MtG Tools

September 12, 2008

MtG Tools$1.99 from Minh Tran MtG Tools

Ever been playing Magic: the Gathering® and forgotten your life count? Ever wished you had a coin or dice?

Track the health of both players with an easy-to-use life counter. Simply scroll the rotating barrel to change the life count. MTG Tools also contains a coin-flipper, and 6 colored mana counters for those mana-intensive battles. And every change is recorded to history, to make sure there’s no cheating!

Magic: the Gathering is a property of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. in the U.S.A. and other countries.

MtG ToolsMtG ToolsMtG Tools


College Football Live!

September 12, 2008

College Football Live!$0.00 from Plusmo, Inc. College Football Live!

Plusmo brings complete coverage of all college football games to your iPhone or iPod Touch with College Football Live! Plusmo’s College Football Live offers live play-by-play action and scoring plays for all top rated teams, with updates pushed to your iPhone or iPod Touch in near real-time. You can even personalize College Football Live to provide one-touch access to your favorite teams’ live games, news, and photos. College Football Live also offers innovative social features such as the ability to “Boo or Cheer” teams during live game play and “Smack Talk” with friends and other fans.

Plusmo’s College Football Live is a must have for all College Football fans as it combines in-depth features such as AP/Coaches/BCS polls, in-game live box scores, team schedules, team news and stunning game-time photos from the Associated Press!

College Football Live!College Football Live!College Football Live!College Football Live!College Football Live!

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Baby Gender

September 12, 2008

Baby Gender$0.99 from Dynadel Baby Gender

Baby Gender is a program that allows you to predict the gender of the baby of your pregnant friends based on their birth dates.

Baby Gender is based on the biological rhythms of the baby’s parents. This method tries to identify which chromosomes are stronger at the time of conception, the males or the females, based on the birth date of the parents.

This calculation is based on decades of nursery personnel experience and is not a scientifically based or proved procedure. Other factors that influence the gender of the baby are well known and cannot be controlled using this method so this won’t be a 100% prediction.

Based on an ample test group, the approximate effectiveness of this method is around 78% and it is only applicable to natural conceiving. To test the accuracy of this method you could use data of already born children or even yourself using the birth date of your parents.

Always remember that no method could give you a 100% certainty, but for sure this is a fun way to amaze your pregnant friends with how accurate your predictions are.

Baby GenderBaby GenderBaby Gender

Fuzzy Clock

September 12, 2008

Fuzzy Clock$0.99 from InGenius Fuzzy Clock

Fuzzy Clock from InGenius is a new kind of application that expresses time the way you might think of it after reading a normal clock. The basic idea of the application is to find cute, funny and interesting ways to express time.

A Fuzzy Time is first and foremost something that is meaningful to you.

For example, at 4:55 pm Fuzzy Clock may display “About Five” or “Nearly Five”, or “Four Fifty-Five” or “It’s bottleneck hour!” a photo of a clock showing 4:55pm, or any number of ideas you will have.

But Fuzzy Clock is way more!

You can edit the built-in Fuzzy Times, or add your own!

Fuzzy Clock is unpredictable. It scans through its list of “Fuzzy Times” and decides which ones apply, then randomly chooses one.

A Fuzzy Time can be something precious such as your thoughts during the first kiss with your partner or a picture of the table where you first dined at together. A Fuzzy Time might be a saying you would like to see at certain times of the day. Or, take photos of your favourite clocks from around the world, and use them to indicate the time. For example, use a photo of Big Ben at 12 noon to display the time at noon!

Use photos from your phone’s library, from its built-in camera, or from web sites like Flickr, Digg, etc. Add these pictures to Fuzzy Clock from your Photo Album. Check out our website for a cool tip on adding pictures to your Photo Album.

Shake your iPhone to display a new Fuzzy Time.

And, we’re hard at work on more improvements to Fuzzy Clock. In a future release you’ll be able to categorize and share your Fuzzy Times and images with other users. Check in at for updates on our progress.

Fuzzy Clock

Power Tuner

September 12, 2008

Power Tuner$4.99 from G3 Studios Power Tuner

Finally, a chromatic tuner that will allow you to tune virtually any instrument. Whether you play the violin, the guitar, a bass, the trombone or a horn, this tuner will help you to accurately adjust the pitch and tuning of your instrument even in noisy environments.

If you’re a vocalist, “Power Tuner” can even accurately track your voice and tell you what note you sing and how well in tune it is. Are you ready for your spotlight “American Idol” audition? “Power Tuner” can tell you.

Using an intuitive interface, the way high end rack-mounted tuners work, with a single glimpse you can see the stem note you play and the level of detuning in 10 cent steps above and below on a large LED-style display that is easy to read even in the dark. In addition you can turn your phone on the side to get an even bigger display reading.

In no time, “Power Tuner” will become your most favorite companion as you will be able to always stay in tune no matter where you go.

Power TunerPower TunerPower TunerPower Tuner

Poker Club

September 12, 2008

Poker Club$19.99 from Scenario Software Poker Club

Let’s face it. For all the donkeys in poker, directing a tournament is really more like herding cats.

The Poker Club Tournament Director is the ideal end-to-end solution for running your amateur or professional poker tournaments.

Top 10 Features:

• Dynamic poker timer with alarms
• Fully integrated with your Contacts
• Professional tournament structures
• Customizable rules for your game
• Easily track moves and knockouts
• Keeps tables and seats optimized
• Calculates cash and chip counts
• Mails game results to your players
• Enables tracking of league statistics
• Preserves state between launches

Poker Club’s value has been proven in hundreds of poker tournaments. And now it has evolved into a full-featured, native iPhone application that puts the power of a professional Tournament Director right in your hands.

Poker is a game full of distractions, but Poker Club makes it easy to play and direct at the same time, especially if you’re the host of your weekly home game.

NOTE: To inspect the current list of tournament structures or to request new ones, please visit:

Poker ClubPoker ClubPoker ClubPoker ClubPoker Club

Electric Visual

September 12, 2008

Electric Visual$0.00 from Electric Visual, LLC. Electric Visual

Now your iPhone can rock the Volt. Keep up with the latest Electric news and product updates. Browse our entire line of Sunglasses, Goggles, Softgoods and Accessories right on your phone. Find the products you want and search for the Electric dealer nearest you.

Electric Visual