Ellipses – The Ultimate Word Game Companion

September 18, 2008

Ellipses - The Ultimate Word Game Companion$1.99 from Pulp Software Ellipses - The Ultimate Word Game Companion

Ellipses is a fast and elegant companion to games like Scrabble, Boggle, Jumble, Text Twist, and Chess. Ellipses checks words against the official dictionaries for these games, includes an integrated per-person game clock, and a word generation mode that shows you all possible words for a set of letters.


– The Dictionary lets you check any word against the official TWL (North American) or SOWPODS (International) dictionaries instantly, with no internet connection required. Our optimized code can even search against both dictionaries at once.

– The Game Timer is a game clock in your pocket, with everything you need to play under timed conditions with friends or competitors. Use this to facitilitate competitive games, or simply to limit the amount of time a full game takes. Tournament and speed chess players will also find this utility indispensable. Supports up to 4 players!

– Word Finder Mode shows you all the valid words that can be formed from a set of letters. Solve puzzles, crosswords and Jumbles, learn new words, and take your word game abilities to the next level.

Ellipses - The Ultimate Word Game Companion


Converter ++

September 18, 2008

Converter ++$0.99 from Vulcansoft Ltd. Converter ++

Vulcansoft Converter ++ is an easy to use and intuitive measurement unit converter with over 470 different units in 24 categories. Simply tap on a measurement, enter a value, and get all converted measurements in this category listed in alphabetical order. Of course, all entered values are automatically remembered for next time you start Converter ++.

To make it even easier to use Converter ++ you may set your preferred thousand and decimal separators, and choose if to use regular decimal numbers or scientific notation (for very big and small numbers).

Included categories are: Acceleration, Angle, Area, Electric Charge, Electric Current, Electromotive Force, Energy, Force, Length, Luminance, Mass, Power, Pressure, Radioactivity, SI Prefixes, Speed, Temperature, Time, Torque, Dynamic Viscosity, Kinematic Viscosity, and Volume.

Converter ++Converter ++Converter ++Converter ++Converter ++

DayTracker – GPS Mileage Tracking

September 18, 2008

DayTracker - GPS Mileage Tracking$1.99 from Research Specialists Inc DayTracker - GPS Mileage Tracking

** Discounted Price for a Limited Time**

DayTracker- Quick & Easy mileage/trip tracking.

***New Feature added 12/5- Export your mileage from the website to Excel Spreadsheet***

DayTracker helps you track mileage and trips with your iPhone. Using the GPS & location functions on your iPhone, DayTracker creates simple mileage logs to submit for reimbursements or records.

DayTracker is the easiest mileage tracking tool available. When you get to a location that you want to save, click record. The application will then save your location to the DayTracker website. DayTracker records the date and time of your stop and any notes you wish to input. All of the locations you have recorded throughout the day are saved on http://www.thedaytracker.com. Log on to the web site to view your stops/mileage and print or email your records to anyone.

DayTracker is a simple and powerful tool to easily track your mileage/trips without the hassle of paperwork.

GPS Location-based tracking (no need to input your location)
Displays all your stops and total mileage on a map
GPS signal strength meter
Saved Username/Password (you only have to login once)
Save time and money
Fun and easy to use
Visit http://www.thedaytracker.com to see all your trips/mileage
DayTracker uses Google Maps to calculate the route between each point and the mileage.
Export your mileage from the website to Excel Spreadsheet

If anyone users have any questions before or after purchase they can contact me at dtobias@rsireports.com and i’m always happy to help. Please take up any issues with me. Thanks!

DayTracker - GPS Mileage TrackingDayTracker - GPS Mileage TrackingDayTracker - GPS Mileage TrackingDayTracker - GPS Mileage TrackingDayTracker - GPS Mileage Tracking

Lung Age Calculator

September 18, 2008

Lung Age Calculator$0.99 from Black Iris Software Lung Age Calculator

The Lung Age Calculator is designed to be used as a tool for clinicians to encourage smoking cessation. Using data from office spirometry, the clinician will be able to calculate the patients “Lung Age”. This result is easy for patients to understand and my be used as an incentive to help them quit smoking. Tools like this have been shown to help to increase cessation rates.

Lung Age CalculatorLung Age Calculator


September 18, 2008

Foto$1.99 from George Talusan Foto

Foto is Flickr on the go. Log in to your Flickr account and enjoy ad-free photo streaming from anywhere you’re connected. Check out the most interesting photos, view your own photostream and share your comments with the Flickr universe. Flick through photos and add them to your favorites list or save them right to your iPhone or iPod touch.


– Enjoy Flickr with no advertising

– Access your Flickr account

– Browse photos from around the world

– Save images to your iPhone or iPod touch

– View your stream, sets, groups, tags, favorites and contacts

– Flick between photos

– Browse by popularity, recency or interestingness

– Search for photos or groups

– Rotate iPhone/iPod touch to change photo orientation

– Read and make comments on photos

– Add photos to your favorites list

– View photo pools

– Reduce bandwidth consumption with built-in image caching

– Avoid offensive photos with the Safe Search option


Foto Lite is limited to 25 pictures per stream, but hey, it’s FREE! Upgrade to Foto and enjoy up to 250 photos per stream. And avid Flickr users can use Foto Pro to upload images on the go.

NOTE: Foto Pro is still in the works but we’re working hard to bring it to life.


Crazy Panpipe

September 18, 2008

Crazy Panpipe$0.99 from Ezone.com Crazy Panpipe

We’ve been working overtime at Ezone.com Labs to bring you the latest in relax-ology. Crazy Panpipe will transport you from the hustle and bustle of your busy lifestyle, and help you unwind with soothing music that you create. And with our patented ‘sooth-a-lious’ sound technology everyone can sound like a real composer!

Features of Crazy Panpipe:

– touch the 8 different pipes to play
– sustain notes by holding your touch for as long as you desire
– tremolo effects are added to the notes as you shake your phone
– multi-touch to play notes simultaneously and create chords
– 8 note musical scale so you can play real songs
– pipes glow when active
– volume adjusts so multiple sounds do not become distorted

Peaceful, soothing sounds at your fingertips.

Crazy PanpipeCrazy PanpipeCrazy PanpipeCrazy Panpipe


September 18, 2008

CountLite$0.00 from PINEONE Communications Co., Ltd. CountLite

CountLite is a powerful and attractive counter. It lets you keep tallies of various things. Use it to keep track of push-ups you did this month, or to count how many people are coming to your dinner party, or to record how many hours are spent on your current project, or for anything that can be counted. There are many ways to keep counts with CountLite app.

Features include:

* +/- buttons for incrementing/decrementing
* Slide button for incrementing counter
* Manual counter setting by direct manipulation of wheel control
* Shake-to-count (Shake iPhone/iPod to increment)
* Sensitivity of shake feature adjustable
* One-click lock/shake-lock buttons on main page
* Remembers counts between app shutdown & restarts

Possible usage:

* Push-ups, Sit-ups, Pull-ups,…
* Exercise Laps
* Customer counts
* Money spent on groceries
* Project hours
* Etc…

This version supports only one counter. If you want to keep track of multiple counters, look for “Count”.