helper

Money Counter Helper is an educational tool to help elementary grade school students practice their skills on counting money with 40 different problems! We all know how important counting money is for a child to succeed in school, and of course the more practice the better! Now you can practice with this neat little app that will reveal the answers when you click on the problem. Your child will have fun learning on your iPhone and iPod Touch!!

Money Counter HelperMoney Counter Helper

Five Or More

August 25, 2008

Five Or More$0.00 from Shooby Ban Five Or More

Five or More is an addictive game, helps you to spend as much time as you can, also good for training concentration or pointing accuracy. The game’s objective is to align five or more balls of the same color causing them to disappear, as often as possible. This is the iPhone port of the game GLines, also known as Five Or More from Gnome Project.

Five Or More