September 16, 2008

SinaReader$0.00 from SINA Corporation (Nasdaq: SINA) SinaReader

Sina’s technical reading software–the tranquilest library which integrates reading, search, collection and comment, will fully enjoy your trip and reading.



Gaelan Gong

September 16, 2008

Gaelan Gong$0.00 from Ade Barkah Gaelan Gong

Gaelan just wanted an iPhone gong, that actually sounds like a gong, and didn’t cost a buck. How simple could it be? No fancy 3D animations, no kewl screen transitions. Just tap the screen and OMG we have a gong sound! Ok, we threw in vibration, just because we can. Think of it as karma bonus. So here it is, *the* Gaelan Gong. Oh yeah it’s free!

[Note: vibration feature not available on the iPod Touch.]

Gaelan Gong

Simple GPS

September 16, 2008

Simple GPS$0.99 from Frog Army Simple GPS

Simple GPS is an easy and attractive GPS display for the iPhone. Just launch it and get your coordinates within seconds. Great for geocaching, hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities.

Tell your friends where you are. Tap “Email” and send them a link to your location. When they open it on their phones, they’ll be linked directly to Google Maps.

Get an aerial view of your location. Tap “Map” to launch Google Maps with your current coordinates.

SMS: Unfortunately, Apple does not currently support pre-filling SMS messages. As soon as Apple makes this available, we will add an “SMS” button as well!

Hint: Tap on the coordinates to switch between decimal and sexagesimal (degrees/minutes/seconds). Tap on the altitude or accuracy readings to switch feet to meters. Your preferences are saved automatically.

Note: Simple GPS works best on iPhone 3G. It will run on the iPod touch and (original) iPhone but neither model has a GPS unit so locations aren’t nearly as accurate or even available.

Available in many languages.

Simple GPSSimple GPS

Foto Lite

September 16, 2008

Foto Lite$0.00 from George Talusan Foto Lite

Foto Lite is Flickr on the go. Log in to your Flickr account and enjoy ad-free photo streaming from anywhere you’re connected. Check out the most interesting photos, view your own photostream and share your comments with the Flickr universe. Flick through photos and add them to your favorites list or save them right to your iPhone or iPod touch.


– Enjoy Flickr with no advertising

– Access your Flickr account

– Browse photos from around the world

– Save images to your iPhone or iPod touch

– View your stream, sets, groups, tags, favorites and contacts

– Flick between photos

– Browse by popularity, recency or interestingness

– Search for photos or groups

– Rotate iPhone/iPod touch to change photo orientation

– Read and make comments on photos

– Add photos to your favorites list

– View photo pools

– Reduce bandwidth consumption with built-in image caching

– Avoid offensive photos with the Safe Search option


Foto Lite is limited to 25 pictures per stream, but hey, it’s FREE! Upgrade to Foto and enjoy up to 250 photos per stream. And avid Flickr users can use Foto Pro to upload images on the go.

NOTE: Foto and Foto Pro are still in the works but we’re working hard to bring them to life.

Foto LiteFoto LiteFoto LiteFoto LiteFoto Lite


September 16, 2008

ClockFS$0.00 from 1026 Development ClockFS

ClockFS is a customizable full screen clock for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Having a full screen clock is the perfect addition to your phone and touches dock. Operating in both landscape and portrait the clock will be readable no matter which way the device is oriented. This clock alternative offers 10 colors for text and background, as well as 11 fonts. The level of customization is unmatched by other clocks on the App Store.

—Features Include—
Full-Screen Clock
Works in Landscape
Works in Portrait
10 Text Colors
10 Background Colors
11 Fonts



September 16, 2008

aBMICalc$0.00 from Orange Cat Software aBMICalc

The Advanced BMI Calculator, aBMICalc, is an advanced Body Mass Index (BMI) and childhood obesity calculator. aBMICalc will calculate BMI from weight and height in either metric (kg, cm) or imperial (ft/in, lbs) units.

Entering age and gender information will allow aBMICalc to display indicators for obesity and overweight for children and adults from age 2.

aBMICalc was originally developed for use in hospitals and is now available as an app.


Difficult Teens – Suggestions For Parents

September 16, 2008

Difficult Teens - Suggestions For Parents$2.99 from DMBC Difficult Teens - Suggestions For Parents

If you, or someone you know is experiencing difficulty with a teen, please download this free application and check out the questionnaire. This can serve as a point of reference for you in understanding the severity of the problems your teen is currently facing. Sometimes the problems are so severe that they can only be properly addressed by getting professional help in a controlled environment, such as a residential center, treatment program or specialty school. Other times problems can be resolved right in the home by setting better limits and tightening up the basic family rules and structure.

This book can help you with:
• Setting better limits
• Compliance
• Consistency
• Consequences

Difficult Teens - Suggestions For ParentsDifficult Teens - Suggestions For ParentsDifficult Teens - Suggestions For ParentsDifficult Teens - Suggestions For Parents