Fuel Log

September 22, 2008

Fuel Log$2.99 from Pure Mass Communications Fuel Log

Graphically track fuel efficiency for all your cars. Over 3000 copies downloaded in October 2008.

Decreasing fuel efficiency could mean low tire pressure, aggressive driving or stop-and-go traffic. However sometimes it could indicate serious car trouble.

Current version is built on iPhone OS 2.1 and tested on both 2.1 and 2.2. If you are using older OS, please consider upgrading first.

*Fuel efficiency is also known as fuel economy and is measured in miles per gallon (mpg), kilometers per litre (km/l) or litres per 100 kilometers (l/100km). Please note that the mpg number is not always equal to total distance divided by total gallons. For example, if, with a full tank, you drive 200 miles and choose to buy only 1 gallon of gas, the mpg is not 200 miles divided by 1 gallon. It is 200 miles divided by the number of gallons needed to fill up the tank again. So the miles-per-gallon and cost-per-mile numbers are computed from full tanks between the dates you choose. The entries before the first full tank and after the last full tank are ignored when computing and plotting these numbers.

Fuel LogFuel LogFuel LogFuel LogFuel Log


Bible Verses Free

September 22, 2008

Bible Verses Free$0.00 from Webworks and Applications Bible Verses Free

Looking for Daily Bible Inspiration? Or even Hourly Bible Inspiration? This application gives you a new Bible Verse each time you launch it. The verse is then saved in your Bible Verses List for future reference.

(Note: There are unobtrusive ads in this free app)

Bible Verses FreeBible Verses Free

Todo List

September 22, 2008

Todo List$0.00 from Gentle Soft Todo List

Todo List is a simple To-Do management Application.


– Management your Tasks and Events
– Set start and end date on the Event
– Set Deadline date on the Task
– Set Priority on the Task
– Sort items by the date
– Colored item by the Priority

Todo List

아이팟 터치로 할 일 관리를 척척! Uitimate Todos – 서론(GTD 배경)
군 복무시 있었던 일이다. 당시 본무근무대 행정병은 일을 잘 해서 간부들에게 칭찬을 많이 받았었다. 나와도 친했던 이 고참은 나보다 한 살 많은 형이었는데, 언젠가 나에게 이런 얘기를 해줬다. 자신의 사수의 사수가 일처리를 굉장히 잘 해서 칭찬이

lists lists and more lists….
We like to keep all kinds of lists; wish lists, checklists, lists of lists… you get the picture. In this roundup we will focus on services specializing in wish lists (things we want) and checklists (things we want to get done).

Yoga Moves

September 22, 2008

Yoga Moves$1.99 from Subrb Yoga Moves

Yoga Moves, the premier Yoga application exclusively available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, gives you a yoga teacher in your pocket! Find peace and serenity as well as tone and improve your body all from your Iphone. Yoga Moves provides a unique teaching and reference system through flash cards. One side contains easy to follow illustrations of figures performing each move while the other side contains step-by-step text instructions. Simply tap the flip button to alternate between the illustrations and text directions for a unique learning experience. The cards range from warm up and beginner positions to more advanced and harder ones. Building upon a foundation of a peaceful and spiritual mind, Yoga Moves provides a variety of moves meant to connect the inner body and the physical body. With the ability to carry Yoga Moves in your pocket, you can have an hour-long personal yoga retreat following each card or simply perform a few moves when you have a small break in the day.

The simple navigation makes using Yoga Moves a breeze! Either drag your finger to quickly navigate or double-tap the screen to bring down a list view to find that perfect move. Each card contains step-by-step illustrations of each move as well as textual instruction and the benefits of each move and position. Looking for a random move? Simply shake the phone to be given a random card. Create your own routines to aid you through busy and stressful days or simply perform moves as they’re given to you with each shake.

With Yoga Moves, anyone, no matter what skill level, can add the rejuvenating, mind-calming, and beneficial improvements that come from Yoga.


– Illustrations provide easy to follow guides to performing each move.

– Flip the card for text instructions

– Easily see the added, unique benefits to each move

– Shake to be given a random move or position

– Double-tap the screen to navigate from a list view

– Pre-made sequences and also working on making your own

Yoga MovesYoga MovesYoga MovesYoga MovesYoga Moves

Birthdays! (Birthday Manager)

September 22, 2008

Birthdays! (Birthday Manager)$0.99 from Mike Shilinski Birthdays! (Birthday Manager)

Never miss a birthday again! This application was created because my previous phone alerted me of upcoming birthdays so I was used to not thinking about it. Needless to say, I missed a friend’s birthday and realized that iPhone users need a great way to keep track of birthdays for their friends and family.

The idea started simple, but turned into so much more. With one tap of the finger you will have all of the upcoming birthdays for your contacts right in front of you. But sometimes you may not want a contact in your phone for each person you need to keep track of. Say for example, an 8 year old cousin. So this application also lets you add extra birthdays into it that show up right along with your contacts’ birthdays!

As an extra handy tool, with one more tap you can bring up a list of all of the people in your contact list that you do not have a birth date set for and enter it on the spot. Like mentioned earlier, you will never miss another birthday!

I’d love to hear feedback from you on what features you would like added to this app for the future free updates, so please feel free to mention it in your reviews or send an email to the support address listed.

This is one of those tools you’ll never realize how much you needed until you start using it. Come on’, we’ve all got iPhones here so who needs to be writing 50 birthdays on a paper calendar every year anymore?


Thanks to a reviewer an important bug has been brought to my attention. When adding a custom birthday (it works fine with your contact’s birthdays) the age shows up one year off. I have already issued an update to resolve this and the free update should show up on your phone/iPod within the next few days! (after the update you will NOT need to re-enter any information, it will be recalculated automatically)

Birthdays! (Birthday Manager)

Diamond DA40 POH

September 22, 2008

Diamond DA40 POH$9.99 from PunkStar Studios Diamond DA40 POH

Need to look up some quick performance data during your next flight? Do a quick and dirty Weight & Balance? It’s all at your fingertips.

The Diamond DA40 is the latest edition of POH data applications for the Apple iPhone/iPod touch. The data for this application was taken from a June, 2008 POH.

Various performance data have been entered into this program such as weight and balance, take off distance, landing distance, climb performance, and climb performance. For the first time ever, a checklist option has been added for the most common

As always, when in doubt or error, you should always refer to the official documentation supplied with your aircraft.

“I personally use several of the PunkStar Studio iPhone/iPod applications. Some, like the Cold Air Calculator, are incredibly useful for even the most advanced pilot, while others, like the Hold Pattern Calculator, are perfect for demonstrations with my students (who are thrilled when they see it for the first time). I’m a loyal customer/user of several of the PunkStar Studio apps (even non-aviation related) and look forward to their future releases. I highly recommend their products to all aviators, from the professional airline pilot and flight instructor to the casual pilot.”
– Ed Pasquale ATPL
Transport Canada Pilot Examiner and Seneca College Flight Instructor

It doesn’t matter how common, or obscure your plane is, if you want it’s performance data turned into an iPhone/iPod app like this one we’re happy to do it for you.
All we need is the pages scanned/emailed/snail-mailed to us that contains the performance charts and the weight and balance calculations. That’s it.

Diamond DA40 POHDiamond DA40 POHDiamond DA40 POHDiamond DA40 POHDiamond DA40 POH


September 22, 2008

Ahoy$0.99 from iFunApps LLC Ahoy

“Ahoy enables Contact Hailing.” It allows you to share contacts without WiFi.

Ahoy lets you share** contacts in real time. We call it “Contact Hailing” thus the name “Ahoy.” You can share contacts from your address book or add information from users who are currently sharing contacts directly. Ahoy allows at least two users to exchange their contact information at the same time. Ahoy will automatically add the contact information into your address book.

Ahoy makes it easy for two or more people to exchange contact information. To exchange contact information simply select a contact from your address book and share, that’s it Ahoy does the rest. Anyone with Ahoy will be able to see the user in the list of shared contacts. Press a button and the contact is added directly to the Address Book, it is really that easy. What makes it even easier is that all you need to know about the other person or company is their name.

Next time you are at an event or club and you meet someone, use Ahoy to quickly exchange (hail) contact information.

Ahoy is our full featured commercial version offering many new features and enhancements over the free version. This version lets you share contact information, contact image, and extra information with other versions of Ahoy (including free and pay versions). You can add contact information from other Ahoy! users to your Address Book or share information from your Address Book to other Ahoy users. Next time you want to exchange contact information, Ahoy!

**Requires internet connectivity.