Fitnio$0.00 from Fitnio, LLC Fitnio

“The world is your gym”

Fitnio displays the same data as a treadmill or stationary bike … outside the gym! Now you can run, walk, jog or cycle anywhere!

Fitnio integrates with the iPhone’s GPS technology to give you real-time, accurate fitness feedback.

Fitnio automatically calculates and displays your distance, speed, pace and calories burned.

Start and stop immediately with Fitnio’s quick start and cool down options. Program an emergency contact so you’re never far from help.

Get the best results by using Fitnio outside and in range of GPS. Requires iPhone 3G.


Due domande a…Robby Walker (Fitnio)
Tra le innumerevoli qualità che mi contraddistinguono, una su tutte la modestia , non figura purtroppo il fatto di essere un grande sportivo. Mi piace, però, camminare, e complice anche la fidanzata che appena spunta un po’ di pancetta

Nike+iPod. Есть ли достойная замена дла iPhone?
В августе 2006 года совместная инициатива Nike и Apple вывела на рынок интересный гаджет — набор Nike+iPod Sport Kit, сделав очередной шаг в направлении «Умная Одежда». Nike+iPod рассчитан на обладателей iPod, которые любят не только

The 12 Apps of Christmas [part 4: conclusion]
10. Cooliris (pictured above). If you don’t use CoolIris on your web browser, you’re missing out! Now Cooliris is available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The gorgeous 3D Wall interface allows you to easily and beautifully search news,

Nine iPhone Apps to Keep You Fit
The Apple Blog has a great article listing nine iPhone apps that can help keep you fit: 9 iPhone Apps to Keep You Fit | TheAppleBlog. Here are their choices: Restaurant Nutrition; LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Tracker; Weightbot

Fitnio: Fitness Tracking App for the Rest of Us
Overwhelmed by the detail, options, and information available in most run and bike-tracking apps? Then you might find the simplicity of Fitnio, a relative newcomer to the scene, refreshing. Fitnio uses GPS to track your walk, jog,


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