EnThai Dictionary

September 11, 2008

EnThai Dictionary$4.99 from Chitrlada Chanbai EnThai Dictionary

EnThai is an English to Thai dictionary with more than eighty thousand words and phases. It is simple and easy to use and based on the popular LEXiTRON dictionary database developed by NECTEC.

Main Features:
* EnThai contains more than 80000 words and phases.
* No internet connection required.
* Support wildcard search.
* Display Thai vowels position correctly based on contextual.
* Index view shows every word in the dictionary for browsing.
* Remember last search in Recents view.
* Easily navigate to the next word using up/down button.

* Thai to English is not currently supported due to lack of Thai keyboard in iPhone/iPod firmware.

EnThai DictionaryEnThai DictionaryEnThai DictionaryEnThai Dictionary


Loot Master

September 11, 2008

Loot Master$4.99 from Digital Concepts Loot Master

Countless riches, powerful spells, and unique items await as you defeat your foes in this action game. Outfit your character with the treasure you acquire and adapt to utilize spells and equipment available as you fend off wave after wave of monsters.

Features include:

– Original title developed exclusively for the iPhone and iPod Touch.
– Captivating gameplay and beautiful graphics.
– Thousands of equipable items.
– Variety of spells and skills to learn and use.
– Gameplay feels like a mix of Tower Defense and action RPG.
– Something new and great for the iPhone and iPod Touch!

Loot MasterLoot MasterLoot MasterLoot Master


September 11, 2008

LOLdogs$0.00 from LOLriffic Stuff LOLdogs

Enjoy a daily collection of LOLdogs and LOLsituations delivered free to your iPhone. Features include:

– Get your daily LOL with multiple new images every day
– Go Fetch: Miss a day, just browse back a few images and see what you’ve missed
– Bring one home: Easily save any image to your photo album
– Sideways look: Tilt the phone for a new view.

Best of all — it’s completely free and updated often. So what are you waiting for?


My Tag Show

September 11, 2008

My Tag Show$0.99 from Dove Valley Apps My Tag Show

My Tag Show is the quick and fun way to view slide shows of public image feeds, your private images and private images from your friends and family. You can even find images that were taken nearby. You choose what tags to include in the search and My Tag Show will randomly find stuff from various photo sharing sites. My Tag Show will even start with a randomly suggested search to get you started.

– picasa web album feeds
– google images search
– flickr feeds
– view private picasa and flickr images
– view friends and family flickr images
– find photos nearby
– double tap image for detailed info
– see photo locations in google maps
– watch slides while listening to music
– swipe to next/prev slides
– pinch to zoom in on slides
– watch the show in landscape mode
– save images to photo album
– use it to find fun wallpaper for your phone
– email link to images
– open image page in safari
– send the images to iToony
– send images to Twinkle

NOTE: If you have additional feed suggestions or technical questions, please use the “Get Satisfaction” support link below.

My Tag ShowMy Tag ShowMy Tag ShowMy Tag ShowMy Tag Show


September 11, 2008

my247.mobi$0.00 from my247.mobi my247.mobi



September 11, 2008

Beavers!$0.99 from Third i Visions Beavers!

Inspired by the favorite arcade game Whac-a-Mole, Beavers! is a fun adaptation that takes full advantage of the multi-touch screen.

The object of the game is simple: poke the wily beavers back into their burrows as they appear. Special points are awarded for the exceedingly rare pink beaver, but don’t touch the angry beavers!

Multiple levels plus a special kiddie mode with its own music guarantees that players of all ages won’t be able to stop playing Beavers!

How many beavers can you poke?



September 11, 2008

Presidents$0.99 from SwampBits Presidents

[Developer Note: an update (including an entry for President Obama) was submitted to Apple for review on 1/24/2009. It normally takes about 5-7 days for Apple to review updates and make them available on iTunes Store.]

Who are some of your favorite Presidents? Are there some that you would like to know more about? This application provides information on all Presidents, from George Washington up to George W. Bush.

President biographies from http://www.whitehouse.gov/history/presidents/ (a non-copyrightable site).

President images from the National Portrait Gallery.