September 30, 2008

CelebDaily$0.00 from DailyDose Publishing CelebDaily

Celeb Daily lets you view the latest celebrity photos on your iPhone! Be up-to-date on the latest juicy gossip and celebrity fashion. Downloading the application to your iPhone is the perfect way to spend time and keep up with your favorite celebs!

We bring you the latest content from all the major entertainment agencies.


– Access the hottest, up-to-the-minute celebrity photos from anywhere
– Beautiful, high-quality images
– Informative snippets associated with each photo
– Intuitive interface to scroll through and rotate photos


[影音娛樂] CelebDaily讓你掌握最新名人動態
軟體名稱:CelebDaily 軟體分類:影音娛樂官方網站:DailyDose Publishing 安裝資源:App Store 操作等級:▼▽▽▽▽ 推薦安裝:▲▽▽▽▽ 購買費用:免費 ————————————————— 想了解最新好萊塢名人今天做了甚麼事情


September 30, 2008

TripCost$0.00 from SpearSoft TripCost

A simple app to calculate the cost of a trip by Gas or Diesel powered vehicle. Enter the Miles Per Gallon of your vehicle, the cost of Gas (or Diesel), and the distance you want to travel. Your total cost will be displayed.

Version 1.1:
– Remembers the data you enter.

Version 1.2:
– Calculates gallons of fuel burned.
– Calculates Carbon Dioxide released (assuming gasoline is the fuel being burned).
– Displays version at bottom of main page.

Possible features for future releases:
– Support for other measurement systems (currently everything is configured for US measurement system).
– Location support combined with internet support for figuring out how much gasoline costs nearby.
– User suggested features (send to spearsoft@me.com).


HOLIDAY SURVIVAL GUIDE: 20+ Tools for Family Travel
The holiday season is fast approaching, and with it, hectic travels. This is the busiest time of the year when it comes to traveling, especially for families. Luckily, online and mobile tools help make the experience much more


September 30, 2008

IradarCanada$9.99 from intergoldex llc IradarCanada

IradarCanada is your warning Speed camera and red light camera traveling throughout Canada.
Embedded in your iphone, iphone 3G It will show you the nearest red light camera and risk of speed camera and will notify you via a tone and visual approach too large.
IradarCanada will help you to detect high risk locations and to adjust your speed.

Iradar loads a complet database of red light camera and hight risk location of speed camera.

Free uptade from your iPhone.
Iradar is recommended for Iphone and Iphone 3G and use GPS or wifi location.
for Iphone 3G no internet Connection is needed.



September 30, 2008

WordWhirlFree$0.00 from HappyAppy WordWhirlFree

You have 2 minutes to guess as many words as you can from 6 letters! Guessing words that are 4 letters or longer will give you more time. Press the refresh button in the top left corner to swap your puzzle.

Word Whirl comes with over 8000 words, awesome graphics, and addictive sound. Its the best word game for the iPhone and a great way to improve your vocabulary.

You can now play against a friend on WiFi in real time! You both play with the same puzzle, and the first person to get the BINGO has the option to reset both puzzles.

Get the full version of WordWhirl and get many more game modes including 2min/3min/5min, BINGO mode, TURBO mode and practice mode. It also has a global high score list!

If you enjoy other word games like Scrabble, Boggle, 2Across, Crosswords and others, you’ll love Word Whirl. Word Whirl is also known as Text Twist, Sextuple Word Challenge, Muddled, Text Twirl or Word Challenge.


Checklist Pro: Intelligent Checklists for Pilots, Aircraft and Aviation

September 30, 2008

Checklist Pro: Intelligent Checklists for Pilots, Aircraft and Aviation$19.99 from ForeFlight Checklist Pro: Intelligent Checklists for Pilots, Aircraft and Aviation

ForeFlight’s Checklist Pro delivers high-quality, easy to use
Intelligent Checklists for Pilots™ right to your iPhone or iPod
touch. We built Checklist Pro with an attention to detail
ForeFlight customers expect.

Customize one of the 20+ high-quality bundled checklists,
derived directly from pilot operating handbooks, or create
and edit your own customized collection of normal and
abnormal procedures checklists from scratch. Then, easily
share those checklists with your friends, club members, or
aircraft partners.

Edit checklists online at http://checklist.foreflight.com. A
video demonstrating both our web editor and Checklist Pro is
available on our website at http://www.foreflight.com.

Checklist Pro will make you a more productive pilot and
reduce the amount time spent heads down looking for that
next checklist item. We highly recommend using a suction
mount mount for optimal results.

New features in Checklist Pro 2.0:

✣ Simple checklist sharing with friends
✣ Online checklist editing at http://checklist.foreflight.com
✣ Preferences system for setting left handed or right handed
operation, swipe-to-delete protection, and setting text to
uppercase, lowercase, or the case as entered.

Other features include:
✣ Free online checklist backup
✣ Expanding library of high-quality templates derived from
pilot operating handbooks
✣ Automatic checklist reset after a defined period of time
✣ Always remembers where you left off
✣ Tap to check or uncheck an item
✣ Day and night modes
✣ Check and skip functions
✣ International language support
✣ Translations in German and French


Checklist templates included:

✣ ForeFlight: Blank checklist
✣ ForeFlight: Example Single Engine Checklist
✣ ForeFlight: Example Sailplane Checklist
✣ Beechcraft Bonanza A36
✣ Cessna 152
✣ Cessna 172 S
✣ Cessna 172 R
✣ Cessna 172 SP G1000
✣ Cessna 182 RG
✣ Cessna Corvalis 350
✣ Cessna Corvalis 400
✣ Cessna Corvalis 400 TT
✣ Columbia 350
✣ Columbia 400
✣ Cirrus SR20
✣ Cirrus SR22
✣ Diamond DA20-C1
✣ Diamond DA40-180
✣ Diamond DA42 GFC700
✣ Eclipse 500
✣ Mooney M20K
✣ Piper Arrow PAR-200
✣ Piper Cherokee Archer II PA-28-181
✣ Socata TBM 700-A

Checklist Pro supports checklist data entry in multiple
languages and any international character set supported by
the iPhone or iPod touch.

Always review checklists to ensure they include at least the
normal procedures printed in your aircraft’s information
manual. Checklist Pro is not a substitute for official, FAA
approved checklists.

ForeFlight Checklist is also handy for use with X-plane or
Microsoft Flight Simulator flight sims. X-plane is a
trademark of Laminar Research, and Microsoft Flight
Simulator is a trademark of Microsoft.

Keywords: aviation, checklist, pilot, aircraft, flying

Checklist Pro: Intelligent Checklists for Pilots, Aircraft and AviationChecklist Pro: Intelligent Checklists for Pilots, Aircraft and AviationChecklist Pro: Intelligent Checklists for Pilots, Aircraft and AviationChecklist Pro: Intelligent Checklists for Pilots, Aircraft and AviationChecklist Pro: Intelligent Checklists for Pilots, Aircraft and Aviation

Checklist Lite: iPhone Aviation Checklists for Free!
Today we’re proud to announce ForeFlight Checklist Lite v2.0, our first free iPhone app! We know it’s hard to buy apps without trying them first, so this lets you experience how easy it is to walk through a checklist on your iPhone or


September 30, 2008

Nuke-o-lator$0.99 from Readdle Nuke-o-lator

Nuke-o-lator is a nuclear explosion effect calculator which outputs tons of useful information (thermal radiation radius, blast wave radius, ionizing radiation radius, thermal minimum fireball radius, fireball radius, fireball duration, fireball radius and fallout height) for a given nuclear bomb yield.

All calculations are based on the information from public sources.



September 30, 2008

SloganBox$0.99 from Two Toasters SloganBox

SloganBox is a slogan creator (sloganizer), that allows you to rapidly
generate quality, short, meaningful, paradigm-shifting, advertising
slogans for any keyword that you choose to enter. This agile
advertising slogan generator is not your mom and pops funny phrase
spewer, but instead employs a database of over 150+ slogans.

SloganBox. Try It, you’ll like it!

Some suggested ways of using SloganBox.
-When you are really strapped for a product slogan (Have a break, have an iPhone.)
-As an opener at bars (Hi, I’m Bob, the sound of the future.)
-Spruce up your regular comebacks (Your Momma – a class of it’s own)
-Better titles for your TPS Reports: (4th Quarter Earnings – spice up
your life.)