Expressions de Tous les Jours en Anglais – Talking French to English Phrase Book – Anglais

September 24, 2008

Expressions de Tous les Jours en Anglais - Talking French to English Phrase Book - Anglais$12.99 from Expressions de Tous les Jours en Anglais - Talking French to English Phrase Book - Anglais

Ce guide de conversation parlant vous enseigne l’anglais tel que le parlent les Américains. L’anglais tel qu’on le parle entre amis et connaissances. C’est l’anglais que vous n’apprendrez pas à l’école ! Vous ne rencontrerez jamais la plupart de ces expressions en classe ou dans un livre.

Nouveau dans cette édition :

• Plus de 45 catégories, dont le langage de l’amour (tomber amoureux et arrêter d’aimer), le langage de l’argumentation, 6 sections sur les voyages, parler de tout et de rien et bien d’autres thèmes encore
• Plus de 2,500 expressions au total avec extraits audio
• Voix humaines bien claires
• AUCUNE voix générée par ordinateur
• Bien meilleure performance de recherche/filtrage
• Possibilité d’ajouter vos propres thèmes
• Possibilité d’ajouter, de modifier et de supprimer vos propres expressions à mesure que vous en apprenez de nouvelles
• Possibilité de réaliser des enregistrements audio pour toute expression que vous ajoutez ou modifiez

Ce guide de conversation vous accompagnera au fil de votre apprentissage de la langue et de l’élargissement de votre vocabulaire.

En écoutant et en parlant l’anglais tel qu’il est vraiment parlé, votre compréhension orale s’améliorera plus rapidement. Et vous vous mettrez bientôt à parler comme si c’était votre langue maternelle, vous surprenant vous-même et surprenant tout le monde autour de vous.


This talking phrase book teaches you English as it is really spoken by American people. It is English as it is really spoken among friends and acquaintances. It’s the English language they don’t teach you in school. Most of the phrases you will never learn in any class room or textbook.

Features new to this version:

• More than 45 categories, including 6 travel sections, falling in and out of love, arguing, small talk and many others.
• More than 2,500 total phrases with audio.
• Clear human voices only
• NO more computer generated voices
• Much improved search/filtering performance
• Add your own topics
• Add, edit, delete your own phrases as you learn new phrase.
• Record audio for any phrase you add or edit.

This phrasebook will grow with you as you learn and expand your vocabulary.

Expressions de Tous les Jours en Anglais - Talking French to English Phrase Book - AnglaisExpressions de Tous les Jours en Anglais - Talking French to English Phrase Book - AnglaisExpressions de Tous les Jours en Anglais - Talking French to English Phrase Book - Anglais


UNIX Epoch

September 24, 2008

UNIX Epoch$0.00 from Perceptionz.Net UNIX Epoch

This app shows the current UNIX epoch time.

Very handy for reference purposes for UNIX script writers, or just for some “geek points”.

UNIX EpochUNIX Epoch


September 24, 2008

RiverMote$9.99 from Melloware RiverMote

RiverMote is a J. River Media Center Client for the iPhone/iPod Touch and is a native iPhone application that allows you to control J. River Media Center anywhere in your house. I had never heard of JRMC until about a month ago when someone turned me on to it. It is incredibly powerful and has the concept of zones that many other media players do not have. I know Apple has Remote for ITunes but the JRMC user community wanted something similar for controlling J. River Media Center from their iPhones or iPod Touches. Controlling different zones of the house, playing, pausing, skipping, and selecting playlists all from the convenience of their devices. Thus I decided to create RiverMote to hopefully allow people to unlock the true power of J. River Media Center. RiverMote consists of two pieces…a server piece which runs on your PC and the client piece which runs on your iPhone or iPod Touch. The server piece included here is called RiverMote.exe and is critical to using RiverMote on the iPhone.

The purpose of this program is simple: to allow control of your J. River Media Center from your iPhone/iPod Touch with the touch of a finger.

Don’t be a slave to your PC anymore, rock out from anywhere in your house!

* Control J. River Media Center from your iPhone/iPod Touch.
* No “line-of-sight” needed to control J. River Media Center which may be stored in a closet or somewhere esle out of the way in your house. Control multiple zones from one spot, a unique feature of J. River Media Center!
* While Apple has provided an iPhone remote for ITunes…what about the rest of us that don’t use ITunes but want to control J. River Media Center?
* You are already using J. River Media Center so now you can take it to the next level.
* Hosting a party? DJ it it right from your iPhone/iPod Touch without your partygoers getting their dirty little fingers on your playlist. Ruining your mojo!


3D Fuser

September 24, 2008

3D Fuser$0.99 from Solnick Enterprises 3D Fuser

Create 3D images (anaglyphs) by merging 2 pictures from slightly different perspectives.

Use the iPhone camera to take the pictures, or use a different camera and load the pictures to the Photo Library.

Line up the photos using the touchscreen.

IMPORTANT: you’ll need a pair of standard red-cyan 3D glasses to view the images that you create.

3D Fuser

Prayer Book

September 24, 2008

Prayer Book$0.00 from Arash Payan Prayer Book

Prayer Book contains over 200 English prayers from the sacred writings of the Bahá’í Faith. Organized into categories and bookmarkable, you can access any prayer with a just few taps of your finger.

Some of the categories include:
-Aid and Assistance
-The Departed
-Nearness to God

Keywords: Bahá’í, Bahai, Baha’i

Prayer BookPrayer BookPrayer BookPrayer BookPrayer Book


September 24, 2008

Buildaroni$4.99 from EntropyZero Consulting, LLC Buildaroni

Buildaroni lets developers, managers and analysts have real time updates on the status of the latest software development build.

Buildaroni will sync with unlimited build servers whether your build of choice is CruiseControl, CruiseControl.Net or Visual Studio Team build(future release).

Buildaroni’s interface is similar to CCTray and VSTS power tools.

Buildaroni works by listing all of your build servers. By selecting a build server, a view of each project is shown with the current build status. In staying with industry standard, green means good, yellow means building and red means call the developers to have them fix the build.

Having the ability to use an iPhone or iPod Touch to verify the build is “green” at 10pm without logging into the build server gives developers/managers the comfort to be anywhere and still handle broken build situations.



September 24, 2008

Monarchy$1.99 from Eric Vollnogel Monarchy

Monarchy is a one of a kind program that gives each user instant access to everything there is to know about the English Monarchy from 1066 to present day.
The easy to use interface provides an overview page and detailed biography for each King and Queen of England. Hundreds of pages of comprehensive biographies are at the swipe of a finger.
Great for students, tourists who are traveling, as well as anyone with an interest in English history, Monarchy serves as a reference and provides hours of interesting reading. Simply put, Monarchy puts the history of England, and its royal sovereigns at your fingertips.

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