September 6, 2008

iCharity$0.99 from The Jewish Learning Group iCharity

Carry a virtual Tzedakah (charity) box in your pocket!

On the road? In Hurry? Need to generate Divine merit on the spot?

Drop a few coins into this virtual charity box with the unlimited included coins and dollars!

iCharity displays a tally of how much you’ve given to date — that is until you turn over the box to empty it (try it)!

The new “AUTO CHARITY” feature allows you to specify a set virtual amount to be given each day or week. This way, charity is always given in your merit.

Not feeling especially gracious at the moment? Even better reason to open iCharity and drop a few coins into the charity box anyway. It’s good for your Jewish soul!

NOTE: For those that asked, whenever you “deposit money” into the virtual charity box no money is transferred from your iTunes account (or any other account) — although that’s not a bad idea for future development… This app is purely meant as a fun, personal charity tally utility which you reset once you give the money to charity on your own.

Do a Mitzvah today!



My Wedding

September 6, 2008

My Wedding$3.99 from Connected Weddings My Wedding

The Connected Weddings To Do List makes planning your wedding fun and easy when you are on the go!

– 166 pre-populated To Do items from our expert wedding planning team to get you started
– Add your own items
– Edit and track existing items
– Organize items by category or due date
– Bonus Feature: Spin the wedding decider to help make crucial decisions…

My WeddingMy WeddingMy WeddingMy Wedding

New York Shell Game

September 6, 2008

New York Shell Game$0.99 from Reandevou Software New York Shell Game

Watch the red ball ! The game is played with three shells and a red ball. Hit the shuffle button on the box to reveal where the red ball is…

Watch closely as the shells are shuffled around the box. Once the stop., try and remember where the red ball ended up !

The better you are the longer the shuffle !

New York Shell Game

iTranslate – Spanish

September 6, 2008

iTranslate - Spanish$0.99 from Bizmosis Inc. iTranslate - Spanish

*** ON SALE NOW FOR $0.99 ***

iTranslate brings cutting edge language translation and text-to-speech capability to the iPhone. Not only does it translate English sentences into foreign languages – IT READS THEM BACK TO YOU IN THAT LANGUAGE!

No pocket dictionary can do that!

Currently there are 5 separate applications in the iTranslate suite, providing two way translation and utilizing a high quality text to speech female voice.

– iTranslate Spanish ($3.99)
– iTranslate German ($3.99)
– iTranslate French ($3.99)
– iTranslate Italian ($3.99)
– iTranslate Ultimate ($9.99)
* All languages above
* Free inclusion / updates of other languages as we add them.

iPhone Translate is a great way to:
– Study vocabulary the fun way.
– Have a list of important phrases on hand while you are on vacation.
– Communicate immediately with someone who normally couldn’t understand you.

** All this for less than the price of a soft-cover language dictionary!

Features Include:
– Up to 500 characters per translation.
– Unlimited number of phrases.
– Real dynamic text-to-speech translation, these are NOT prerecorded phrases that you select from.
– Save favorite phrases for not-connected use.

* For more information please visit iPhoneTranslate.com
* For language requests, feature additions and support please contact us directly (support@iphonetranslate.com)
* We do not routinely monitor comments – so please contact us directly and you will get immediate results.


* To perform translations your device must be connected to a data network.
* iPod Touch requires headphones to hear spoken audio.
* No computer generated translation or voice is perfect, and therefore is not a replacement for human translation.

iTranslate - SpanishiTranslate - SpanishiTranslate - Spanish

SuperSubnet Calculator

September 6, 2008

SuperSubnet Calculator$0.99 from The Consolidated Opcode & Databank Company SuperSubnet Calculator

A must for any sysadmin or network monkey, SuperSubnet Calculator makes short work of determining the correct netmask, network, broadcast and typical default gateway parameters for a network. Small, simple and obvious, SuperSubnet Calculator makes short work of IP subnet math, and is sure to become a valuable tool in your arsenal.

Note a few points of usability to address reviews:

1. There was a stupid error in 1.0 which would cause the app to crash when no network was present. This is fixed in 1.1, now available on the iTunes App Store (a free update, of course).

2. Tapping the ‘Gateway’ item will cause the default gateway to toggle between the top-most and bottom-most addresses in the subnet. As a reviewer pointed out, neither of these is guaranteed to be the default gateway of a network (indeed, a network isn’t guaranteed to have a default gateway at all), but one of them is likely to be correct in most, if not all, cases.

SuperSubnet Calculator


September 6, 2008

Graphite$2.99 from Julian Panetta Graphite

Graphite is an efficient and accurate graphing calculator for the iPhone and iPod touch. Graphite combines an intuitive, polished multi-touch interface with powerful numeric methods to allow fast and precise computation of roots, extrema, integrals, and intersections. Scale axes independently using the custom pinch gesture, then trace along curves for values using as many fingers as you want!

Graphite lets you easily manage as many equations as you need and quickly enter new ones using the dedicated equation input screen.

If Graphite’s helpful yet unobtrusive usage instructions and error dialog boxes still leave some aspect confusing, it also holds an extensive onboard help document.



September 6, 2008

Protractor$0.99 from Silverview Consulting Inc. Protractor

Bring a protractor with you where ever you go with this handy iPhone app. Now you, too, can measure precisely the lean of the Tower of Pisa!

Objects of any size can be measured; match boxes, houses, pyramids… anything you can capture with your iPhone’s camera.

– Photo-based virtual protractor
– Multi-Touch protractor control

*NOTE* Be sure to update to iPhone OS 2.1; the photo capture process will speed up significantly.