Wedding Day

September 10, 2008

Wedding Day$0.99 from ANDESigned Wedding Day

For all you enthusiastic brides and grooms, now there is an application that shows you a real time countdown to your Wedding Day.

With this App, every time someone asks how long it is until the big day you can have an exact answer! Simply enter in your wedding date and time and let the countdown begin.

Wedding Day app counts the years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and even seconds until you say “iDO!” Helpful in planning since every second counts for busy brides and grooms!

Wedding Day app continues to work even after you say your vows, by tracking how long you have been married. Down to the second!

Since your iPhone or iPod Touch is always with you, the countdown is only a click away.

• Add both the date and time of your wedding day.

• Till we say iDO:
Counts down right to the second when your wedding will happen.
Displays the length of time using Years, Months, Weeks, Days, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds.

• We DID:
Continues counting by displaying how long you’ve been married, great for
tracking what anniversary it is.

• View count-down/count-up as either Years, Months, Weeks, Days, Hours, Seconds or just in Days. (Just tap on the calendar labels to toggle between the different views)

• 10 different background colors to match your style.
Something Blue, Rust, Mocha, Silver, Ice Blue, Tickled Pink, Lavender, Lime, Sunflower, Watermelon

• Automatically adjusts the time zone if you’re having a destination wedding.

Wedding DayWedding DayWedding DayWedding DayWedding Day


Number One

September 10, 2008

Number One$0.99 from Gabe Jacobs Productions Number One

Who is your Number One? Your Number One is the person you call more than anyone in the world.

This application is the simplest speed dialing app in the App Store. Simply specify the phone number of your Number One in the settings and your good to go. When ever you open the application, it will immediately start calling the number. Your Number One is only one tap away at all times.

Please remember to specify your phone number in the iPhone settings, under “Number One.”

Number OneNumber OneNumber OneNumber One


September 10, 2008

QuickSum$0.99 from Virulent Software QuickSum

QuickSum is a race against the clock!

Select numbered tiles that add up to the goal before time runs out! The faster you are, and the more numbers you use, the more points you’ll earn!

On each level the maximum number you may have to sum up to increases, but so do your points!

Can you beat the top high score?

QuickSum features automatic game saving for if and when you’re interrupted while playing, three levels of difficulty with a different high score list for each level, and addictive fun!


Perfect Pitch

September 10, 2008

Perfect Pitch$2.99 from David Rowland Perfect Pitch

Perfect Pitch is for singers and other musicians needing accurate pitches in equal temperament.

The simple, direct interface won’t confuse during rehearsal or performance:

• Tap a button to choose the note.
• Double tap to go up one octave.
• Touch the volume control between p and f to make it sound.
• Run your finger up or down to adjust the volume.
• Double tap the volume control to keep the note on after you remove your finger. It will remain on until you tap the volume control again. You can change the note while the tone sounds.

Covers two octaves from C (261 Hz) to B (988 Hz)
The flip side has a picker to allow setting the basic A to any frequency from 370 Hz to 470 Hz.

Settings are remembered between activations.

Perfect Pitch

Pole Position: Remix

September 10, 2008

Pole Position: Remix$5.99 from Namco Networks America Inc. Pole Position: Remix


Prepare to Qualify! Race to the finish line in this enhanced and upgraded version of Namco’s classic arcade racer, Pole Position: Remix, specially tuned for the iPhone! Take to the road with three different intuitive control setups for drivers of all types! Tilt the iPhone to maneuver your car through challenging high speed race tracks in Tilt Steering Mode. Take control of the on-screen steering wheel and spin it to fly through harrowing hairpin turns. Or touch the slider mechanism to avoid hitting cars, billboards and obstacles! Points are awarded for the distance you travel and for each enemy car you pass. Blow by the competition to unlock additional tracks, cars, billboards and graphical themes based on Namco hit games

Pole Position: RemixPole Position: RemixPole Position: RemixPole Position: RemixPole Position: Remix

Pole Position Remix Lite
Pole Position Remix Lite title, App Name: Pole Position Remix Lite. Developer: Namco Networks America Inc. Version: 1.0. Publisher: Namco Networks America Inc. Size: 8.8 MB. Category: Racing Games, Price: Free/$5.99


September 10, 2008

PocketPets$2.99 from PocketPets

Manage your pet’s important information with PocketPets on your iPhone or iPod touch.

PocketPets is a fun and useful application that allows you to easily manage information important to the happiness and health of your furry and feathered friends!

With PocketPets, you can create a complete profile for each of your pets including photos, birth date, breed, identification, microchip and vaccination numbers, veterinary appointments, groomer information, meal requirements, and play dates. PocketPets not only allows you to quickly build a record of your own pet, but also the pets of your friends and the related Events and Photos.


The user-friendly interface makes PocketPets easy for anyone to use and navigate. The first step is to create groups of pets and then you can add unlimited pets to each group. By default, you will find one group named, “My Pets.”

For each pet, you can set up a profile with a lot of useful information about that pet. After creating a profile, you can add Events and Photos related to them. In this way, you can easily view the number of Events or Photos for each pet. Touch an Event or Photo to go directly to that section.

You can rate your preferred pets with stars and if you really love one above all, you can set that pet us as a Favorite. A heart will be displayed on top of the profile picture.

Scheduling appointments and play dates is easy with PocketPets. PocketPets automatically links to the address book of your iPhone or iPod touch to display the contact information of your friends and their pets! After setting the date, add the appointment into your pets’ Events. The upcoming events for the next week will always be displayed on the PocketPet home screen.

PocketPets helps you to easily store and manage photos, events, important information, websites and ratings of yours and your friends’ pets. Your care about your pet. Keep their important information and precious photos always at hand with PocketPets.


– English
– French


Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
Requires iPhone 2.0 Software Update


We are listening to our customers. app4touch designs innovative apps with you in mind. Send us your ideas and comments to improve PocketPets. Visit to discover more applications designed for the iPhone and iPod touch.



September 10, 2008

TCGBuddy$4.99 from Daniel Too TCGBuddy

TCGBuddy is the ultimate companion for players of Trading Card Games. It was designed for games like Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh

TCGBuddy keeps track of your game state throughout your matches – with round timers, counter tracking, life tracking and notes – and saves your games to history for later reference.

You can also use TCGBuddy to roll dice, flip a coin, or time your drafts!

If you have any feature requests, please email me at or visit the TCGBuddy support site.

“Fully featured and worth the money. I can tell the programmer enjoyed writing this application and takes great pride in his work. If you play a CCG this is cheaper than most physical life counters and does much more.” –cfeduke

“Honestly worth the money, nice interface and the landscape mode is great!! Makes the game much easier to keep a track of life during mtg duels :-)” — CarbonScooby

“Overall the best app of it’s kind! I’m sure it will get better over time.” — A bro ham

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