Go Green

September 21, 2008

Go Green$0.00 from Webworks and Applications Go Green

How Green are you? Are you part of the solution or are you part of the problem? Get this app and get collectible Green tips that are saved to your Green list. You get a new Green tip each time you visit the app. Your Green status also changes as you earn more Green tips.

(Note: There are unobtrusive ads in this free app)

Go GreenGo Green

Green iPhone Apps: Clean Up Your Tech Game
With all the green hype spreading across industry verticals these days, it’s hard to figure out what’s real and what’s just marketing. Luckily for you iPhone users ou there, Nick over at theAppleBlog has compiled eight green iPhone apps

I may have mentioned that
I love my iPhone. My wife calls her Ivanna. Or iVanna might be the proper spelling. Now you can use it to help the environment. Salon has Go Green: 8 iPhone Apps to Help Save the Planet. Here are three of them:

Go Green: 8 iPhone Apps to Help Save the Planet
These days, “going green” is all the rage. So it should be no surprise to anyone that “green” apps for the iPhone are, ahem, sprouting up all over. I wonder though, with green-ness being such a trendy topic, are some developers just


Just Tune

September 21, 2008

Just Tune$0.99 from Capo Software Just Tune

Everything you need to tune an Instrument
Just Tune is a chromatic tuner, metronome, and pitchfork for the iPhone and 2nd generation iPod Touch (with external microphone). Using sophisticated technology, Just Tune provides the same features as many devices a musician uses to tune instruments. In addition to detecting the notes as you play them, Just Tune also has a pitchfork that generates notes for tuning and a metronome for coordinating and detecting tempos.

– Sophisticated technology provides good performance and accuracy
– Chromatic tuner allows tuning for most acoustic instruments
– Works with built-in microphone on the iPhone
– Requires headset microphone for the 2nd generation iPhone Touch.
– Swipe left or right to adjust the tuning calibration from A=440 to any other tuning.

– Provides accurate beat count from 6 BPM to 190 BPM
– Drag the weight up or down to set the beat count
– Swipe left or right to start the metronome without changing the speed
– Tap to stop
– Tap three times to sets the beat count

– Sine Wave Generator generates all notes in 8 octaves
– Drag up or down to change the frequency
– Tap toggles the pitchfork on and off
– Swipe left or right to change the tuning calibration from A=440 to any other tuning

NOTE: The built-in speakers of the iPhone do not have a great bass response, so the lower frequencies may not be very audible past C3 (130.81 Hz). Plug in your headphones to bypass the built-in speakers and get better frequency responses in the higher and lower octaves. A future update will eliminate the clicking and have much better volume form the speakers for notes as low as E2 (82.41 Hz).

Just TuneJust TuneJust Tune

Disneyland California Mini Guide

September 21, 2008

Disneyland California Mini Guide$0.99 from UPinPoint.com Disneyland California Mini Guide

Need to quickly find a restroom for your 3-year old? Want to check for ride restrictions before walking across the park? This interactive pocket guide provides quick navigation around the Disneyland California map and provides brief but useful information about attractions and dining.

The pocket guide has brief descriptions of attractions, identifies Fastpass attractions and includes details on restrictions for rides. For dining options, the type of food and type dining is provided.

Now includes GPS support!

The UPinPoint Mini Guides, UPinPoint.com and any other properties owned by UPinPoint, LLC
are not affiliated with, authorized or endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with,
The Walt Disney Company, Disney Enterprises, Inc., or any of their affiliates.

Disneyland California Mini GuideDisneyland California Mini Guide

Going anywhere? Seven travel Apps you can't leave home without
Whether you’re traveling to Denver or Dubai, your iPhone can make for one savvy travel companion, thanks to a selection of Apps that offers information on dining, transportation, and even restrooms. Below are seven Apps that any

Disneyland California Mini Guide, una visión al futuro de las
Disneyland California Mini Guide Desarrollador: UPinPoint.com Precio: 0,79€. Comprar Disney Maps Gratis en Installous. Una aplicación muy curiosa y que podría ser parte de la punta del iceberg, si viajas a Disney en California te sería

Fun Voices

September 21, 2008

Fun Voices$0.99 from Tom Neto Fun Voices

This is a great collection of the fun lines we all use these days with our friends. You can use Fun Voices in multiple ways. Here are some good examples:

– You can have fun with your friends at the office when someone says something that deserves a “fun voice” back: “Nice work!”

– You can use it in a phone call to surprise your party with a great funny answer. While in a call with the iPhone:

(1) Turn ON the speaker
(2) Press the main button on the iPhone to access the applications screen
(3) Look for the Fun Voices app and run the application while in a call to play the voices.

– You can play a fun voice while in the office, in those periods of long silence, to break the ice.

– At the bar or at the dinner table, entertain your friends with your little fun application!

Fun Voices is easy to use. Start the application and touch the button you want to play the sound.

Have fun with Fun Voices!

Main Features:

The sounds included in this first version are:

Crack me up!
Blah, blah, blah…
Holly cow!
Oh my gosh!
Friday rocks!
You got it!
Loved it!
Sexy Hi…
Nice work!
Oh No!
Poor Baby…
Shut up!
You are so cute!
It doesn’t matter!

Fun Voices

Daily Bible Verse NASB

September 21, 2008

Daily Bible Verse NASB$0.99 from Jak In The Box Productions Daily Bible Verse NASB


Daily Verse is a simple application that displays a new Bible verse everyday. The verse is displayed over an inspirational image that rotates on a daily basis. The user interface is simple and ease to use.

– New American Standard Bible Version
– New Bible Verse Everyday
– 31 Inspirational Images (Change Daily)
– No Internet Connection Needed

– Email your favorite Daily Verse to friends and family

This app was designed by Josh Knapp. You may also purchase it in the King James Version of the bible. To find that version search for Daily Bible Verse KJV.

Daily Bible Verse NASBDaily Bible Verse NASBDaily Bible Verse NASBDaily Bible Verse NASB


September 21, 2008

IradarFrance$11.99 from intergoldex llc IradarFrance

Iradar: French warning fixed radars and mobile area for your
iphone 3G.
Iradar locates your GPS position, displays information from the radar fixed closer in real time and will notify you via a tone and visual approach too large.
Iradar tells you the speed,
the position of the radar on the road
the location of the position of the flash.
Iradar will help you to detect high risk locations and to adjust your speed.
The list of French radars is regularly updated each week and downloadable free from your iPhone.

Recommended for 3G Iphone


パリ(フランス)で使う iPhone アプリ・リスト
iPhone / iPod touch 用アプリの App Store での品揃えがついに一万になんなんとしているという。iPhone 3G Wiki blog で指摘されているように、コンテンツプロバイダまで囲い込む日本のケータイキャリアの商法ではありえないことだ。


September 21, 2008

Flametastic$0.99 from Thaddeus Cooper Flametastic

Flametastic not only replaces the classic lighter for use at concerts, keynote addresses, and other venues, but also provides a convenient alternative for romantic dinners, convivial ambiance with friends, and many other uses around the house.

Flametastic lets you pick from four different flames:

Gas Flame
Match and

Just touch the flame (100% safe) to flip to the other side and pick your favorite.

With Flametastic you can become flamous, by showing the world how you’re Flametastic.