iCaltrain: Caltrain 2009

September 25, 2008

iCaltrain: Caltrain 2009$3.99 from iCaltrain iCaltrain: Caltrain 2009

Celebrating a quarter million ridership served by iCaltrain.com. On SALE for $3.99 for a limited time.

“I love it and it is a godsend for all Caltrain commuters.” – Bulsheki

“As a iPod Touch user it is great the schedule works w/o wifi.” – BravoGolf

Fast and easy to look up Caltrain schedule. The highest-rated Caltrain app works on all versions of iPod Touch and iPhone without requiring Internet access.

– QuickGlance shows the next two trains’ arrive times.
– OneTouch shows return trip schedule on your way home.

If you’re already an iCaltrain web app user (iCaltrain.com), you’ll love the speed of this offline app.

Free Update 1.1: includes the new, March 2009 schedule.

iCaltrain also includes the following:
– No Internet access required
– Remembers the last-used stations
– Schedule for today, weekdays, and weekends
– Ticket price and zone information
– Multi-touch Caltrain system map
– Auto-scroll in the full schedule view

What iCaltrain doesn’t do:
– Clutter the screen with trains you’ve missed.
– Shuttle bus and transfers.

Caltrain is a California commuter rail line that operates between San Francisco and the Silicon Valley.

iCaltrain: Caltrain 2009iCaltrain: Caltrain 2009iCaltrain: Caltrain 2009


Gaia Lite

September 25, 2008

Gaia Lite$0.00 from Quicksand Interactive Gaia Lite

Maximize your score for the first four levels of our top rated puzzle game in this free version. If you like Gaia lite and want more challenges then purchase the Gaia full version.

Critics on the full version of Gaia…

“One of the most usable iPhone games we’ve played yet […] This beautifully crafted puzzle game deserves a spot on every iPhone.” – SlideToPlay.com (4/4 Must Have)

“The unique visual style and sound effects […] make Gaia the puzzle game worth playing.” -FingerGaming.com (4/5 Stars)

“Fantastic iPhone puzzle game that’s sometime familiar, sometimes new and always fun to play.” – TiltGamer.com
(8/10 + Editor’s Choice)

Unique and Captivating…

Engaging graphics and clever gameplay combine to create a never-before-seen experience only possible on the iPhone.

Gaia is simple: pieces fall onto the screen and link together to form complex blocks. By rotating the iPhone and eliminating the right blocks with a touch, a player can grow a larger block and earn more points. In this way, Gaia rewards deep thinking players while remaining simple and intuitive.

We take pride in Gaia’s satisfying responsiveness and ease of play. So be careful, you may find yourself addicted. We did.

Gaia lite Features:
– Four levels. Full game continues with unlimited levels and increasing difficulty until the player runs out of moves.
– Includes 10 hand-illustrated nature themed pieces. Full Game has 10 more.
– Watch out for Toxic Hazards. Full game includes Radioactive, and Biological hazards!
– Touch sign your highscores with your initials (or draw a picture)
– Points multipliers. Full Game includes bonus levels.
– Soothing sound effects and autosave on quit or phone call
– No language – uses only universal symbols – so anyone can play!

Gaia LiteGaia LiteGaia Lite


September 25, 2008

iWaterfall$0.00 from Lemur Software iWaterfall

An interactive waterfall in your pocket!

Water flows down the screen whichever way you rotate it. Divert the flow of water with your fingers.

If you like iWaterfall and would like to support the development of more toys like it, please try my puzzle game Fusion!


Creative Juice

September 25, 2008

Creative Juice$0.99 from Sareebrol Creative Juice

Are you an artist, musician, writer or a just a creative person? If so, you’ve probably experienced moments when the creative train was stuck at the station. Creative Juice is an attempt to jar your thoughts enough to help you past your creative block. The hints displayed by the application will help you look at the task at hand in a new light and keep the creative process moving.

Creative JuiceCreative Juice

Color Expert

September 25, 2008

Color Expert$9.99 from Code Line Color Expert

>>>>> Introductory Price $9.99 <<<<<

Color Expert is an interactive color wheel and swatch library that helps artists and designers identify, translate, capture and showcase color.

Designers know inspiration can come anywhere at anytime. Now with Color Expert, you’ll have the tools to capture the moment, the moment a color captures you.

– Powerful, interactive color wheel with multiple color schemes and palettes.
– Pick colors from photos, sliders, swatches.
– Quickly search through PANTONE® solid coated, PANTONE® solid uncoated, PANTONE® Goe™ coated, PANTONE® Goe™ uncoated, Web Safe Colors, HTML Colors.

Whether designing, decorating or accessorizing, Color Expert is indispensable for anyone working with color. Anywhere. Anytime.

Great features coming for version 1.1 (free update):
– Email Adobe® Swatch Exchange (ASE) files
– Add Custom Colors that live outside of the current scheme
– Managed CMYK color conversion
– Improved access to hex values
– Lockable key color
– And more…

Color ExpertColor ExpertColor ExpertColor ExpertColor Expert

Top iPhone Apps for Designers Part 1
Airsharing. $6.99/€5.49 [itunes link]. Allows you to mount your iPhone or iPod touch as a wireless drive on any Mac, Windows, or Linux computer. You can then drag-drop files between your iPhone or iPod touch and your computers.

[閱讀查詢] Color Expert 有了他你也可以是色彩專家
————————————————— 軟體名稱:Color Expert 軟體分類:閱讀查詢官方網站:Color Expert – Interactive color wheel and swatch book in your pocket 安裝資源:App Store 操作等級:▼▽▽▽▽ 推薦安裝:▲▲▲▽▽

Teen Drug Abuse – 34 Warning SIgns

September 25, 2008

Teen Drug Abuse - 34 Warning SIgns$2.99 from DMBC Teen Drug Abuse - 34 Warning SIgns

Nothing is more destructive to a teen and/or their family than the use of drugs. Consequently the earlier the intervention the better. The problem is that in most cases teens are using drugs for several months or even years before parents become aware of it. Even when parents do become aware of drug use, they often underestimate the extent of their child’s involvement.

If you are suspicious your child may be using drugs, don’t ignore the warning signs. Children seldom grasp the concepts of addiction. Most view themselves as imperious to peril. For some teens, the stress of adolescence and pressure from their peers is overwhelming, and drugs become an enticing escape from their real world.

Teen Drug Abuse - 34 Warning SIgnsTeen Drug Abuse - 34 Warning SIgnsTeen Drug Abuse - 34 Warning SIgns

Contact Grouper

September 25, 2008

Contact Grouper$0.99 from Mike Shilinski Contact Grouper

The GOOD news:
Your iPhone (or iPod Touch) full supports having your contacts sorted into groups right in its own contacts application.

The BAD news:
The iPhone comes with no interface for this function, so until now you haven’t been able to group your contacts right from your iPhone.

Enter “Contact Grouper”. An application with an easy to use interface that allows you to sort your contacts into groups. After you have added one or more groups you’ll see a “Groups” button right in your phone’s contact application.

Contacts can be part of more than one group, so you are in full control of how you would like to organize your contacts. For example, you might put a co-worker in both “Friends” and “Work”. You can add as many or as few groups as you would like!

Keep your contact list simple and organized with Contact Grouper!

Contact Grouper