August 30, 2008

Midway$1.99 from Aspecto Software Midway

Easily find a midway place to meet friends while saving time and the environment.

Whether you are meeting some business colleagues from across town, your girlfriend from the next suburb, or a friend from another state, Midway will find the happy medium between everyone’s location so that you can be sure nobody has to travel more than their fair share.

Simply select 2 or more (there’s no limit) addresses from your contact list and the type of place (e.g., restuarant, hotel, etc) you’d like to meet at, and Midway will calculate the midpoint and display possible meeting places in that area.


Time Tracker

August 30, 2008

Time Tracker$2.99 from SDK Innovation Ltd. Time Tracker

Time Tracker was designed with one task in mind, to track time.

If you need to keep track of the amount of time you spend on anything, then Time Tracker was built for you.

– Easy to use
– Flexible enough to work the way you do.
– Structured enough to support demanding users.
– Quick entry system for Customers, Project and Tasks.
– 7 different reports to view your data in.
– Nested drill down reports from Customers to Projects to Tasks.
– Standard look and feel, behaves the way you expect an App to behave.
– Manual time entry as well as a built in timer that works even when other applications are running.

If Time Tracker is missing a feature that you need or want, tell us and we’ll add it.

Time TrackerTime TrackerTime TrackerTime Tracker

Time tracking apps
Clock I know that many attorneys are interested in tracking their billable hours on their iPhones. I understand this; your iPhone is with you virtually all of the time, so why not use it to keep track of what you are doing while you are


August 30, 2008

Spectrum$1.99 from MovingApps.com Spectrum

Spectrum is a hi-tech graphical sound analyzer, that displays a live spectrum on the screen when you play music from the radio or sing along to your favorite tune. It works by picking up sound from the microphone and then displaying it graphically on the screen. It is comparable to displays on high end sound systems, but with the benefit of being able to carry it around with you on your iPhone.

Put it next to your stereo system and watch the cool graphics dance to the music, it’s mesmerizing to watch!

Best performance on iPhone 3G. May be slower on the older iPhone.
Not compatible with iPod Touch.

(Note: Spectrum does not display music that is playing on your iPhone. It works with other sound or music that is picked up through the microphone.)



August 30, 2008

Blocked$0.99 from Joel Rosenberg Blocked


For a most-likely-unlimited time, Blocked will be priced at 99 cents!

Yes, that’s right. We’ve lowered the price 0 cents during this absolutely-normal sales period!

But hurry, this will only last 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks, or forever, or maybe not. At which point the price will increase by 0 cents!

Get it while you can! You don’t want to miss out on this sale and end up spending nothing more later!!


Thanks, everyone, for making Blocked the #1 Paid App in app stores across the world!


Sometimes a quick puzzle is just what the doctor ordered. Blocked is a puzzle game you can pick up and play immediately. Let the good times roll with 100 levels of touch and drag action. Slide blocks around the playing field; sometimes a block is an obstacle, but sometimes it’s your only hope for escape. Satisfaction is at your fingertips with Blocked.

Beware, Blocked is addictive, so it’s the perfect game to return to again and again. Blocked conveniently keeps track of all the levels you’ve conquered. When you have to catch your breath it’s easy to leave a puzzle and return with everything exactly the way you left it.

Your objective is to slide the blue block off the board, pushing blocks back and forth as you inch towards the goal. Clearing the path to freedom may require all your wits, and some planning! Start play on easy mode, then move up to medium and hard. Just when you think you possess the biggest Blocked brain the heat gets cranked up; because blocked doesn’t stop at hard, you can also play in “harder” mode. And stake your claim as king of the castle in “hardest” mode!

My acknowledgements and gratitude to Mr. Nob Yoshigahara for designing such a wonderful puzzle. For more information about a programmatic solution to these puzzles, visit http://www.theiling.de/projects/rushhour.html . For other public implementations, take a look at http://www.puzzles.com/products/RushHour/RushHourLinks.htm

People seem to be having trouble defeating level 64, so a hint has been put up on the support page ( http://www.tiptopworkshop.com/blocked/help/64 ), or visit http://www.youtube.com/tiptopworkshop for the solution.


Top-Selling Paid Game Apps for April 6th
Every Monday, FingerGaming rounds up the most popular paid iPhone and iPod Touch applications, as current that day on the iTunes App Store. This week’s top titles are: Flight Control ($0.99); ParkingLot ($0.99); Zombieville USA ($1.99)

Using Your Time Wisely: iPhone Games
I think one of the keys to having a hit on the App Store, when it comes to games anyway, is to help your game infer a purpose. I wanted to highlight a few games that I’ve been playing lately who stay true to this formula as well as help

[App Store] Blocked: просто гениально
Простота – залог успеха. Будь то простота в оформлении, функционале или, в принципе, общей подаче. По этому пути разработчик Blocked идет уже не один год. И правильно делает. Зачем усложнять жизнь лишними деталями, которые можно

New Favorite iPhone App…Blocked
This fun puzzle app costs only .99 cents and is highly addictive. Download it HERE and let the madness set in. Beware of level 64. (Thanks Meredith for the tip!)

Smart developers update often
If you follow the iPhone development scene, you probably know that much is being made about what the correct strategy for selling applications is. My little camera app has reached a new milestone—I release version 2.0 last Saturday—and,

screenshot_01.jpg. 気づいたら来週で2月も最終週か。。。ブログを始めてからこれほど記事を書かなかった月はないくらい、今月は投稿が少ないですな。。。 まあ、ぼちぼちやっていきますか、ということで今日はiPhone用アプリの”Blocked”の紹介です。

IMG_0010_20090219232651.png 久々にiPhoneAppレビュー! (と言っても、使っているのはiPodtouchです^^;) ダウンロードしましたのは、Blockedなるアプリ。 ■Blocked(←AppStoreへのリンクです) 有料ですが、価格は115円なので缶ジュースを買う

Top-Selling Paid Apps for February 17th
Every week, FingerGaming rounds up the most popular paid iPhone and iPod Touch applications, as current that day on the iTunes App Store. This week’s top titles are: Blocked ($0.99); LightBike ($0.99); Bejeweled 2 ($2.99)

ToG #18 – ToG goes a little iCasual
It’s Review-a-thon time again on the ToG! Michelle Lopez from theportablegamer.com joins us this week to talk about a few iCasual games that she’s been playing! Besides all of the reviews we also let you know about all the latest and


August 30, 2008

Cockcroft$0.00 from Jeremy Petitseigneur Cockcroft

Calculate the estimated clearance of creatinine (eCcr) with the creatinine serum rate (in mg/dL or in micromol/L). Weight can be either in kilogram or in pounds.

The algorithm is based on the Cockcroft Gault formula (written in the wikipedia “renal fonction” article).


Pro Football Live!

August 30, 2008

Pro Football Live!$0.00 from Plusmo, Inc. Pro Football Live!

Pro Football Live from Plusmo for iPhone and iPod Touch is a breakthrough mobile application that gives NFL fans all of the information they crave — “end zone-to-end zone” updates and scores, game schedules, stats, breaking news, stunning game-time visuals – along with a set of unmatched social features that keep fans connected at game time to their teams and each other. Pro Football Live combines up-to-the-minute coverage with fun interactive features that let users chat live, and cheer or jeer with other fans and friends throughout the game, creating a kind of “virtual stadium” experience, no matter where they are.

Pro Football Live!Pro Football Live!Pro Football Live!

50 Free iPhone Apps I Love and Use
apple-iphone-in-hand I kicked off a trend at work after I got my iPhone, so I’m putting this handy little guide together for all the new iPhone owners out there so that you don’t have to go downloading every crappy free app to try.

Famous Speeches

August 30, 2008

Famous Speeches$0.99 from SwampBits Famous Speeches

Read some of the most powerful words ever spoken. Some people have a way with words. Enjoy the most influential speeches known to man!

Contains speeches made by: Susan B. Anthony, Mark Antony, St. Francis of Assisi, Napoleon Bonaparte, Winston Churchill, Marie Curie, King Edward VIII, Dwight Eisenhower, Queen Elizabeth I, Mahatma Gandhi, Lou Gehrig, Patrick Henry, Adolph Hitler, Victor Hugo, Harold Ickes, Helen Keller, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, Vince Lombardi, Huey P. Long, Douglas MacArthur, Nelson Mandela, George Marshall, Golda Meir, James Monroe, Richard M. Nixon, George Patton, Pericles, Ronald Reagan, Eleanor Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, William Shakespeare, Earl of Spencer, Mother Teresa, Harry Truman, George Washington, Woodrow Wilson, and Malcolm X.

Famous SpeechesFamous SpeechesFamous Speeches