Business and Economics Dictionary

August 28, 2008

Business and Economics Dictionary$1.99 from Chillingo Ltd Business and Economics Dictionary

This dictionary suite contains 5 dictionaries

– International Economics Dictionary with 1315 entries
– Auditing Terms Dictionary with 950 entries
– Accounting Dictionary with 450 entries
– Glossary of Stock-Exchange Terms with 450 entries
– Glossary of Mutual Fund Terms with 440 entries

Notes: No Internet connection is required to use The Dictionary

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Published by Chillingo Ltd

Business and Economics DictionaryBusiness and Economics DictionaryBusiness and Economics Dictionary



August 28, 2008

Zenbu$0.00 from Zenbu Zenbu

Find Everything from Zenbu instantly on your iPhone, no network connection required. is a local search engine for New Zealand (and only NZ) places, products & services with over 55,000 listings including restaurants, cafes, accommodation, service stations, banks, ATMs and more.

With this app you have the name, address, phone, website, activity description and opening hours all at your fingertips.

Zenbu is the perfect reference tool for locals and tourists.

Zenbu’s content is open source, so if something is missing you can add it on the website and it will come into this app in the next application update!



August 28, 2008

Xylophone$0.99 from Joshua Baran Xylophone

A 3D xylophone simulator.

Touch or slide your finger to play the xylophone. You can also play chords with multiple touches.

Tilt to move the camera left and right to see more of the xylophone. You can also touch the lock icon in the upper left to turn the movement on and off.

Touch the magnifying glass in the lower left to switch between a zoomed in view and the full view of the xylophone.

Use the recording controls to record and playback songs, or save and load them later.



August 28, 2008

Gesture$4.99 from Big Stone Phone Gesture

Gesture lets you create digital paintings from your photos.

With just a little imagination, you can can make beautiful works of art. Be as rough or tight as you like as Gesture translates your movements into paint strokes using a sampled color from the photo below. Bringing a popular artistic technique from the desktop to the iPhone and iPod touch, Gesture makes creating stunning works of art a breeze for the artist and non-artist alike.

Gallery Features:
– View your masterpieces in landscape mode
– Add and delete paintings
– Share and view paintings from other Gesture users online

Studio Features:
– Save your painting to Photos
– Play back your painting like a movie
– Instantly Pointilize your photo
– Zoom in for detail work
– Unlimited undo
– Load any image on the internet


Jeyo NotepadSync

August 28, 2008

Jeyo NotepadSync$0.00 from Jeyo Jeyo NotepadSync

NotepadSync syncs your notes quickly and transparently over the internet to your NotepadSync Mac client (you can download NotepadSync for Mac free from With NotepadSync you can write multiple, freeform notes, either on your phone or on your Mac and they are sync’d quickly and transparently over the air to each other. Never lose notes; they’re stored safely and securely at your NotePadSync account.

You can also sync notes among multiple iPhones and Macs: keep your business team, family, or friends all in sync by sharing your notes, task lists, etc with each other instantly via NotepadSync

With NotepadSync you can:
* Create, edit, and delete pages of notes
* Reorder your notes
* Quickly find what you need using notes search
* Sync your notes data across multiple phones and multiple macs (Syncs only NotepadSync notes, not iPhone notes application notes)
* Always be confident that your notes data is safe and secure

NotepadSync is free. A 30 day free trial of the sync service is included with your download. Set up your trial NotepadSync account and learn more at (and download the free mac client at):

If you choose to continue using the sync service after 30 days, you can purchase a subscription at:

Jeyo NotepadSyncJeyo NotepadSync


August 28, 2008

PracticeTee$8.99 from TeeShot Software PracticeTee

PracticeTee lets you get the most out of your golf practice time. Whether you are at the driving range, putting green, or practicing your short game in a practice bunker, PracticeTee lets you track all of your shots and then provides detailed statistics that help you look for weaknesses and see how you are progressing.

Trying out some new clubs? Use PracticeTee to see how you do with each one and make it easier to figure out which of those sweet new drivers should be the new big dog in your bag.

Practice smarter with PracticeTee.



August 28, 2008

TextLater$0.99 from Skidmore Apps TextLater


Schedule your text messages with TextLater. Set a date/time for your text messages to be sent! With iTouch, schedule and send text messages via WiFi.

• Middle of the night and too late to send a text? Schedule it to be automatically sent first thing in the morning.
• Send yourself reminders at any date/time with a convenient “Me” button.
• Worried that you will forget to send an important text message? Schedule it to be sent at a specific date/time, and you don’t have to remember to send it anymore!

“Pretty simple concept, but… it’s pure genius. TextLater’s possibilities are endless.”

“I’m sending kudos to the developers of TextLater”
– Chicago Tribune, RedEye

“Easy to use and absolutely straightforward… A great added practical function”

“This is great”

Alltel Wireless, AT&T Wireless, Boost Mobile, CellularOne, Centennial Wireless, Cingular, Cricket, Edge Wireless, Helio, Metro PCS, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, Verizon Wireless, Virgin Mobile

United States of America
(More countries will come in the future. If you have already purchased it in another country, send us an email for more information.)

If you would like a carrier added to this list, send an email to Thanks!


TextLater and Agent18 Case Winners!
Congrats to out TextLater Winners kuratsu, droe, am-woi, schmegs, supes33, joshnadel If you didn’t win a copy you can get it HERE in the App Store. And to our Agent18 case winners- tblanken, BigGuy. Read more.

Things that make life easier
Y’all know know how I love to waste time learning how to save time and make life easier…I’m happy to do all the testing and time wasting and report back. Ha. The finding I’m happiest about is an iPhone app called TextLater.

App Update – TextLater
TextLater brings added control to texting. Now you not only control what you text but when you do. Want a specific message delivered at a specific time? Use TextLater to set a time and a date. As the developer suggests, TextLater has