September 1, 2008

Pioneer$0.99 from Florian Zitzelsberger Pioneer

Pioneer is an exciting game of memory.

For a short period of time a random path will be shown to you. After the path has been cleared from the play field, it is your responsibility to reconstruct it in its initially given order.

If you succeed you can proceed to the next level. With each level the path will become more difficult to remember and reconstruct.

Train your memory, compare your high scores online with friends and win prizes, such as iTunes gift cards.

Note: Prizes in the form of iTunes gift cards are currently only redeemable in the U.S. iTunes store.

(A free version of this game, Pioneer lite, is now available!)


Pioneer- The Ultimate Memory game!
Remember the game Simon (not me, but the real handheld)? It was a “follow the pattern” type of game where you watch the pattern and you try to match it. If you don’t, you lose. Well, Pioneer follows the same exact concept and gameplay.

Le offerte del giorno su AppStore (09/12)
Eccovi la lista delle migliori offerte presenti attualmente su AppStore. Come hanno previsto i nostri utenti, anche AppSniper viene offerto al 50%. Dice-O-Mania (gioco di logica): 1,59€ (prezzo pieno 4,59€); AppSniper (recensione): 0



September 1, 2008

Peggy$0.99 from Danny Swarzman Peggy

Peggy is a Peg Solitaire game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This seemingly simple game has hidden depths, and has, through the centuries, attracted the interest of mathematicians from Leibnitz to Berlekamp. Several board configurations exist. This version uses the English board, which is the most well known.

The game starts with pegs in each position except the one in the center. To play, jump a peg over a neighbor along the horizontal or vertical to an empty hole. The jumped peg is removed. The game ends when no more plays can be made. The objective is to remove all the pegs but one. In a perfect game, the one remaining peg is in the center.


Trivial Memory

September 1, 2008

Trivial Memory$0.99 from Trivial Technology Trivial Memory

Tease your brain by improving your concentration and memory skills! Great for kids of all ages!

The classic memory game brought to the iPhone. Match pairs of identical images with varying levels of difficulty. Enjoy endless hours of fun. Play against your friend with Trivial Memory’s Multiplayer games.

Includes beautiful and colorful imagery. Image libraries include: Nature, Flowers, Animals, Travel, Cards, Letters and Numbers and our popular Halloween and Christmas libraries!

– Eight user selectable image libraries
– Three levels of difficulty
– Single and multiplayer games
– Timed game play
– Game statistics

Trivial MemoryTrivial MemoryTrivial MemoryTrivial MemoryTrivial Memory

Cambridge Advanced English-Chinese Dictionary

September 1, 2008

Cambridge Advanced English-Chinese Dictionary$17.99 from DW Education Group Limited Cambridge Advanced English-Chinese Dictionary

Cambridge Advanced English-Chinese Dictionary
– powered by PandaWords

Best dictionary for Chinese learners of English!

Cambridge Advanced English-Chinese Dictionary, designed for upper-intermediate to advanced Chinese learners of English, is the most comprehensive dictionary developed by Cambridge University Press and PandaWords optimized for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Key features include:
– The dictionary is developed from Cambridge International Corpus, a collection of over a billion words of written and spoken (transcribed) language from a huge variety of sources, reflecting how English language is used in daily lives

– Over 190,000 words, phrases, idioms, phrasal verbs and
meanings with English, simplified and traditional Chinese

– Over 80,000 full example sentences and phrases, reflect how real English is used in day-to-day situations

– Prominent guidewords to help advanced learners find the meaning more easily

– Pictures and illustrations to help highlight variations in meaning that are essential for your progression

– Word frequency information provided to adapt to the needs of learners of English

– PandaBookmark™ that allows personal notes on searched words enabling you to better organize and centralize learning resources

– PandaRating ™ allowing you to prioritize searched words for faster resource retrieval and better learning efficiency

– History to let you easily keep track of searched words

– Cross-search functions allowing you to find out exactly what you want to know without any hassle by jumping anywhere between headwords and explanations

– Interactive geographical data allowing you to find out where you are through Google Map

(Cambridge Advanced English-Chinese Dictionary works as a stand alone application and no internet or WiFi connection
is required.)

– For best application performance, please upgrade to iPhone 2.1 software.

– Delay in synchronization might occur when using older versions.

– Cambridge Advanced English-Chinese Talking Dictionary
– Cambridge Learner’s English-Chinese Talking Dictionary
– Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Talking Dictionary
– and more on

Cambridge Advanced English-Chinese DictionaryCambridge Advanced English-Chinese DictionaryCambridge Advanced English-Chinese DictionaryCambridge Advanced English-Chinese DictionaryCambridge Advanced English-Chinese Dictionary


September 1, 2008

AutoZoid$0.99 from Motobungle LLC AutoZoid

If you love your car and want to take good care of it or you are just looking for some ways to save money then AutoZoid is a good choice for you.

Key features include:

– Provides statistics such as best, average, worst economy and much more
– Displays graphs of fuel economy and fuel price over time
– Support for multiple units
– Tracks multiple vehicles
– Calculates potential fuel cost savings based on your driving patterns
– Stores vehicle information such as model, nickname, picture and much more
– Calculation of total running costs including depreciation
– Support for recording events such as oil changes
– Generate reminders of important maintenance tasks such as oil changes or tire pressure
– Filter data between dates or odometer readings to analyse business or road trips.
– Export of vehicle data via e-mail
– Innovative user interface

Full documentation and additional screenshots available from product web site.


Jump to Conclusions Mat

September 1, 2008

Jump to Conclusions Mat$0.00 from Third Bird Jump to Conclusions Mat

Your very own Jump to Conclusions Mat for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Hold your device in your hand and jump to see what conclusion you land on.

Jump to Conclusions MatJump to Conclusions Mat


September 1, 2008

RokuRemote$2.99 from Christopher Stylianou RokuRemote

RokuRemote allows you to control any Roku Soundbridge device (including Pinnicale branded devices) that is connected to your home network. You can select internet station favourites, presets, fm/am radio, playlists, artists, albums and songs, using search filtering to find exactly what you want to play. The remote allows you to alter volume, repeat and shuffle status, as well as giving you information of the current song being played with pause, next and previous controls.

Also your Roku Soundbridge device must have firmware 3.0 or higher to work with RokuRemote.

Included Features:
– Auto-discovery of Roku devices, as well as manual add via IP addressing
– Play internet radio favourites
– Preset and FM/AM radio controls
– List by song, artist, album or playlist with search filtering
– Album artwork and song lyrics (Requires internet connection)
– Custom album artwork selection from your photo album
– Switch alarms on/off
– Toggle sleep time (Off – 90 mins)
– Tracks ordering preserved
– Remote controls include play, pause, next, previous, volume, repeat, shuffle, power off
– Progress bar show status of current song
– Set defaults for repeat, shuffle and downloading of artwork/lyrics in your main settings

Tested Music Servers:
– Firefly
– iTunes
– Windows Media Player
– TVeristy