September 8, 2008

Warehouse$0.99 from appremix Warehouse

Warehouse provides access to CrunchBase, the free database of technology companies, people, and investors.

With Warehouse, you can quickly:

* Continue that discussion about who is invested in what company.
* Lookup Compete.com traffic graphs.
* Find out who is behind the startup you overhear someone discussing.

CrunchBase is developed and maintained by TechCrunch. Warehouse is not affiliated with TechCrunch or CrunchBase, other than using their awesome API.



Keep Me Awake

September 8, 2008

Keep Me Awake$0.99 from Silverview Consulting Inc. Keep Me Awake

This app will keep you awake through those long, dreary meetings. Your boss will never catch you napping again!

Just click “Start”, then slip your iPhone into your pocket. Your iPhone will vibrate from time to time to help you maintain consciousness.

*NOTE* You can turn off your iPhone’s display after clicking “Start”; the app will continue to work.

– adjustable frequency
– periodic or random vibrations

Keep Me AwakeKeep Me Awake

Read Demon – Speed Reading Trainer

September 8, 2008

Read Demon - Speed Reading Trainer$4.99 from App Station Read Demon - Speed Reading Trainer

Read Demon is a speed reading training application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that teaches you how to increase your reading speed! Using the Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP) model for speed reading Read Demon gives you the capability to read faster than ever before.

Most people are taught when they were small to ‘read to themselves’ when reading. This practice, while great for practicing enunciation, is a detriment to reading speed. Read Demon will show you that you can read faster than you ever thought possible, by helping you realize that you don’t need this “inner voice” to comprehend text.

Read classic book excerpts at a comfortable WPM (words per minute) rate, then challenge yourself by gradually speeding up the reading speed. Soon, you’ll realize you don’t need to read to yourself to understand the text! Try it today!

Some Read Demon Features:

* Built in speed reader lessons
* No internet connection needed
* Adjustable reading speed
* Pause and Rewind
* Adjustable text size
* Horizontal/Wide screen display
* WPM (words per minute) counter
* High contrast interface

Read Demon - Speed Reading TrainerRead Demon - Speed Reading TrainerRead Demon - Speed Reading TrainerRead Demon - Speed Reading TrainerRead Demon - Speed Reading Trainer

Baby Names

September 8, 2008

Baby Names$4.99 from Neutrinos, LLC Baby Names

Jacob, Hannah, Daniel, or Olivia? Baby Names is a practical and up-to-date application that helps make choosing a baby name a lot of fun.

Get immediate access to over 15,500 unique names, derived from 130 different origins. Each name entry contains insight into the name’s origin and meaning displayed beautifully on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Interact with friends and family about your naming ideas by creating lists of your favorite baby names and sharing them using a the Email List button.

Want more detail on a particular name? Use the Google Name button to easily search Google for greater details on any given name. If you or a loved one is expecting, Baby Names is the perfect application to help you find a great name a child can wear with pride.


– Search over 15,500 unique names from over 130 different origins
– Read detailed information about each name
– Create, edit, reorder and save your very own list of names
– Share individual names or a favorite names list via email
– Investigate for more detail using the Google Name button
– Browse name after name in an easy-to-use, attractive interface

Baby NamesBaby NamesBaby NamesBaby NamesBaby Names


September 8, 2008

Athletics$1.99 from HappyAppy Athletics

Compete in the 200m, 200m hurdles and 400m hurdles with Athletics! Can you beat the world record?



* Realistic running physics and animation
* Worldwide high scores
* Cool Olympic theme music and crowd sounds
* Choose between 200m, 200m hurdles and 400m hurdles
* Choose between Easy, Normal and Hard difficulty
* Choose your runner.


Tap the LEFT side of the screen as fast as you can to RUN. Tap the RIGHT side of the screen to JUMP.


This is our first version of Athletics with only a few games. Please vote for the next games we should make for Athletics, by sending an email to happyappyinc@gmail.com Any other feedback is also appreciated, and thanks for playing Athletics!



September 8, 2008

iPerfusión$0.99 from Ivan Rancaño García iPerfusión



September 8, 2008

Hello$0.99 from IncisiveGeek Hello

Say hello to Hello, Hello is the digital version of a name tag, like those we have all worn at some awkward social event.

Have you ever wanted an interesting way to introduce yourself to others so you will be remembered? Need a quick way to introduce yourself to that guy/gal you have been eyeing across the room? Or perhaps you just want to show how geeky you are at your next SciFi convention?

– While in editing mode use your finger to draw a message in the white signature area.
– While in editing mode double tap the ‘Hello my name is’ area to clear the signature.
– Double tap in between the edit mode slider and info button to enter the settings view.

– Can easily lock editing to prevent unwanted drawing.
– Signature remembered between app uses.
– Can change border color, pen size and color as well as the badge label.
– Configured so device will not go into sleep mode while app is running, so the device can be put in a badge holder and used as an actual name badge.

Dedicated forum for help and feature requests.