Android FX

Android FX$0.99 from PURE PROFIT Android FX

Android FX is a robot tone synthesizer and sound effects generator for the iPhone or iPod Touch.

Ever want to make sounds like a robot? Well, now you can!

With Android FX you can create custom android tones and sound effects. Blips and tones are as easy as tapping and sliding your finger across the screen!

Keep kids entertained or amaze your friends, Android Talker is good fun for adults and children alike.

Android FX uses audio synthesis to create sound that you control directly with the touch screen. Alter the sound in the settings menu.

Notice: This software does not change your voice like a vocoder.

Android FXAndroid FXAndroid FX

iPhone x Music「iPhoneが予言するいつか音楽と呼ばれるもの」(2)
iPhone x Music -iPhoneが予言するいつか音楽と呼ばれるもの 発売から一ヶ月がたちました。 おかげさまで、いろんな方に読んでいただけているみたいです。 [「iPhone x Music」いろいろなサイトでご感想をいただいております]

iPhone attack: TR-808, TB-303, Sampler, Synthesizer
I was having some music fun on my iPhone and I put together a quick Acid track. I recorded three apps into Ableton Live. There really is something to be said for bringing in audio from the outside world, even if it’s from another

Enveloped by the Appalanche
So, as you may have seen, we’ve recently launched our secret project, dubbed “Appalanche“. What it iz, iz, an iPhone App recommendation engine, optimized for iPhone Safari (press iPhone Safari’s “+” button to add it to your iPhone’s


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